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My idea is that I create an app which would track the sleeping habits of the user. This will also monitor and track sleeping patterns and calculate times which the user should sleep and wake up. I think this app is aimed at business people, sportsmen and people with gruelling schedules. It would benefit them a lot as it would improve their sleeping patterns leaving them feel fresher and less tired when waking up. It will be placed on multiple marketplaces such as Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Further implementation to Windows Store and Blackberry if projected sales and outcome meets targets.


  • 1. [WAKEUPCALL] By [Awais and Khizer] [This is a template. Place all the text in the template before you submit. Add images, change colours and create an inspiring presentation. Dont just fill in this template!]

2. Who- it can be for all ages and types of people like Student, business men and ordinary class people. What- Student getting up for college (exams, tests) can also be for people who go to work or have an early schedule like an appointment etc. When you can set it for anytime all depends on your requirements and schedule. Where- it could be in your home on your phone, you can also connect it to an all surround system which could be louder to wake you up. Why- bad sleeping patterns, improvement needed in early wakening, student or workers who struggle to get up early. 3. [Problem] Alarm doesnt wake you up therefore you get late for school, college, hospital, interview etc. There isn't a right or wrong with this app. It is merely based on your intentions. If you intend too abide by the app and keep it as a valuable companion app on your phone, then me and my partner will not disappoint you in improving your lifestyles. 4. How you could avoid oversleeping by getting a right amount of sleep consecutively throughout the week. Another way is to get right amount and sort your sleeping pattern out and get to bed early and not like 1-2am. 5. This app is solving a genuine problem for a lot of people. We hope to broaden our target audience as we think it will be just more than just an Alarm. This app is specifically focused on sleeping patterns using a unique piece of coding. This app will also keep track of records on your device. These will be your sleeping records from the moment you install the app. It will be very precise, yet keeping it simple. We hope to release a paid version of this app, if the initial free app performs excellently on the mobile marketplaces. This version of the app will be a lot more technical, and even more handy to have installed. 6. [Mini Elevator Pitch] My team, [team name], is developing [platform] to help [target audience] [solve a problem] [with secret sauce] My team WakeupCall, is developing an App store or google play App to help individuals like students or basically it can be for anyone who struggles to get the right amount of sleep and wake up on time. This app is made for these types of people and made to sort out there sleeping pattern and wake them up on the right time. 7. I have learnt from users of alternative apps which are similar to the one I want to develop, that their users believe that with a little tweak in a few areas, it could be a hit. I hope to improve and capitalise on their downfalls, and create a more prominent, user-friendly application that will appeal to people of all age ranges. We just want our services to be reliable, and beneficial to anyone who puts their trust and loyalty with us. 8. [Competitors or alternative solutions] [That already exist in the market] 9. I have researched on a similar app, and formidable opponent in this topic area which is currently in the Google Play Store marketplace. Here is the link to view it in the marketplace: It is called SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm. 10. Our apps core feature is that it will dramatically improve the way you sleep and behave overall. It is a proven fact that sleeping patterns are to blame in fluctuations of behaviour, concentration levels and motivation. Our app isn't designed for a specific target audience as it is aimed at everyone. However, we estimate that the majority of people utilising this application will be city workers and cosmopolitans. This is due to their gruelling work schedules and strict times to adhere to. 11. START HISTORY SETTINGS ABOUT CALENDAR QUIT MUSIC 12. Our app will have very minimal animations and gestures available at start up. We just want to keep everything simple so everyone can see the benefits without any troubles. Our main core of the app is based on the phones clock. Please make sure your devices clock is configured to be in the right time zone as you are in. Not doing so will result in wrong sleeping times. 13. Our app is very simple to use and understand. Furthermore it was very easy to develop. It already uses the proprietary alarm application in compliance with the clock on your mobile device. It will also update itself in the background to fix bugs and errors. The content in our app is very minimal and simple. The mathematical calculations required to engineer the key elements of the application are completed using a very unique piece of algorithm. Our product only relies heavily on the clock and alarm features. Also the piece of coding is vital to the app corresponding accordingly with the users. 14. I have chosen a straightforward approach to ensuring this application is aimed at the right audience. I have put in place, with my fellow business partner, a business model which outlines our plans and ambitions for success from this app. We hope that our customers will be satisfied with our simple yet innovative ideas to help the lives of everybody with their day to day routines. We hope that our customers also play a part in raising awareness of our campaign 15. Me and my business partner have outlined three core marketing activities to help raise awareness of our noble cause. We aim to create advertisements to be shown on TV, other mobile apps and on social media sites. This is to raise awareness of our campaign. Also we hope to have 2 editions of the application. One will be a free app with advertisement support, yet with limited features for a sample of what we have to offer. Another will be a paid version with full features for a mere 69p. We hope the free version will be the platform for us to succeed and for people to try our services properly before they buy. 16. We are a group of budding and enthusiastic developers looking for recognition in this fast paced industry. It is highly demanding, and requires us to be pushed to the limit in terms of ability expectations. However we always maintain a simplistic approach to helping the needs of individuals with the intention to meet expectations and personal targets. We hope that our innovative yet of technology will help us get recognised by corporate institutions. We currently have a website showcasing our abilities and knowledge in the trade. We hope to grow our exceptionally talented team of developers and maximise our potential to expand into a leading global application developer.