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Foothill High School, Henderson, NV News, Magazine


  • April 2014 1 Hillside Hotwire






    APRIL 2014 VOL. 15 ISSUE 3

  • Hillside Hotwire 2 April 2014

    800 College Drive Henderson, NV 89002

    EDITORS-IN-CHIEF: Chelsea Shehan and Jake Jesperson

    SPORTS EDITOR: Jesse Lima

    WEB MASTER:Jesse Lima

    LAYOUT EDITORS: Rachel Leone and Billy Clouse

    STAFF WRITERS: Marissa Panchal, Jessica Terrones, Ariana Victoria

    CUB REPORTERS: Riley Bidwell, Kaden Jesperson, Jack Wagner, Jared Licata, McKenzie Youngman, Karen Pimental, Brianna Burkett, Ally Kuney, Kayla King, Kaylee Stradling, Alexis Bobby, Serena Fellows, Ryann Larsen, Grace Luby, Alyssa Miele, Stefani Rubido, Della Sandoval, Skylar Scott

    ADVISER: Bill ToblerPRINCIPAL: Jeanne Donadio

    The opinions expressed in the Hillside Hotwire are the authors and do not rep-resent the opinions of the administration, faculty, staff or students of Foothill High School. The staff reserves the right to reject any advertisement deemed inappropriate. Let-ters to the editor may be edited for content, clarity and brevity.

    Falcons go above & beyondJuniors and sophomores receive their academic letters and pins and Honor Guard is chosen at the Above and Beyond Banquet in February

    The cafeteria smells of meatballs and garlic knots, tables are decorated with blue, white, and gold balloons and flowers float in bowls of water. The Junior Honor Guard wears their white sashes with smiles on their faces.

    On February 12 students gathered to be recog-nized for their academic achievements, applause filling the cafeteria as students received their academic letters and pins.

    I went to the banquet as a freshman, so when I saw the sophomores [getting their awards] I wanted to be there next year, said sophomore Taylor Perry. It was a nice feeling to know that, Hey, I accomplished this, I am capable of this.

    Raffle prizes were awarded from Starbucks, Sky Zone and Great Harvest Bread.

    Juniors ranked 1-10 were recognized as possible future class valedictorians for the class of 2015. I was just shocked that I was on Junior Honor Guard because, to be honest, I didnt know I was until they pulled me in and told me, said junior Sam Hayashi. It felt really good when he said, Valedictorian. That is what solidified I was on

    By Marissa Panchal Staff Writer

    the Honor Guard and what it meant.Rachel Kole felt much the same way. I was

    speechless, and I was very pleased that my hard work had paid off, said Kole. I felt that all the people standing up there with me were hard working and very respectable. I was very hon-ored to be compared to those people and to be a part of that.

    Junior Armani Burton is awarded his academic pin on the Foothill cafeteria stage in February. Photo by Raja Panchal


  • April 2014 3 Hillside Hotwire

    Any stress or troubling thoughts going through Jake Trujillos mind dis-appear as he begins on his latest art project. Im currently working on a concentration, said Trujillo. You just focus on one particular subject, and mine is trees. Its very relaxing. Noth-ing really goes on in my head when Im drawing. Im very focused and calm when I work on my art. Trujillo, along with two others, take AP art. The only way to get in the class is to be recommended by Ms. Plough through

    hard work and dedication to art.The students are required to have at least 24 pieces done by the end of the year and 6 pieces each quarter. The art class focuses on all as-pects of art. Ive done a portrait of Rihanna using chalk, said Trujillo. I did a few jellyfish us-ing oil and one in water color, and I drew a few landscapes. The work is a handful sometimes, but I am impressed with my improvement.

    As for college, Trujillo was just accepted to WWU and just applied to UNR and NAU and wants to major in secondary education. WWU is my first choice, said Trujillo. I would love to teach ei-ther history or English. Although art is what I love, you cant make

    a substantial career out of it.Even though Trujillo doesnt plan on pursuing art

    as a career, his love for drawing and painting will continue.

    Ive always been inclined toward art, even since kinder-garten, said Trujillo. Its just always something I have

    had a knack for, and I want to continue to improve.

    By Chelsea Shehan Editor-in-chief

    At the beginning of third quarter, senioritis hit me hard. Its so hard to get work done and focus.

    Ive been late every morning this year. Senioritis is real. Beware. Im beyond ready for college.

    Ive never been anti-school, but this year has been such a struggle! Im definitely ready for college.

    I think I do have senioritis. I still do all my work, but I tend to procrastinate more than usual lately.

    Its like holding a $100 bill to my face and waiting three months to get it.

    Allie Beal Drea Austin Kennedy McDuffie Daisy Arias Matthew Goodman

    Jake TrujilloBy Chelsea Shehan Editor-in-chief



    Do you have senioritis?

  • Hillside Hotwire 4 April 2014

    From Temple Run to Can-dy Crush to Flappy Bird, many have become ad-dicted to a new game every couple of months. Recently, Flappy Bird became everyones addiction. In the game, players tap the screen, making a bird fly through Mario Bros.-like pipes. If a pipe is touched, its game over. Many established a love-hate relation-ship with the game. It is so addicting,

    By Estefania Rubido Cub Reporter

    Game OverFlappy Bird gets taken off the market

    and everyone just keeps playing it. You are always trying to better your score while trying to get a better score than

    your friend, said Emily Gordillo When I die, Im like, One more time! It is a very stressful game, said Brittany Browning.

