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Come see the artist AR and his single the First 48, also see his interview at


  • 12/27/13 AR | Virtually Loaded 1/3

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    Hello! My name is Antonio, but people call me AR for short. Im a very busy person! Im from Manhattan,

    KS, where I currently work a full time job, a part time job, and I do photography/videography as well. Im

    also a hip hop recording artist for an independent label called S.A.M.G. Ive become quite popular around

    the Manhattan area through my music and video production. I was raised on hip hop! I have an older

    brother who was always banging Wu-Tang Clan, Boot Camp Clik, and O.G.C. in the stereo, so eventually I

    took a liking into rap music. It wasnt till the age of 16 when I started crafting my own rhymes. I started off

    freestyling at parties and battling guys in high school. After the word got around that AR was dope with

    the rhymes, I then decided to start writing songs and recording them. I would go into the studio, record

    my verses, and then go home. Well, I wanted to be more involved with the work process. Since I didnt

    engineer, or produce the tracks, I thought picking up a camcorder and filming would help my team out. It

    took time, but eventually I taught myself how to use a camera. I taught myself how to do video editing as

    well. Once I got better, I upgraded to dslr cameras, and thats how I got into doing photography. People

    tell me Im talented all the time. I tell them no television. I dont watch any television! I spend all of my

    down time behind the internet reading, studying and learning new things. AR6TEEN Photography & Film is

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    doing well now, and Ive done two solo mixtapes with DJ Alumni. Im currently working on my third

    mixtape titled Sixteen: Final Clip. Although Im talented with the rhymes, its possible this will be my final

    cd. Ive become so busy that I can barely find time for my music anymore.

    Hip hop is a competitive genre. Mcs are always trying to come up with the cleverest lyrics to out rhyme the

    next mc. I would be lying if I said I didnt receive hate from other rappers around my area. I dont look at

    them as competition though. Were all doing the same thing so I try to work with the ones who are

    supportive of each other. Unfortunately, it feels like the artists who succeed in this genre today are the

    ones who have the money to spend. You can be a very talented mc, but you wont get far if you dont have

    money to spend on high quality beats, production, promotion and video producers. Thats why AR6TEEN

    Films is here! Im surrounded by talented artists, but these guys dont have a lot of money to just blow on

    video production. Just because they cant pay a high dollar video producer doesnt mean theyre less

    talented than someone who can. I felt like Well, somebody has to give these guys a chance. Thats how I

    got involved with video production. As much as I love working on my own music, I believe in these artists

    around me, so I put them first!

    There was a point where I thought hip hop was dead. If you asked me that question today, I would say

    No, hip hop has always been alive. Ive learned not to judge music. Music isnt to be judged. Its to

    discover what you like, and hold on to. Music is all preference! Some people like Pepsi and some people

    like Coke. Theres no such thing as real or fake hip hop in my opinion. Its either good or bad hip

    hop. What you may consider wack, may be helping another get through their day.

    If I had to describe my style with one word, I would say versatile! I can adapt to any beat. I can flow fast if

    needed. To flow fast, its all about syllables and timing. Eminem is my biggest influence. Like Eminem, I make

    a variety of songs. Eminem has sad songs like Stan. Funny songs like My Name Is. Angry songs like The

    Way I Am. Motivational songs like Lose Yourself. I have sad songs like Note To My Baby. Funny songs

    like Goodbye Facebook. Angry songs like Lyrical Warning. Motivational songs like Holla Back.

    Ive been blessed to collaborate with some big names such as Irv Da Phenom and Jonny Storm. Im greatly

    inspired by Eminem, Crooked-I, and Nas just to name a few. I can be contacted

    at or You can view my work

    at or You can check my team page out

    at .



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