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  • Biography Files – 1 of 41 Arizona Historical Foundation,, 480-965-3283

    Arizona Historical Foundation Biography Files

    The AHF biography files contain material relating to over 1750 individuals who influenced Arizona, dating from Territorial times to the present. The individuals span race, age gender and class. New files and additional material are added on a regular basis. The files are an excellent resource for genealogists or students needing ready reference. The initial files in the collection were intended to capture information about early settlers of Arizona. AHF developed a four-page Pioneer Biography form which contains sections on parents, siblings, spouses, children, education, work history, religious affiliation, and military service. In addition the form asks for descriptions of when and how the individual arrived in Arizona, and memorable experiences while living in Arizona. The forms were filled out by the individual, usually with assistance from a family member or student. Over a third of the files contain the forms, and are marked in the list below. The files vary widely, from one article in a folder to multiple folders for an individual. The files contain newspaper clippings, obituaries, student research papers, resumes and journal articles. Files may also contain original material such as correspondence, certificates, receipts, court documents and photographs. Below is a browsable list of the files. The biography files also are catalogued in the Arizona Historical Foundation Index, available through the Arizona State University Libraries website: CONTAINER LIST:

    Box Title 1 Aaron, Sam Abbey, Edward Abel, Charles H. Achauer, Adrienne Elizabeth (pioneer biography) Acquanetta Adams, Harvier (pioneer biography) Adams, Howard Adams, James Lewis (pioneer biography) Agner, Ruby Helena Jones (pioneer biography) Aiken, Hazel Bernice (pioneer biography) Aiton, James Thomas (pioneer biography) Ake, Felix Grundy Aker, J.W. Albrecht, Gladys Hamilton Alchesay

  • Biography Files – 2 of 41 Arizona Historical Foundation,, 480-965-3283

    Alday, Charles Sr. (pioneer biography) Aldous, Cora Daigherty (pioneer biography) Aldrich, Mark Aldridge, Ruben Milton Aldrin, Buzz Alexander, Thomas Matthew Allen, Elijah (pioneer biography) Allen, James David (pioneer biography) Allen, John Brackett Allen, John Seymour (pioneer biography) Allen, Minnie I. (pioneer biography) Allen, Norabelle (pioneer biography) Allen, Warner Hoopes (pioneer biography) Allen, William Coleman Allyn, Joseph Pratt (pioneer biography) Alsap, John Taber Altshuler, Constance Wynn Alvarez, Ernest (pioneer biography) Alvarez, Esther (pioneer biography) Anderson, Charles L.G. Anderson, C.O. Anderson, Elvira Aguirre (pioneer biography) Anderson, John Reginald Anderson, Mary Ann (pioneer biography) Anderson, Thanks Albert (pioneer biography) Angius, Danitza (pioneer biography) Anglin, Ernest (pioneer biography) Anglin, Virginia Lee (pioneer biography) Anton, Gerald Apache Kid Appel, Nathan Benjamin ApJohn, Henri Appleby, Barney W. (pioneer biography) Arbuckle, Jim Arbuckle, John Archer, Lou Ella Arline, Kenneth Armenta, Ramon A. (pioneer biography) Armstrong, John Samuel Arnold, Benjamin Lawton (pioneer biography) Arnold, Oren Arpaio, Joe Atwood, Baynard McIntosh Aubry, Francois Xavier Austin, Harold Hendrix (pioneer biography)

  • Biography Files – 3 of 41 Arizona Historical Foundation,, 480-965-3283

    Austin, Lindsay Cedric (pioneer biography) Avery, Ben Franklin Avent, Jacques M. 2 Babbitt, Bruce (1 of 2) Babbitt, Bruce (2 of 2) Babbitt, Hattie Babbitt, James E. Babbitt, Viola Passey Babcock, Roscoe Leonard (pioneer biography) Backus, Charles E. Backus, Henry T. Badilla, Pedro Maria Bagg, John Sherman Baker, Albert Cornelius Baird, Sibyl Gerrish (pioneer biography) Bailey, Salome Lucille (pioneer biography) Baker, Charles Baker, Roland Gail (pioneer biography) Ball, Robert August (pioneer biography) Balsz, David Banghart, George Washington Banta, Albert Franklin Banyacya, Thomas Baptist, Gertrude L. (pioneer biography) Barkley, Charles Barmes, Flossie Dee Wills (pioneer biography) Barnard, Barney Barnd, Gladys Barnett, Aaron Barnham, Cordia Barnhill, Frederick A. Barnum, James Sly (pioneer biography) Barr, Burton Barr, George T. Barrett, James Barrow, Timothy Barth, Solomon Bartlett, John Bartlett, William Hoyt Basha, Edward N Jr. (Eddie) Baskett, Margaret Alice (pioneer biography) Baskett, Ralph Griffith (pioneer biography) 3 Bass, Ada L. Bass, William Guy (pioneer biography) Bass, William Wallace

