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AS031 Glass Processing E-learning Project

LMF30611 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing (Glass Processing Specialisation)


Improve GroupPO Box 188, Cleveland. QLD 4163P. (61) 7-3488 2143 F. (61) 7-3488

(C) Improve Group 2008The OpportunityGlass and Glazing qualifications have typically been focused on glaziers.

In 2011, the Certificate III in Glass and Glazing introduced a Glass Processing stream. This provides an opportunity to formally train glass processing workers a sector previously ignored by existing training organisations.

Glass process workers often work shifts impacting on the opportunity to attend training. Traditional TAFE workshops are not set up for glass processing training due to high capital costs.

E-learning provides an opportunity to address these issues

2(C) Improve Group 2008The ProjectProposed to complete 23 units currently 92% complete

Working closely with the Australian Glass and Glazing Association and leading Brisbane based glass processors for the pilot program

Unit content built using video footage of partner companies processes and staff

Pilot testing by subject matter experts

Peer review by other RTOs TAFEs and Enterprise RTOs

3(C) Improve Group 2008The TechnologiesLMS = Moodle 2.1

Embedded videos and YouTube

Voice overs

Trialled on all hardware formats PCs, tablets, I-Pads, mobile phones

4(C) Improve Group 2008

5(C) Improve Group 2008The ChallengesAccess to industry partners due to busy workloads

Delays in getting new qualifications approved by State Education Departments this incurred significant delays in the testing of the program

Changing an industries perception of training delivery industry was great, but a big reluctance to introduce e-learning from other RTOs (until they saw it at work!)

Developing in house skills to rapidly develop, test and validate e-learning content

Apple devices!

6(C) Improve Group 2008The Results E-LearningMake it sexy we used embedded All-in-One PCs, these are highly interactive and quickly became a talking point for all staff this increased the uptake of participants and spread the word quickly.

Showcase the product at industry association meetings this increased the number of companies wanting to participate

Offer RPL options this increases the uptake with existing workers and reduces actual training requirements

7(C) Improve Group 2008The Results Innovation TeamDeveloped in-house agile software development framework to speed up and increase quality of output doubled, if not trebled, output

Co-location of development, assessment, moderation and validation team members increased teamwork, understanding and uptake of e-learning

Developed an online moderation and validation portal to speed up compliance requirements

Resulted in 2 x school based traineeships IT/Multimedia

8(C) Improve Group 2008Industry ResultsCurrently have 5 x Qld companies engaged Major national company engagedWA company piloting e-learning systemUpskilling in-house Trainers under RTO-Industry auspicing arrangementsTAFEs and Enterprise RTOs waiting on release of materialNational body is promoting program to membership baseRequest to develop glazing units for balance of qualfication

9(C) Improve Group 2008

Commercial Results10(C) Improve Group 2008

Full Industry Training Solutions Provider11(C) Improve Group 2008The Improve Group would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following organisations in the development of our e-learning platform.

Australian Glass and Glazing Association City Glass National Glass Viridian Glass 1st Glass Australia Access to Skills funding


12(C) Improve Group 2008