    It makes me want to throw my phone against the wall sometimes! Gordillo said. It became so famous creator Dong Nguyen couldnt handle it anymore. On February 8, he wrote on Twitter, I am sorry, Flappy Bird users, 22 hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down. I can-not take this anymore. It is not anything related to legal issues; I just cannot keep it

    anymore. Now that its no longer downloadable, people have tried to recreate the game with knock-offs like Clumsy Bird and Splashy Fish. Others have tried selling their smartphones and Iphones with the app Flappy Bird installed. Some are selling for thousands of dollars. By April, the fad had mostly subsided, and the familiar bell chimes had all but faded away.

    Above Mrs. Fabelas desk in room 805 is where Anastasia the spider hangs and watches the class with her big black eyes. We dress it up for every season, said Rachel Neff. Anastasia started as just a Halloween decoration that a girl made for Mrs. Fabela, but it is now way more than just a cloth spider. At the beginning of the year, it hung next to Fabelas desk and I sat right next to it, said Abby Edwards, so when the new holiday season approached, she just asked me to decorate it for her. I really like the spider! It makes class way more enjoyable. Meanwhile, in room 741, Mr. Tobler is passing out testing companions to help students relax for difficult tests and frus-trating assignments. These test companions are four acrylic dogs that Mr. Tobler and his Journalism, English and Publica-tion classes all enjoy. I saw them in the teachers lounge and thought they were funny, and thought that kids could use them for testing companions, said Mr. Tobler, so I brought them into my room, and now they just stay in here. It has also be-come a class activity to hide the dogs in plain sight and let Mr. Tobler see if he can find them. We started out just hiding one dog, and then we thought it would be fun to hide all of them to play a joke on Mr. Tobler, said Elijah Espejo. He didnt notice it at first, so we wrote, Find your dogs, on the board, and then the hunt for the dogs was on. Back in the 300 wing, an abundance of weights, ranging from dumbbells to barbells sit in Mr. Satorys health science room.

    Ive taken most of the weights out of my room, said Satory. However, kids still go in after school and lift weights with him. He helps them with their form so they grow stronger without getting hurt while lifting. The weights have been in there for a long time, even before I was there, said Zach Hayes. It makes the class way more relaxed. It also makes the class different than the others, and I like it. In room 241, Shakespeare and Disney characters sit on Mrs. Petersons desk. I love all things Disney! said Peterson. So I would get a new toy every time I would go to Disneyland. The toys sit on her desk to keep her students entertained instead of talking to one another. At one point I told my students that there was a hidden fairy in this toy wand..but there is no fairy, said Peterson. Peterson also loves Christmas. She has a number of Christmas decorations sit-ting on top of her computer screen, which is located next to the toys. Peterson said, Its just part of my class-room having these toys in here.

    Classroom quirksBy Kaden Jesperson Cub Reporter


  • April 2014 5 Hillside Hotwire

    Hometown Classic American EatsIf you like burgers and Elvis, then this restaurant is for you. Hometown Classic American Eats is a small, hole-in-the-wall diner filled with the most delicious food. You walk in and are greeted immediately. Depending on what time of the day and of the week, it can be packed with new and re-turning customers. In the back of the diner, the owner, Rex Henriott, is cooking or work-ing the register. Service is outstanding. You get your food very quickly and are asked if you need anything many times. Even when it gets super busy, you are never forgotten. The menu varies from breakfast sandwich-es to burritos. The food makes your mouth water and taste buds tingle. I ordered the chicken fried steak that comes with potatoes, two pieces of toast, two eggs made-to-order, and an orange. It was a huge serving and most delicious. The coffee is perfect and is refilled many times. We also ordered the biscuits and gravy, and it was the perfect consistency. Not too soggy, and not too firm. Everyone is very friendly, and the envi-

    By Brianna Burkett Cub Reporter with the waitersQ & A

    Q. How do you like work-ing at Hometown Classic

    American Eats?

    Dominic Henriott

    A. Honestly, it is pretty

    hard work, but I still enjoy working there very much. You are constantly on your feet, going back and forth

    with dishes, no matter what. There is no time to

    take a break and sit down, but I still love it.

    A. I absolutely love it! I get to see new people every

    day, and a bunch of regulars, which makes

    me very happy. The food is great, and we get re-

    ally busy, so its awesome. I love working there.

    Chris Armas

    A. The restaurant is family owned by my dad and

    step-mom, so I have lenient hours, and I get to control my schedule

    fairly well.

    Q. What benefits are there for working there?

    A. At first, it was just going to be a salad place. The original name for it was Salads, Soups and More,

    but it developed into more of a diner as con-

    struction took place.

    Q. How did your father and step-mom create the idea

    for this restaurant?

    Q. How do you like work-ing at Hometown Classic

    American Eats?

    Q. Whats the best part about your job?

    A. Meeting new people!

    Q. What are the downsides and upsides of working?A. When it gets busy, it can be very stressful. It can be hard to maintain

    that smooth kind of work, but I still enjoy it. I really appreciate working here, especially after hearing

    about other peoples jobs. Its just an overall fun

    place to work.

    ronment makes you feel right at home. Not only is the food amazing, but the restaurant is very clean. I am very picky about cleanliness, especially at a restau-rant, so I was comforted when we arrived and I saw a worker cleaning the windows, inside and out. This gave me a good feeling about how the kitchen is cleaned. Overall, it was a great experience. It is a cute family restaurant, perfect for any Sunday morning breakfast. Hometown Classic American Eats is certainly one to beat.

    Are YOU proficient? Time is running out!

