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  • Session: G-3 E. Brent Kelly, Ph.D. President and Principal Analyst KelCor, Inc. Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research;

    Apps, Apps, and more Apps - New WebRTC Business Models

  • Session Presenters

    • Labinot Bytyqi – Founder and CEO, Solaborate

    • Ed Guy – Vice President Engineering, Truphone, Inc.

    • Tiago Paiva – CEO and Co-Founder, Talkdesk, Inc.

    • Jeremy Thomas – CTO and Co-Founder, Popexpert, Inc.

  • Labinot Bytyqi Founder and CEO Solaborate LLC

  • About Solaborate

    Solaborate is a social networking platform dedicated to technology professionals and companies to connect, collaborate and create an ecosystem around products and services. Solaborate provides technology professionals a central place with the right tools and services to collaborate in real time - both internally and externally.

  • Solaborate features

  • End User Profile

  • Company Profile

  • Products/Services Profile

  • WebRTC Usage

  • Revenue Model based on content

    • Pay for Impressions (CPM)

    • Pay for Click (CPC) Ads

    • Pay for Impressions (CPM)

    • Pay for Click (CPC)

    Sponsored Ads

  • Global Ad Spending Market

    $54.20 $55.20 $61.80





    2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

    Global Forcasted Ad Spending in Billions

  • Edward T Guy, III, Ph.D. VP Engineering Truphone

  • About Truphone

    • Truphone is the only mobile operator with a unified global network infrastructure which expands the borders of your home territory beyond a single country

    • We expand the borders of your home territory beyond a single country

    • Over 500 Employees in offices across 4 continents

    • Customers range from individual consumers to 3 of the largest 5 banks in the world

    • Backed by leading investors, such as Minden

    • Proud of strong intellectual property portfolio of patented innovations

    • A leader in WebRTC development

  • Truphone History of Firsts September Launches first Mobile VoIP application 2006

    June Releases functionality for VoIP over 3G and SMS over IP 2007

    April Acquires SIM4travel, its first foray into the GSM industry May Releases version 4.0, incorporating Truphone Anywhere, an automated

    call-through and call-back application July The first VoIP application available through iTunes® for the iPhone® October Releases Truphone Anywhere application for BlackBerry® December iPod Touch release, allowing free iPod-to-iPod calling


    January Releases application for Android® platform & IM capabilities 2009

    2010 January Launches first commercially available Android® VoIP application April Launches first VoIP application for the iPad®

    2011 November Launches network-based Mobile Recording for voice, data and SMS

    2012 November Launches Truphone for Business in USA with Additional Countries

  • WebRTC is a Gateway to Mass Adoption

    • Light • Not committed to anything • Enjoys experimenting • Wants to be first • Cool factors

    • Free is best!

    • Comfortable with technology

    • Sacrifices in exchange for cost savings or cool factor

    TRIAL • Moderate

    • Loves a handful of things • Cost savings • Convenience • Service availability

    • Best deal available

    • OK with shortcomings • Uses multiple devices • Unlocks devices • Pre-paid short term

    ACCEPTANCE • Heavy

    • Committed to single solutions • Simplicity & convenience • Straightforward billing • Ahead of the curve • Consistently reachable

    • Willing to pay for value

    • Wants everything to just work • Post-paid long term

    (source: Comunicano)



    Emotional Drivers

    Price Sensitivity

    Comfort Level

  • Motivation and Use Cases

    Reduces Development complexity • Lowers cost & reduces risk • Better TTM • Can embed in customer solutions • Standards-based integration • Nearly instant global reach

    Exemplary Use Cases: • Brokerage house

    • Customer web page with mobile recording for Dodd-Frank compliance • Enterprises

    • Ad hoc conferences internal staff and with suppliers • Physician to Patient

    • Secure and structured communications meets HIPAA regulations

  • Tiago Paiva CEO Talkdesk

  • What is Talkdesk?

    • Call Center Software for SMBs (software and telecom)

    •Used for sales and support

    • Increases customer satisfaction by 25%

    • Increases leads/prospects contacted by 400%

  • Why Talkdesk?

  • 20

  • Monetization


    • SaaS (monthly fee per agent)

    • Telecommunications (price per minute) •Add-ons (e.g: power dialer, predictive dialer, enhanced caller ID

    and lead-to-call) • Customization

  • Thank you!


    Tiago Paiva CEO Talkdesk

  • Jeremy Thomas CTO, Co-Founder popexpert

  • Our Mission

    Connect with

  • We’re a Marketplace for Experts

  • Should we Charge for this?


  • Work Around

  • Quality Guarantee

  • Questions 1. How do you see monetizing WebRTC?

    2. Are you building a new business model or converting an existing one using the capabilities of WebRTC?

    3. Is your monetization direct from the users?

    4. Are you developing a subsidized monetization model?

    5. How are you collecting your revenue?

    6. How many transactions will generate a great business for you?

    7. Are there existing businesses and/or business models that you foresee disrupting with your model?

    8. How are you funding your development and GTM?