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  • Apple Watch

    by Deniz Ergrel

    31 May 2015 - Washington DC WANIFRA World News Media Conference

    Wearables Workshop

    The Hype & Beyond

  • Smartphones have become successful, because they promised us one thing:

    You will never get bored

    What is the promise of smartwatches?

  • To keep us in the know, with a smart and fashionable way

    The promise of the smartwatches:

  • What is Apple Watch?

    iPhone is not only a phone. Apple Watch is not only a watch! Watch is a physical form to facilitate our adoption to new technology

  • A personal computerWrapped around our wristsIn a fashionable way

    Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch 3 Key Points

  • Notifications The best way to bring content to the attention of users.

    Be careful! There is a fine line between notifying and jiggling the users wrist all day.

    The watch becomes a filtering tool, a gate keeper.

  • Personal DeviceWalks, runs and sleeps with you. Senses your pulse.


    How can news organizations provide relevant content in the most personalized way?

    The most intimate computer experience in history!

  • Health & Fitness It is the main idea behind Apple Watch

    Can news organizations think out of the box, and offer a different experience to users?

  • > Challenge < How can news organizations, bring out an attractive experience on delivering news to users wrists?

  • - Time Sensitive Personal Alerts - Location Triggers - Audio News Bulletin - Read It Later - Follow Me!

    > Ideas for news <

  • ThinkDifferent !This is not a watch!

  • Deniz Ergrel @denizergurel / [email protected] /