    Youre either the kid who passed all their proficiency exams the first time, or youre having a hard time just passing one. Good news for the upcoming freshmen class- proficiency exams are being replaced with col-lege readiness exams and end-of-course exams to graduate. I only have one more to go, says a non-proficient student. Its frustrating the upcom-ing class doesnt have to deal with the stress of these exams like we do. For students having trouble passing their math exams, the cut score was recently low-ered, so you only need a score of 242 out of 500 to pass. Math was the hardest for me, says a non-proficient student. Im so glad they lowered the requirements.

    By Chelsea Shehan Editor-in-chief

    Seniors, if youre still non-proficient, you only have one more chance to pass prior to June graduation, and that is in April, and after that, you do not walk with your class, but you can try again in the summer to get your diploma. You will not be able to participate in any

    of the graduation ceremonies if you do not pass, said counselor Mrs. Crine. The certificate of attendance has been taken away. If you do not pass this time around, you have to come back to the school and take the test until you do pass. The last chance to pass will be April 28 for non-proficient math, science, and reading students. April 30 will be the last chance to pass writing.


  • Hillside Hotwire 6 April 2014


    Page #

    DECA president Marko Marin is constantly doing things for others. Marin even recently planned and hosted a 5K run/ walk through DECA for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The race was called Superheroes for MDA and was held at Corner Stone Park. Over 300 runners raised over $5,000 for kids who are diagnosed with MDA.

    It just felt great to be able to help these kids, Marin said. Marin put the whole run/ walk together all by himself and put in the many

    hours to publicize and support this event. He stood at the stands at football games instead of hanging with friends. He put commercials on the news.

    This race raised a lot of money for these kids with MDA, and it was a great day, Marin said. This was his favorite accomplishment in high school.

    I joined DECA for the surroundings and for the people who care, and it helps me get the skills that I need for my profession, Marin said, who wants to do something with money. While Marin enjoys DECA, there are still other extracurricular activi-ties that he likes too. I also am in pole vaulting and Scouts, Marin said. To make these activities work, I pretty much have no social life, Marin said with a tiny laugh.

    Even though he is already president of DECA, he has plans after high school that include being President. Oh yeah, Im going to run for President of the United States, Marin said enthusiastically. As soon as I turn 32! He says that its not really his goal to become president. He just

    wants something like that to reach for. I just want to be successful.. like the president, Marin said.

    His road to

    Marko MarinAn insight into the DECA presidents life

    By Kaden Jesperson Cub Reporter

    1. Attend ASU to get my degree in business and a minor in political science.2. Graduate ASU. 3. Go back to school for law and become a civil lawyer.4. Get involved with local government, raise and rally support for the goals and issues hell have at that time.5. Start running for public office and raising support again.6. Then go for the ultimate goal of presidency.

    Hillside Hotwire 6 April 2014

  • April 2014 7 Hillside Hotwire


    Friends share their favorite memories of Rory SirkelRemembering a Falcon gone too soon

    By Jessica Terrones Staff Writer

    Former Falcon Rory Sirkel past away in Febru-ary. Friends and classmates remember him as someone both caring and funny. Photo by Bernhard and Williams

    When Rory Sirkel was in the room, there was always laughter. He was quick to make friends, open, loud and people gravitated toward him. Because of this, Rory, who died February 2, has many friends, as well as teachers who still attend/work at the Hill, who miss him. What follows are a few memories of a young man who touched the lives of so many. He would throw out jokes one after the other, said best friend and former team-mate Bligh Madris. He was so fun to be around because of that. He was also kind. One time we went cliff jumping, and I was really scared to jump, so he offered to go with me and hold my hand, said Genesis Levit. It made it less scary, and it was even more fun because I jumped with him. He could make light of every situation, good or bad, and he was always there for me. He was the perfect person to go to if you needed to cheer up, yet hed also tease you and joke with you, but you could never stay mad at Rory. He was so funny. Rorys former counselor had much to say about him. He was a very self-driven young man with a world of potential. He cared for his friends and family deeply, and he had a true passion for art and baseball, said former counselor Mrs. Nicole Vasquez. Rory had a wide range of goals and interests. He always told me he wanted to enlist in the army because it would be his gateway to go to school and become a doctor. He told me he wanted

    to be a surgeon, and he easily could have done so, said Mrs. Vasquez. Madris added, He told me he wanted to be a tattoo artist because he loved drawing, and he was very talented at it.Rory was not only a very talented base-ball player and artist, but he also ex-celled at school. Rory took all honors courses, including AP art for two years, and he maintained a 3.86 GPA, said Mrs. Vasquez. Rory was constantly motivated to do better, and he had his mind set on being a role model to his younger broth-er. Rory was very compassionate, and

    he truly cared for people, including his younger brother. Some of my favorite memories were hearing Rory talk about his younger brother, said Mrs. Vasquez. The light in his eyes and joy in his heart was easily seen whenever Rory talked about his brother. His younger brother was his best friend.Because Rory played baseball at the Hill, he got to know many of the other athletes as well. Rory and I became such great friends through baseball. It was great to spend so much time with him. We made a lot of good memories, said Madris. Foothill Alumni Madison Pike played softball, and she and Rory often spent a lot of time together because of softball and baseball. Rory would always play around and say he was better at softball than I was. Obviously, he was better, but playing with him would bring out my competitive side, and it was really fun playing with him, said Pike. Rorys former art teacher, Ms. Plough shared happily. He loved art. When he would work on something, he would give it his all. It was great seeing the pas-sion he had. I was only his art teacher for two years, but during that short time, it was great to see him put his whole heart into something and make memorable art. It still doesnt feel real, and I miss him a lot, but Im happy I got to become such close friends with him, said Pike. Some of my favorite memories are with him.

