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ART DECO Yul Leshem

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ART DECO Yul Leshem
Design style that originated around World War 1 and runs through World War 2(1915-1945).
What is Art deco Architecture?
Empire State Building in New York City, by William F. Lamb
Stucco Concrete Block Glazed Brick Mosaic Tiles Steel Aluminum Glass
What Materials are used?
Skyscraper sleek appearance
Geometric decorative details
What is the purpose?
Art Deco buildings can be found all over the world.
Examples: India China New Zealand America South Africa Morocco
Where can they be found?
Chrysler Building in New York City, by William Van Alen
Raymond Hood Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann William Van Alen Lee Lawrie Claud Beelman Donald Deskey
Famous architects
Daily News Building in New York City, by Raymond Hoods
Symmetrical and Radial Balance Regular Rhythm Emphasis on top Contrast between thick bottom to
thin top Unity of material and color.
What principles of design are
Vertical and Diagonal lines Form and Shape-
rectangular prism with a pyramid on top
Light Tint
70 Pine Street in New York City, by Clinton and Russell
The culture of people is reflected in the Art Deco
style because it represented luxury and the faith in social and technological progress.
How is the culture of the people reflected in the architectural
American Radiator Building in New York City, by Raymond Hoods
The advantages are that the buildings are beautiful, have open space, great light, and privacy. The
disadvantages are the materials might be hard to find and the
buildings are hard to maintain.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of
building a home with your chosen style today?
Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, by Raymond Hoods
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