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  • Artapli fonts with free software

    Create your own embroidery text with the Artapli BX letters and the free Embrilliance

    Express software, it´s as easy as a piece of cake, let´s get started!

    1) Download Embrilliance Express at

    it´s FREE for Mac OSX and Windows.

    2) Install the software, you need to unzip the files on Windows first.

    3) Double click on the Setup file in your unzipped folder to start the installation.

    4) Just click on Done without entering a serial number in order to start in Express Mode.

    Your software installation is complete now.

    Please unzip the folder with your Artapli fonts, your additional font folder with the name

    “SINGLE_FILES” contains files of each individual letter or symbol.

    Example of your BX file folder:

  • Drag and drop your BX files into the software or double click on them:

    Follow these easy 3 steps to get started with your font:

  • Change the spacing, size or position of your letters:

  • Change the color:

  • Change individual letters:

  • Go to Edit / Preferences to change your hoop size or add your own hoops:

  • Save your design:

  • The following fonts are available:

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