  • Hillside Hotwire 8 April 2014

    News Hillside Hotwire February 2014 News Hillside Hotwire February 2014

    Police abandon dented drivers By Alyssa Miele and Marissa Panchal

    Sixteen-year-old straight-A stu-dent and NHS member Clarissa Jones drives her car out of the Fashion Show mall parking lot, approaches the red stop light, and waits patiently for the light to turn green. Suddenly, she is jerked forward from the impact of a car behind her. A little shaken, Jones gets out of her car and sees the other driver, a big man around 40 approaching her with an angry look on his face. She is scared and has no idea whats going to happen next, so she whips out her phone and calls 911. How-ever, because there are no injuries, Jones is told that the police will not respond. She will have to take care of it herself. On March 3, the Metro Police Depart-ment began enforcing a new policy stating that police officers will no longer be present at minor traffic accidents if nobody is seriously injured, or if no one involved in the accident is intoxicated. Officers instead would focus on accidents containing fatalities and serious injuries and on traffic enforcement rather than spending their time on minor property damage crashes, especially with about 30 officers recently being let go from the department. Its scary for me, being a new driver, because I wouldnt know what to do in

    that situation, said sophomore Alyssa Vivolo. I would want the police there to help me. This means teens are on their own and may have to deal with adult situations and with people who may have been driving for a longer period of time and who may take advantage of a teens inex-perience or ignorance. Teens and adults had mixed reviews of the new Metro policy. I think its best if people still have the option to call the police if they feel the need for a mediator or if they feel endangered, said Jill Strehlow, mother of a teen driver. I dont think its neces-sary if its only a fender bender. You just exchange information, and it also saves people from being ticketed. In an email interview, Metro Pub-lic Information Officer Larry Hadfield encouraged teens to call 911 if there is a safety issue and officers would then be dispatched in this situation. Metro will also respond if the other driver refuses to exchange information. For attorneys, this change of enforce-ment may mean more clients as more drivers turn to legal counsel to help them deal with the other driver and insurance companies without an official police re-port assigning blame for the accident.

    Metros new policy is creating buzz and controversy across the valley, said attorney Richard Harris in a phone inter-view. People are afraid without the help from law enforcement, but, if they follow some simple rules for investigating and documenting, theyll put themselves in the best situation possible. With or with-out the police involved, people need a personal injury attorney who knows how to work against insurance lawyers. They need a lawyer with a good reputa tion, plenty of experience, and the ability to say, with confidence, that they are experts in personal injury and traffic law, said Harris. As for at the accident scene, docu-mentation is the name of game when the police dont show up. (See Tips Sidebar) Without police to verify statements, junior Rachel Kole felt that some drivers may act dishonestly. For example, they could add on damage that had happened earlier, thus making unwary parties pay for damage they didnt cause. A ttorney Stephen Stubbs said that the new Metro enforcement is a direct reaction after the county commission denied their request for more officers. This new policy is misguided and fool-ish, said Stubbs. He points to Metros statement about spending officers time more wisely by writing traffic citations as

    Drawing by Sibrianna Salamone


  • April 2014 9 Hillside Hotwire

    Page #

    Tips for Teen DriversBy Marissa Panchal and Alyssa Miele

    1. Get a witness statement if possible.

    2. Exchange information: License, registration and insurance.

    3. Always remain calm, gain composure, and make sure youre in a safe environment.

    4. Calmly check on the people in the other car involved in the ac-cident. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately.

    5. Take photos of the scene with your smart phone--both cars, license plates, damages, and anything else that could be beneficial.

    6. If the other driver is at fault, get a statement from them.

    7. If youre at fault, dont say sorry, but cooperate with the other driver.

    8. Neck and back injuries are common and often will not be felt until a few days later, so make sure you go to the doctor to check for any serious injuries.

    9. Write down an explanation with many details of what happened at the accident. It could be weeks or even months before you have to revisit your story.

    10. If youre under 18, call your parents once the situation is under control.

    - 55% of metros time is spent on property damage crashes. (250 man hours per week)

    -77% of local citizens voted yes: police de-partment should respond to minor fender-bender accidents.

    - 1,300 hours spent on fender bender ac-cidents in 2013.

    - 1-2 hour wait time for police to show up at

    the scene of an accident.

    - 23,000 wrecks in 2013; 13,000 were prop-

    erty damage only.

    - 114 fatalities in 2013.

    Source: (Fox5vegas.com News Website)

    flawed. A fender bender accident is the perfect place to write someone a ticket for disobeying traffic laws, said Stubbs. Officers appearing on local news shows denied allegations that the new policy was reaction to the county commission. Sgt. John Sheahan, on Fox 5 in late

    Feb., said the new policy had been in the works for two years and that Metro was doing what other large cities had been doing for years. Metro hopes this new policy will have some benefit in that drivers, now on their own, may slow down and pay more

    attention to avoid accidents in the first place. Both attorneys and officers interviewed said teen drivers need to educate them-selves more than ever before they get in an accident so that theyll be prepared if an accident occurs.

    Metro Stats

    ny notes you need included, and cre-ates an email with

    them, meaning that with a single email,

    you can get all the required informa-tion to the right parties with the minimum of fuss. By Simon Burns of The

    Smartphone App Review.

    ACCIDENT WIZ-ARD: brilliant feature

    is the Accident Report, which takes all the evidence, including pictures

    you have taken and

    AUTO ACCIDENT APP: Takes a picture

    of your drivers license, vehicle registration and in-surance coverage.

