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OpenText Infofusion - An Information Access Platform to Discover, Analyze, and Act on information sources throughout the organization.


  • 1. AnnouncingOpenText InfoFusion
  • 2. OpenText InfoFusionAn Information Access Platformto Discover, Analyze, and Acton information sourcesthroughout the organization.
  • 3. ITs Challenge:Balance supportingthe business moreeffectively andreducing IT costs
  • 4. But
  • 5. 50% of investment inapplication developmentand support is spent justkeeping the lights on. Getting your applications fit for business
  • 6. Why?
  • 7. IT Complexity: Mergers and acquisitions, departmentalsolutions, duplicate systems, information silos
  • 8. Legacy Systems: Maintained for the content they contain
  • 9. Spiraling Storage Costs: Storage budget increasingat a faster rate than IT budget
  • 10. Un-integrated: Duplication and frustration whenusers are forced to become the integration layer
  • 11. The result?
  • 12. Massive volumes of unstructuredinformation housed in information silos atgreat cost and risk, with the promise ofuntapped value and insight.
  • 13. Introducing...
  • 14. Discover, Analyze andAct on informationsources throughout theorganization.
  • 15. Switch off non-strategic systems to eliminate support and maintenance costs, manage the lifecycle of content, reduce vendor footprint and allow IT to be more agile and responsive.Content Migration: from one or many disparaterepositories to OpenText ECM
  • 16. Save on infrastructure, support, and maintenance costs, while proving on- going, secure access to content as it is wound down through defensible disposition.Legacy Decommissioning: Migrate, enrich, andarchive structured business data from any legacysystem to OpenText ECM
  • 17. Reduce costs and increase security and compliance through archiving. Further risk and cost reduction through defensible disposition combined with comprehensive search and litigation hold capabilities.Content Archiving: One-time or ongoing archive ofunmanaged content to OpenText ECM
  • 18. Extract value from aging systems and improve end- user experience and efficiency through unified access to information through intuitive applications that ensure that end users do not replace Enterprise Applications with consumer applicationsContent Aggregation and Integration: Unifiedaccess to content in critical content sources such asFileNet, Documentum, SharePoint
  • 19. A Single Information Access Platform! Reduced infrastructure, application overlap, and indexes while increasing consistency in search, support, and infrastructureRapid Development of EIA Applications: A robustset of APIs and a reusable widget library, plus avaried and growing list of connectors
  • 20. How?
  • 21. Discover: Connect to different data sources, throughthe use of search, and understand and analyze thecontent.
  • 22. Analyze: Through content analytics, visualization, andreporting to provide insight, answers and the capacityto make decisions on enterprise information.
  • 23. Act: Move, migrate, copy, and delete content, andchange permissions and apply litigation holds forimproved agility and governance.
  • 24. Embrace a fully integrated vision of EIMwith InfoFusion a modular, standards-based platform that unifies informationfor improved governance and a smarterenterprise.
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