  • Biography Files – 4 of 41 Arizona Historical Foundation,, 480-965-3283

    Bates, LaSelle Monford (pioneer biography) Bates, Lucy Turley Bates, Nellie May (pioneer biography) Battiest, Dottie L. Bauer, Carl Edward (pioneer biography) Baumert, Jessie Creighton (pioneer biography) Bayless, Arthur Joseph (A.J.) Beach, Charles Washington Beale, Edward Fitzgerald Beals, Mary Alice (pioneer biography) Beals, Stephen Beaty, Orren Jr. Beauvais, Edward Becker, Julius Behan, John H. Bell, Bob Boze Bellus, Ronald J. Benedict, Albert Case Bennett, Emma Benson, Steve Bentley, Emmet A. Bernal, Pete Mason (pioneer biography) Berry, Doris Berry, Kevin Best, Bessie Kidd Bichard, William Biddle, James Bidwell, Bill Bidwell, Thomas J. Billison, Samuel Billman, Sallie Dale Bimson, Carl Bimson, Earl Bimson, Walter Reed Binkley, Josephine (pioneer biography) Birchett, Guess Eleanor (Mrs. Joseph T.) (pioneer

    biography) Bird, Georgia Eads (pioneer biography) Bishop, C. Diane Black, Arthur F. Black, Bernard Blake, William Phipps Blew, Alma Hayden Block, Benjamin Bloom, John Porter

  • Biography Files – 5 of 41 Arizona Historical Foundation,, 480-965-3283

    Bodney, David J. Boehringer, Louise Boes, Peter 4 Boggs, Theodore W. Bohn, Gertrude Bolden, Laura Annie Garbarino Boley, Raymond Bombeck, Erma Bommersbach, Jana Bond, Perilla Ann (pioneer biography) Bonillas, Ignacio Bonthron, James Borah, Charles Borger, Christian Charles Bork, Albert William Born, Charles Dewey (pioneer biography) Borneman, Ross Beardsley Borques, Rosa Ruiz (pioneer biography) Bottler, Ernest Lincoln (pioneer biography) Botzum, Clara Osborne Bourdett, Sarah Bourke, John Gregory Bouse, D.L. Bouse, Nellie Bowers, Edward Franklin Bowers, George Washington Bowman, Everett Boyd, Consuelo Boyd, Jerry Boyd, John David (pioneer biography) Boyer, Glenn Gordon Boyer, Mary G. Boyles, Henry Green Bozarth, Catharine Hite Bradley, Claude Donald (pioneer biography) Bradley, Gilbert F. Bradshaw, Isaac A. Bradshaw, William D. Brady, Peter Rainsford Brandes, Raymond S. Bray, Thomas C. Breackenridge, William Brewster, Harold L. Brichta, Augustus C. Bridwell, Lloyd

  • Biography Files – 6 of 41 Arizona Historical Foundation,, 480-965-3283

    Brill, Frederick Louis Brimhall, Gail Knight Brinley, Charles Henry Brizee, Henry W. Broadway, Noah Matthew Brock, Arthur “Art” H. 5 Brodie, Alexander (1 of 4) (personal correspondence) Brodie, Alexander (2 of 4) (military correspondence –

    Rough Riders) Brodie, Alexander(3 of 4) (business correspondence) Brodie, Alexander (4 of 4) (business documents) Brooker, Peter Simon (pioneer biography) Brooks, George Brooks, Hezekiah Brooks, M.B. Jr. (pioneer biography) Brooks, William E. Brophy, Ellen Amelia Goodbody Brophy, Frank Cullen Brown, Bud Brown, Charles Owen Brown, Clarence Brown, Florence Llewella (pioneer biography) Brown, Glenn Nicholas (pioneer biography) Brown, Isabelle Fuller Brown, Lucille (pioneer biography) Brown, Neilson Brown, Wiley (pioneer biography) Brubaker, Maxine Provost (pioneer biography) Bruce, James Pyle (pioneer biography) Brunier, Eugene Sr. Bryan, Jonathan M Bryan, Katherine Aurelia (pioneer biography) Bryce, Ebenezer Buckalew, Oscar Buckingham, Georgia Buffman, William Mansfield Bufkin, Donald H. Bufto, Olympia Carmen (pioneer biography) Bull, James Perry Bundy, Winifred Bunger, Mrs. Evart L. Burger, Elizabeth Burger, John Henry Burke, Frank Joseph Burkhard, Samuel (pioneer biography)

  • Biography Files – 7 of 41 Arizona Historical Foundation,, 480-965-3283

    Burns, Mike Burrows, Madalene Combs (pioneer biography) Bush, Nellie T. Butler, Albert Jesse (pioneer biography) Butler, Marilyn Butler, Ruby Trammell (pioneer biography) Buttner, Adolph George Byrd, Greenbury Byrne, Angie Bell Parker(pioneer biography) Byrne, Genevieve Gerald (pioneer biography) 6 Calderwood, Martin Heald Caldwell, William Adron (pioneer biography) Caldwell, Yount Martha (pioneer biography) Calhoun, Bertha Alice (pioneer biography) Calhoun, Clarence Angus (pioneer biography) Calhoun, John Decatur Sr. (pioneer biography) Calloway, William P. Camareňa, Maria Lara (pioneer biography) Cameron, Ralph Henry Campana, Sam Campbell, Bert Campbell, Cloves C. Sr. Campbell, Eugene Colin (pioneer biography) Campbell, John Goulder Campbell, John H. Campbell, Mary Jane Campbell, Ruth Echo (pioneer biography) Campbell, Thomas E. Capron, John Gaffield Cardon, Susette Stalle Carey, Ernestine Carlson, Ray Carr, Edward P. Jr. (pioneer biogr