    That puts your phone platform on split-second notice

    if you become involved in an accident. The infor-mation you collect

    on your phone synchronizes to a secure server in real time. By Yahoo




  • Hillside Hotwire 10 April 2014

    Connor Thornton and Tyler Okamoto kicked off the nights talent show with Ne-Yos So Sick and cleverly blended dozens of songs into their medley. Karina Haymore played an original composition on the piano, and the audience seemed captivated watching her fingers dance across the keys. Up next was Michael Richter, who played guitar and sang Home by Philip Philips. After a few technical difficulties, co-median Andrew Dakus saved the day with his hilarious stand-up comedy which included jokes about the lost Maylasian airplane and Mr. Brooks patience. Dillan Desilva then wowed the audience with his dance routine to Bass Cannon. Atop a stool, Della San-doval won the audience over with her acoustic guitar and singing of Honeymoon Avenue. The Three Leaf Clovers--Jessie Curiel, Stanley Tram and Raj Ganal kept everyones atten-tion with their hip hop dancing. Throwback Thursday began as Adrian Zabala brought the 80s back as the legendary Michael Jackson, his LED jacket turning various colors as he danced. Kyle Press Play McA-dory started his beatbox-

    ing performance by telling everyone to record his performance and post it all over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. One of the crowd favorites was Coleen Foronda, who performed Royals on acoustic guitar. As she began, a child up front exclaimed, Mom, we know this song! As a finale, English teachers Mrs. Smith, Mr. Acosta and Mrs. Smith and Assistant Principal Mrs. Barge performed ABBAs Mamma Mia and had the crowd on their feet. This truly is my FAVORITE event of the year, said StuCo adviser Amanda Ruth. The smiles on the performers faces and the applause they receive is really uplifting.

    By McKenzie Youngman and Faith Gradney Cub Reporters


    3 4


    Singing, dancing and comedy showcased at annual talent show

    Weve gotNews

    FALCON talent

  • April 2014 11 Hillside Hotwire





    1. Dancing to Bass Cannon was Dillan Desilva. 2. Della Sandoval takes a bow after singing

    Honeymoon Avenue by Ariana Grande. 3. Robert JB Gornot prepares to sing Not Over

    You by Gavin Degraw. 4. Juliain Estrada performs an original composition on his violin. 5.

    Connor Thornton and Tyler Okamoto kicked off the program with what the program said was

    So Sick by Ne-Yo, but they incorporated dozens of songs into a medley of current and past

    pop songs that got the crowd singing and clapping along. 6. As the finale number, English Fe-

    ver, featuring Mrs. Jennifer Smith, Tina Morgan, Edgar Acosta, Felicia Barge and Sherry Smith,

    gets the crowd jumping and cheering as they end the talent show by dancing to Mama Mia

    and Dancing Queen. 7. Adrian Zabala lit up his LED jacket as he danced to a medley of Mi-

    chael Jackons hits. 8. Eileen Umana sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Photos by McKenzie Youngman


    FALCON talent

  • Hillside Hotwire 12 April 2014

    A Gatsby gala | English classes celebrate 1920s style after finishing the American classic novelBy Jack Wagner Cub Reporter

    Clockwise from left: Using the Selfie Booth are Kendal Leming and Brianne Albertie. Lyssa LaPointe and Deborah Stafford enjoy the party. Jack Wagner and Chance Mandernach chat. Danny Coleman shows his hula hoop skills. Photos by Brittin Fox/Peregrine

    On April 4, the honors English 11 classes threw a Great Gatsby themed party. There was food, drinks and many students dressed up to fit the theme, like Nick Shinn and Lyssa LaPointe.

    I think it was a nice break after working on our Gatsby scrapbooks for so long. It was nice to get rewarded. And we got food, so I think everyone was pretty happy about that, stated LaPointe about the party.

    Along with all of the food, there were a couple of activities the students could partake in, like dancing, viewing the 1970s version of the movie, and a selfie photo booth.

    Around Ms. Sherry Smiths room, there were scrapbooks that all of the students worked on throughout reading the novel and watching the movie. Students had to write chapter summaries, answer discus-sion questions, write down the definitions of certain vocabulary words and design a cover for their scrapbook.

    The twenties are my favorite decade, and I take any opportunity to dress up, said LaPointe. Itd be awesome if I could do it again.

    9711 S. Eastern Avenue #H10Las Vegas, NV 89183

    [email protected]

    Hours of OperationM-S: 9 a.m.-6p.m.Sun: Closed


  • April 2014 13 Hillside Hotwire

    RJillian Howard finds ways to create cool outfits without breaking the bankBy Grace Luby Cub Reporter

    FASHION MAVEN Jillian Howard mixes and matches textures and pat-terns to create her own style on a tight budget.Photos by Grace Luby/Hill

    Rummaging through her closet, Jillian Howard throws hangers and clothing on the flower, looking for the perfect outfit. Scream-ing, I just want to look like Blair Waldorf. There are many fashion ex-perts roaming the halls on campus wearing high end clothing brands, or a five dollar shirt from Mar-shalls. Sophomore Jillian Howard is known for her incredible fashion sense and taste. She always has new outfit ideas and pieces, and most are not from high end cloth-ing brands. Like Coco Chanel once said, Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. I dont think I have a particular style, says Howard. Every outfit I wear has a different style and fla-vor to it. Howard is always on the lookout for cheap, cute clothing. Im not a material girl. It doesnt have to be $250 to be cute to me. If I can find a cute dress for Marshalls for five bucks, Id take the five dollar dress. Howard often color blocks her clothing, which means adding two opposite colors

