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1. Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in the third of july of 1947. Actually he has 67 years old. He was married whit Mara Shriver (1986-2011). He has two sons who are called: Katherine and Gustav. Hes Austrian. He live in Los Angeles, California. He has 200 million $. Hes actor, bodybuilder and politician INFORMATION ABOUT 2. FILMS His first film was Hercules in new York in 1969. The most important film in his career was Stay hungry in 1976 he won the gold balloon for the new star of the year. His films always be action or comedy films. Other films of Arnold Schwarzenegger are: -Terminator. -The sixth day. -Conan the barbarous. -Predator. -Eraser. -Total recall. 3. THE BODYBUILDER His first career was bodybuilder. He won his first price of bodybuilder when he has 18 years old. He was mister universe 5 times. He was mister Olympia 7 consecutive times. He was the most muscular man of Europe. He won the international championship weightlifting 4. POLITICIAN Arnold Schwarzenegger is member of the republican political party of the United States. He was the governor of California for two consecutive times. Firs, he was the president of the council of Physical Fitness and Sports.

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