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  • ARRIS FPV250 Assembling User Manual

    Thank you for purchasing ARRIS FPV250 FPV Racing Quad copter. Here is a simple

    assembling manual to assemble it.

    Before we start, please prepare the following tools:

    1.5mm screw driver x 1

    2.0mm screw driver x 1

    3.0mm sleeve x 1

    Scissors x 1

    Tweezers x 1

    Thread Lock

  • 1. Installation of the Frame

    1.1 The picture below is the all the plate of the FPV250

    Install the damper balls to the vibration damper plate

  • 1.2 Install the vibration damper plate to the battery plate

    The picture below is battery plate and vibration damper plate.

    It should be look like this after you assemble it.

  • 1.3 Install the arms. Use M3 x 12 screws on the arm like the picture below

  • 1.4 Put the red aluminum column on the screws

  • 1.5 Install the lower plate

    1.6 Install the landing skid

    Prepare the landing skid; here we need to use M3 x 6 screws and M3 nut

  • Put the landing skid to the its position, and use the screw to tighten it.

    For the BNF, due to the package limitation, we changed the landing skid to the

    rubber one as below.

    For this one, we use the M3 x 12 screws with M3 nut to assemble it.

  • 1.7 Install the Aluminum column

    In this step, we need to use the thread lock and M3 x 6 screws.

  • Install the aluminum column on the center frame by M3 x 6 screws, and use some

    thread lock.

    1.8 Install the camera fixed plate

    Prepare the parts

  • Put the camera fixed plate in front part as below:

    1.9 Install the upper plate.

  • Here we need to use M3 x 6 screws, and for each screws, remember to use the

    thread lock on it.

    Now we finish the assembling of the frame.

    2. Installation of the Electronic Equipments

    2.1 Install the camera. M2.5 x 12 nylon screws or cable tie can be used here. But

    do not use metal screws.

  • The pictures below are the details of the camera mounting.

    2.2 Install the motors. Here we take the ARRIS 1806 2300KV brushless motor as

    example. For CW motor, the cap is black, for the CCW motor, the cap is silver,

    please pay attention to it when you do it.

    And the screws used to install the motor are M2 x 4.

  • 2.3 Solder the motor with ESC.

    Cut off the motor wire, just leave 1.5 to 2 CM length will be OK.

    Cut off the extra wires of the ESC like the pictures below:

  • Put some soldering tin on motor wires and esc wires, which will be used in the

    future steps. Put the 2MM heat shrink tube on the motor wire.

    Solder the motor with ESC. For the black cap CW motor, the wire is one to

    one correspondence with the ESC wire. For the CCW motor, you need to

    change any two of the wire and solder them, and then the heat shrink tube.

    (Please check the wire diagram in the following picture)

  • 2.4 Use the M2 x 6 screws to mount the motor to the frame, remember to use the

    thread lock.

  • For the ESC, use the 3M double side tape to paste it on the arm. And pass the ESC

    wire through the arm.

  • 2.5 Connect the camera wire, then starts to do the soldering.

    Put all the ESC wire through the arm and into the lower plate. All the red wires

    put in one side, and all the black wires put in the other side and tight them by the

    cable tie.

    Here we need to add two pairs of wires, one is the JST plug, it used to power the

    video TX; the other is main power wires, it used to power the quad. Please look at

    the following picture:

  • Cut off the extra wires.

  • Solder them, one color to one color correspondence like the picture below:

    Fixed the main power wire by cable tie.

  • On the other side, tighten the ESC by cable tie on the arm. Solder the XT60

    connector (Pay attention to the + and -, the red is +, and the black is -)

  • 2.6 Install the CC3D flight controller. Paste the CC3D flight controller on the

    lower plate by 3M double side tape. It should be not crooked, or it will

    influence the future flight.

    Connect the ESC wire like the below diagram:

  • Here is the ESC plugged well on the flight controller.

    Arrange the long ESC wires.

  • Here we finished the assembling. Next, you need to set the settings on the CC3D

    software with your radio, you can check another manual.