    together. She works the miss-match look. The show Gossip Girl, maga-zines, and Pinterest are my go to places for clothing and fashion ideas, says Howard. You actually think I come up with these outfits by myself? Howard is a major fan of the hit CW show Gossip Girl. I dream about having the closet of Serena van der Wood-sen and Blair Waldorf, filled with all these designer clothes that nobody could afford, but a girl can dream. How does one fashionista go about picking out her outfit for the next day? There are a few things I think about when con-templating and planning out my outfit, says Howard. Weather and season are a big factor. You cannot wear a sundress with san-dals in the cold winter season. Howards golden rule for dressing in the winter is, If you wear a skirt, accompany the skirt with tights. I dont have a favorite outfit in particular, says Howard. I love

    an outfit that I can stand with good posture in, that is when I know I love it. At times, many people repeat outfits, which is not a crime, but Howard explains, Repeating an outfit is totally okay. If you love it, wear it. Just dont over wear, and maybe change it up a little every time. Leggings are a big controversy currently and Howard definitely opposes leggings. No. Not a fan whatsoever. They are not pants. Pants are not see through. There are very few people who can wear them and look good. Most importantly, make sure your outfit is flattering, and make sure you feel good in it. If you feel comfortable and cute, you are good to go, said Howard.

    Fashion ents Profile

  • Hillside Hotwire 14 April 2014

    By Grace Luby Cub Reporter

    Go, fight, win all the way to USA nationalsCompetition cheer team soars to new heights, taking second in Anaheim, California

    On January 11, teams from all over Clark County performed to qualify for the USA Nationals in Anaheim, with FHS earning second place and quali-fying for nationals. They did fantastic, Coach Lexi Kruger

    said. They performed all the skills they have been working on and hit it. They all worked so hard, so after their perfor-mance, they were so excited because everything hit. I am very proud of them. The routine was an advanced level rou-tine, which means the tumbling was more challenging as well as the stunts. The team explained how their closest

    competition was Silverado High School. When I spirited out onto that blue

    mat, everything changed, Jennifer Em-brogno said. My adrenaline kicked in, my heart started racing, and hitting my stunts and tumbling was the only thing that mattered to me at that moment. Once we started our cheer, there was no turning back. Embrogno explained the reactions

    from the team and parents. My mom ONE-MAN LIFT: Sam Mar-tin elevates Colby-Ryan Winkler. The one-man lifts are a harder stunt and have helped the team earn more points in competi-tions. Photo by Rachel Leone and Billy Clouse

    ON TO NATIONALS: The team poses at their first competition where they took home second place and qualified for nationals. Courtesy photo

    Cheer Report

    came up to me crying. It was crazy that the parents were that proud of us. We came a long way. The team agreed that going to nation-

    als will be a big turn around for the team. Everyone underestimated us complete-ly, said Taylor Hix. It felt awesome to know we did well and showed everyone how talented we really are. The faith and support that people have shown us really helped us out. The team continues to add difficulty

    to their routine. The more difficult the routine is, the more points are possible and bigger the chance of getting a higher place in the competition, said Hix Stunts and tumbling are two of the

    biggest factors in a routine. The more wow a team gives when showing off their skills, the more likely a judge will award a higher score. We have added so many more stunts, full downs, switch libs, one-man extensions, all sorts of advanced stunts. Plus, the whole team is working to get more difficult tumbling passes. We have all been working so hard, and it is looking great, said Hix. The team works out the bugs and adds

    variations each day. We have to keep moving forward no matter what challeng-es face us, said Kruger. These girls and boys have worked so hard, and they owe it to themselves to do amazing. The motto that the team lives by helps

    them get through tough times, and it also gets the team pumped. We came. We saw. We conquered.

  • April 2014 15 Hillside Hotwire

    With one season left to prove his skill, senior Jake Jesperson now has a relationship with some-one on his team. His very own brother, Kaden Jesperson. If there wasnt a com-petition with his other teammates, there definitely is now.

    Last season Jake was a part of the top relay team at Foothill and was the only junior on that relay team. He qualified for state during his junior year and now returns as an almost sure contender.

    Having my brother on the same swim team makes me want to step up my game, said Jake. I mean, you wouldnt want to lose to your younger sibling at anything. I like to be a leader on the swim team, and now this gives me another rea-son to boss around my little brother.

    Jesperson SquaredMichael Phelps, meet your Ryan Lochte

    By Jesse Lima Sports Editor

    JakeClass of 2014

    Weight: 155 poundsHeight: 61Favorite Stroke: Backstroke

    Times100 Free: 52.34 seconds100 Back: 58.43 seconds100 Breast: 01:18.34100 Fly: 58.52 seconds

    THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT: Jake Jesperson swims the butterfly at a swim meet against Basic. FHS beat Basic 164-116. Photo by Bernhard and Williams

    KadenClass of 2017

    Weight: 140 poundsHeight: 58Favorite Strike: Butterfly

    Times100 Free: 52.12 seconds100 Back: 01:00.30100 Breast: 01:11.00100 Fly: 57.62 seconds

    LEAP OF FAITH: Kaden Jesperson dives into the pool during a swim meet last year.Photo by Mrs. Jesperson


    KadenIn his first year swimming at Foothill, freshman Kaden Jesperson is deter-mined to follow his brothers footsteps but even more determined to leave a more coveted legacy. With his whole high school career still ahead of him, Kaden has a lot of time to prove his skill at Foothill.

    Doing club swim for two and half years before high school, Kaden has been able to stay in shape via club swim, where he enjoys being able to attend out-of-state meets. Kaden has traveled California more than once and went to finals each time there.

    Im glad that I get to swim one year with my brother so that I can show him that, when it comes to swimming, Im not his little brother, Kaden said. I have caught my brother in most events. The only event I have yet to catch him in is the 100 backstroke.

