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  • 1. Apple TV vs Western Digital TV Marketing Strategies Analysis Group 8 Yamen Nanne Sandra Godinez Sainz Theresa Yu Wang Micael Dawley Ivan Velazquez
  • 2. Product Definition Streaming Media Player (SMP) An internet connected digital device that allows you to utilize Web-to-TV or Over The Top (OTT) Video Services to watch streaming media content SMPs also allow you to use your home network to view existing videos, pictures, and audio files directly on your TV
  • 3. Web-to-TV Services & Applications
  • 4. Market Outlook Financial Projections By 2016 OTT Services US$ 20 billion in revenue US TV download revenue will triple between 2012 and 2015 In 2011, unit shipments of SMPs were approximately 8 million ($800 Million at $100 / Unit) 12 Million units projected for 2012 & 73 Million units by 2016
  • 5. Customer Analysis Secondary Data using User Reviews & Comments Amazon Reviews, Various Web Forums & Websites Focus Group w/ Friends and Colleagues Get a feeling of driving factor for customer choice Web Based Survey (Qualtrics) See if there is link between Brand Loyalty and Purchasing Choice Customers perception about the brands market strategy Understand who would recommend the product based on brand awareness What is the UnMet need is for streaming media players
  • 6. Secondary Data: User Reviews Amazon WD TV Live Apple TV Best Buy WD TV Live Apple TV
  • 7. Forums Apple TV Pros Ease of Use The beauty of ATV is the interface Connectivity (mirroring) to other Apple Products (ecosystem) Cons Its Apples Way, or the Highway Slow loading/ buffering time Loses video quality WD TV Live Pros Ease of Use Stream nearly every video file format Great picture quality Cons Interface is not as snazzy as Apple TVs Slow loading/ buffering time Will not play protected iTunes Store content
  • 8. Magazine Reviews Apple TV Best Solution for Apple Fans If youre a die- hard Apple aficionado, Apple TV may be the better choice WD TV Live Best Solution for hard-core tech geeks For that consumer (tech enthusiast), the best choice weve seen to date is the WD TV Live
  • 9. Apple TV Focus Group Why did you buy Apple? Ease of use, own other Apple products, quality, physical appearance, brand loyalty, etc. Why did you not buy other brands? Were not aware of other streaming media players, did not trust them, etc. Have you heard of WD TV Live? Most said No What can WD do to encourage switching? All answered: More advertising, put themselves out there with Apple, cannot compare if we are not familiar with their products Technology aside, why Apple and not WD?
  • 10. 74 Respondants 86% said they were average - very knowledgeable. Age 73% of respondants were within the ages of 24 - 39 Qualtrics Survey Demographics Annual Household Income
  • 11. Do you own an Apple Product? 84% - Yes 2.65 Products on Average Qualtrics Survey Results Do you own a WD Product? 50% - Yes 1.97 Products on Average How did you hear about Apple? What Feature or Quality Do You like The Most about Apple ? How did you hear about WD? What Feature or Quality Do You like The Most about WD?
  • 12. Qualtrics Survey Results How Likely Are you to Recommend Apple Products to Others? In evaluating Apple's competitive position, they are: In evaluating Western Digital competitive position, they are: How Likely Are you to Recommend WD Products to Others?
  • 13. Qualtrics Survey Results Which of the following streaming media players do you own? Do you own a streaming media player (SMP)? Which of the following streaming media players would you be most likely to buy?
  • 14. Product Evolution From a few start ups to a broad rage of Device Manufactures Constantly Evolving technology Introduction of Internet connectivity Increased performance Lower Prices PerformancePrice
  • 15. Wireless connectivity Better resolution Better sound Smaller size and larger capacity Compatibility w/ current technology Creating the Entertainment Hub Evolution of SMP Technology
  • 16. Industry Evolution VS. Entrance of video game consoles, Blu ray players and networked DTVs that support web-to TV video and other services
  • 17. 3Ms of Apple TV & WD TV Live Advertising Analysis Mission Apple TV & WD TV Live Informative advertising (SMP new product category) Released 1st gen 01/07 vs 10/08 Apple TV units poised for growth 50% of 2011 total units sold @2.8 mil; 1.4 million units Q1 2012 wikipedia great/informative WD grade D at best: cold feet Message Apple TV single message aligned with their products Big-time entertainment. One small box. WD WW/CF-M grassrootish, NOT PRIMETIME NEED single message multiple meanings Entertainment your way Channel You Bring your life to life WD Hub
  • 18. Apple TV Apple provides a YouTube video of AppleTV WD TV Live Need to be as proactive as resellers You Tube channel, Channel You few hits - WWM Rely mostly on reseller videos & 3rd party product reviews
  • 19. WD TV Advertising Channel You Campaign ?v=hb6jeoLEakY
  • 20. Apple Tv Advertising Promos Apple communicates its features and benefits: stream data vs. flawlessly elevate your entertainment experience with options plus it connects two other Apple products: Mac and iPod with the TV. -DATED
  • 21. Media - Advertisement is mostly through their proprietary websites with the small addition of - Place Advertisement in particularly Point of Purchase - Product comparison editorial/"Buyers Guide FOIPAh (Fix our image pronto, amigo) Interpretation - way down on the list & recommend the competitors "Who shouldn't buy it? If you don't have a hard drive full of your own (non- iTunes) movie and music files, opt instead for the Roku or Apple TV ..... Harsh review for WD and they didn't show a WD product on the main picture. They only showed Apple TV and Roku (HD&LT).
  • 22. Other Promotions WD uses 3rd party marketing Co-marketing arrangements with other companies Newegg on WD TV Live Streaming Media Player $20 off with promo code EMCNEHE64 Ding value range, Wishy, washy (consumer has to hunt for a good deal) Apple at best Discounts Refurbished units which you may by, availability dependent, on their website
  • 23. Replace video Replace text Increase brand awareness and market share Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Popular and unique services Personal cloud Video game console In house manufacture New market Low p

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