    Sports Profile

  • Hillside Hotwire 16 April 2014

    Boys basketball finished their sea-son Feb. 20 after a five-point loss to the Las Vegas Wildcats in the Sunrise Region championship game.

    I am just really proud of our players, said Coach Kevin Soares. The seniors especially came through this season. They have come so far from their fresh-man year. With a 21-7 record, senior David Persi cant complain. I really wish we could have made it to state, but looking back, this was a great season with a really good team, he said. I am really going to miss those guys and all the fun we had out there on the court. Seven of the 13 players are seniors and will leave after this season. I dont think this will set us back, said Coach Soares. We have one of the best programs in

    the city, and the goal is to always move forward and get better. Losing our se-niors will be tough, but we have a lot of young talent who can fill the void. One of the younger players with talent is freshman Jeron Bodin. Playing on varsity has been the best experience for me, he said. Working with the upper-classmen has shown me what it takes to be a next level player and teammate. Still, getting so close to being a state team is on the minds of some. Senior Austin Star said, It is really tough to work for something for so long just to lose it all in one instant. All I can do now is look forward to playing on the next level. Until next year, all they can do is wait and take pride that the Hill had one of their best seasons ever.

    By Jake Jesperson Editor-in-chief

    Boys basketball wraps successful seasonAfter a tough loss, the boys look to the future and reflect on a stellar year

    NO ONE EVEN CLOSE: Point guard Jalen Shepard posts up for two points in an earlier season game. Photo by Travis Alvarez/Peregrine

    By Jesse Lima Sports Editor

    Girls basketball finish as #2 seed in Southeast Sunrise division

    With the season over, the Lady Falcons (23-7) have no reason to put their heads down. Winning more than three-fourths of their games, they finished the season as the number two seed in their division behind a mighty tough Liberty squad, who went on to make it to the state championship. After losing last year in the first round of the playoffs, they made it to the regional finals this season. In the first round of the playoffs, Rancho was losing by 19 at the end of the first half, and the Rams really had no reason to show up for the second half with the Fal-

    cons posting a big 66-48 win with Taylor Turney leading the team with 25 points. In the second round, rival Coronado was no problem as the team crushed the Cougars 66-50. Again, Turney led the team with 22. Having already faced the Sunrise region champions twice before, their third match-up against Liberty was not going to be any easier. We had to come into the game confident and not worry about the past, Coach Eric Kruger said. The game was tight in the first half, including just a three-point lead for the Patriots. Previously against the Patriots, the Falcons had been in a large deficit

    at halftime, but this time was different. Maybe it was the heat of the moment or just the fact that it was a championship game, said senior Kelsey McFarland. The game play was very upbeat and aggres-sive until the end, but the Patriots pulled off the 55-49 victory. Our team was able to improve on many things, but our main improve-ment area was in the rebounding category, Coach Kruger said. With all the improvement and results that these girls have put up, this season was a great success.


  • April 2014 17 Hillside Hotwire

    Page #

    By Jared Licata Cub Reporter

    Baseball beats Liberty, moves to 2nd Place After a win against Palo Verde, the team shakes off a Basic loss and moves forward



    4045 S. Spencer, #B28 | Las Vegas, NV 89119Business: 702.734.5330 | Fax: 702.734.5017Web Site: www.anpac.com

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    Regional Director


    Varsity baseballs half way through their 2014 spring season with a very promising outlook. At press time, Foothill was ranked second in their division.

    So far, the team is 12-5 after coming off a Basic loss April 10 (0-5) which followed a close Patriots win (11-9). The Liberty win was very impressive as Liberty was ranked as the second best team in the division. The Falcons were down 9-4 in the sixth after leading earlier and needed to put on their comeback hats. After some hits, they were able to pull ahead by one run and later win the game after a diving catch by Nick Cardinale in the seventh. Iglitz called it one of the most entertain-ing high school baseball games hes ever seen at Foothill.

    Despite mammoth wins like the Liberty game, the team struggles with inconsis-tency said Coach Matt Iglitz April 11 after

    the Basic loss. They annihilate teams one day and then make mistakes the next, like when their one run against Basic was removed after a player interfered with a double play at second base.

    Just before Spring Break, the team ousted Palo Verde 13-6 at home. Having lost to Palo Verde 0-2 in March, this was a sign that the boys had improved and that

    the rest of the season looks bright.The varsity and JV season started with

    scrimmage wins against Cimarron-Memo-rial February 22.

    BOYS OF SPRING: (From left) Nick Cardinale at bat against Legacy. In the outfield, Ryan Moyes catches a fly in left center. Beating the throw, Bligh Madris slides into third. Photos by Bill Tobler

  • Hillside Hotwire 18 April 2014

    By Kayla King Cub Reporter

    A shirt thats sure to fitVarsity softball continues tradition of creating personalized shirts

    Everyone on the team knows that once you make varsity softball, you have to be prepared to totally and completely embarrass yourself. Each member of the team draws an-other players name and then makes a cute, funny or embarrassing shirt that de-scribes that particular player. The names were drawn three weeks ago, which gave the girls plenty of time to create shirts that topped the shirts from last year. This year, the shirts were worn on the day of their first season home game against the Liberty Patriots. As the shirts were being distributed the night before the big day, emotions were crazy. Laughter erupted around the room as the shirts were exchanged. Sarah Maddoxs shirt was a giant police car, and Jordan Corns had a huge purple hat filled with grapes. The team agreed that this event was definitely the highlight of the season so far because of how creative and

    realistic they were. NOOOOOO! Maddox screamed as Corn brought out her giant car. Not all shirts were embarrassing. Junior Hannah Stevens had a cute little pink shirt that said Hannah across the chest with cute little bubbles all around it that was made by junior Renee Ritchie. Sophomore Alexa Campbell had a white shirt that said Drama Queen, due to her over-the-top personality. She was also required to wear a sparkly pink tiara. The shirt was made by senior Nani Lizares. Aw, Nani, I love it. It is so cute, screamed Alexa as she unwrapped the shirt. All of the girls look forward to doing this each year because it really helps the team bond and gives them all a great laugh throughout the season. Even though some are really embar-rassing, they are all funny in their own way, said sophomore Daryan Meade. It

    really brings us closer together as a team to be able to laugh at stupid, silly stuff like that. The girls will continue to make the shirts in the years to come. This means that more laughter and bright red faces will return back to the Hill next march. Every shirt is different, just like the girls who wear them, that is what makes them special.

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  • April 2014 19 Hillside Hotwire

    By Arianna Victoria Cub Reporter

    Golfers have target on backs

    The defending regional champs lost a lot of good players to graduation, making them a younger team this year. With returning players Grant George, Andrew Chu, Hayden Munns, and Mason Reid plus the new play-ers theyve gained, Coach Desantis is confident that they will return to regionals. Hayden Munns is playing this year; coming from Dessert Oasis a couple of years ago Coach Desantis says he is a talented player The team is just trying to get better, trying to get back to state, trying to get ourselves a chance at regionals again, said Coach Desantis. Its a dif-ferent feeling being defending regional champs, so we have to come out and prove it again. We have a little target on our back this year, but we have a lot of young talent. Returning player junior, Grant George said, The team is young, and most of the players are freshman, but we all still get along, and they all seem to play really well. Aftert losing their first nine-hole match, Coach Desantis said, Thats our little plan, to lose a few then flip the switch and sneak up on them.

    Laughter rages and shuttlecocks soar. This is the newest club at the Hill: the badminton club. Founded in February as a response to the success of Green Valleys own bad-minton club, the club has already had four official meetings. The faster I can get this rolling the better it is going to be, said club presi-dent Ross Tate. It was my buddy that started the club over at Green Valley, and he was telling me how fun it was to be a part of a club that has good people, a great sport and the best of times. I have never been one to miss out on something fun, so I got a petition to start a club at Foothill the next day. The club practices every Wednesday, where they discuss funds, read the clubs constitution and play badminton. The funds are a major focus right now, said vice president, Kolton Swartzlander. We want to buy nice things for our club, like uniforms, rackets and shuttle-cocks, but in order for us to do that, we

    must fundraise 100% of the money. The club members do have a few ideas on how to generate that money in the works. After a lot of consideration, we have narrowed our options down to a few possible fundraisers, said scribe Iric Booth. My personal favorite idea is the sexy calendar, he said laughing. Their REAL fundraiser had yet to be decided at press time. While getting uniforms and look-ing professional is currently the main concern of some of the members, Tate wants to focus on the fun. Uniforms are great, but this club was made for us to get together and play some quality bad-minton so that, at the end of the year we can have an exhibition game against Green Valley and win, he said. Until that game, you can catch the badminton club in the courtyard every Wednesday, where they will continue to refine their skills with the racket. To find them, just follow the sounds of laughter and shouts for joy.

    By Jake Jesperson Editor-in-chief

    Going batty for birdiesBadminton Club fills niche between club and team


  • Hillside Hotwire 20 April 2014

    *Not valid with any other offers. Must rent a tuxedo and like us on Facebook to enter to win a chance for prizes, see store for details. 2014 Tuxedo Junction. TJ076-4A

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    Ditch the old pics-with-your-date in your living room and back yard and opt for pictures at the park instead. With the natural lighting and beautiful scen-ery, your pictures are bound to come out nicer.


    Who says your night has to start when the dance does? Begin your night with your date before the dance at a nice restaurant. There are several nice restaurants to go to that wont break your bank such as Olive Garden, The Cheesecake Factory or BJs among others.

    NIGHT ON THE STRIP Now that all the stress of going to prom is over, go have fun. Riding the New York, New York roller coast-er on the Strip is an exciting way to end your night, plus its inexpensive and theres a discount for locals! Go see the water show at the Bellagio; its free and you can get some great pics. If seeing a water show is too boring; the aquarium at the MGM is inexpensive and offers local discounts.

    GROUP HANGOUT: For a more laid back night, invite some friends over for a movie/ game night. Redbox movies are only $1 to rent and games are $2. Or have a pool party. With the warm weather, the water is just perfect for a late night swim.


    It seems as if prom dresses get more expensive as the years go on. Spending $200-$300 on a prom dress that will only get worn once doesnt seem reasonable to most girls. Trying to find a nice, unique dress at a decent price can be hard. Luckily there are stores like Forever 21, Ross and online stores like Uniquevintage.com, Gojane.com and Amazon.com that have prom dresses for under $100 and even under $50! For about $150, TBdress.com had a great variety of cute dresses that would be an upgrade from some of the discount stores but would leave you money for shoes and fun accessories.


    Most girls forget that they are not the first, nor the last, to attend prom. Rather than letting your friends dress collect dust, borrow her dress for prom. Most of the time, friends will gladly allow you to wear their old prom dress, not to mention that most girls dont ever wear their dress again, so its also smart to ask outside of your circle of friends. Saving $20-$50 on a dress is nice, but getting one for free is even better.


    When girls think prom, they think long dresses. However, it doesnt have to be that way. There are just as many short dresses being sold during prom season as there are long ones; plus, short dresses are often times cheaper! Short dresses also go perfectly with the weather, considering prom is in May!

    By Jessica Terrones Staff Writer