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  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan



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  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan


    Founded in 1683, the Ashmolean is Britainsrst public museum. Our display approach Crossing Cultures Crossing Time presentsthe collections over ve oors, revealing howthe civilisations o the east and west havedeveloped as part o an interrelated worldculture. Each objects story is told by tracingthe journey o ideas and inuences through

    time and across continents.

    At the heart o the Museum, you will nd theatrium and Cascading Staircase. Overlookingthe atrium are our Orientation Galleries,which present the key themes ound on eachoor. These galleries illuminate the connectionsand comparisons that bring the past to lie andprovide story trails to help you plan your ownroute through time.The Ashmolean has opened six new galleriesor the collections o Ancient Egypt and Nubia(present day Sudan). Starting in Gallery 22(Ground Floor), let our Egypt gallery audioguide take you on a journey covering morethan 3000 years o human occupation o theNile Valley.


    Li to all floorsexcept 3M

    Li to all floorsexcept 4

    Li to -1, G, 2 and 3M only Main atriumstaircase


    European Art

    European Art

    Ancient Egyptand Nubia


  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan







    28 Asian Crossroads

    35 West meets East

    9 Ancient World

    1 Exploring the Past



    -1 Explore the Museums specially themedcrossing cultures galleries starting with theExploring the Past gallery. On this oor youwill nd new galleries including Money, theHuman Image, and Ark to Ashmolean.

    G Find how travel and transport brought theancient world together in the Ancient Worldgallery. This oor has all the Museums ancientcollections rom Egypt, to Greece, to China.

    1 Move orward in time and discover in theAsian Crossroads gallery how trading routesconnected the Mediterranean to Asia inearly modern times. This oor has the newlythemed gallery o the Mediterranean, and the

    Museums displays o Islamic and Indian art.

    2 Discover in the West Meets East galleryhow the ar east and the west came intocontact with one another. This oor has theMuseums Western Art galleries and thecollections o Japan and China.

    3 Continue your visit with the Museums19th to 21st century galleries or ndsomething new in the Museums SpecialExhibitions galleries.

    Highlighted in the cross-section below youwill nd the Inormation Desk, Shop, Ca andCloakroom, Rooop Restaurant and Terrace,along with lis and toilets.

    Toilets CafCloakroomInformation Shop

  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan



    Li to all floors

    except 3MLi to all floors

    except 4Stairs to all floorsexcept 4

    Stairs to all floorsexcept 3M

    1 Exploring the PastThis orientation gallery introduces

    the key themes and story-trails to

    ollow throughout this oor.

    2 Human Image34 Conservation5 Textiles6 Reading and Writing7 Money

    8 Ark to Ashmolean

    Education CentreLecture Theatre

    SHOPPINGFind mementos o your visitand unique gis inspired by the

    collections in the Ashmolean Shop.

    Open: TuesSun 10am6pm

    Take a break rom it all in the cozy

    setting o the vaulted ca.

    Open: TuesSun 10am6pm

  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan


    G17 European Prehistory18 Ancient Cyprus19 Ancient Near East20 Aegean World21 Greek and Roman Sculpture22 Egypt at its Origins23 Dynastic Egypt and Nubia24 Lie aer Death in Ancient Egypt25 The Amarna Revolution26 Egypt in the Age o Empires

    27 Egypt meets Greece and Rome

    9 Ancient WorldThis orientation gallery introduces

    the key themes and story-trails to

    ollow throughout this oor.

    10 China to AD 80011 Chinese Paintings12 India to AD 60013 Rome14 Cast Gallery

    15 Italy beore Rome16 Greece

    Li to -1, G, 2and 3M only

    ToiletsStairs Information Wheelchairaccess to 14

  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan



    Jameel Centre: Eastern Art Study RoomAll enquiries to Inormation Desk

    28 Asian CrossroadsThis orientation gallery introduces

    the key themes and story-trails to

    ollow throughout this oor.

    29 Eastern Art Paintings30 Mediterranean World31 Islamic Middle East32 India rom AD 60033 Mughal India

    34 Medieval Cyprus

    Li to all floors

    except 3MLi to all floors

    except 4Stairs to all floorsexcept 4

    Stairs to all floorsexcept 3M

  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan


    46 Baroque Art47 German and Flemish Art48 Still-lie Paintings49 Britain and Italy5051 LandscapeOil Sketches52 Arts o the 18th century53 Russian Art54 Delware55 Silver56 Arts o the Renaissance

    European Prints and DrawingsAll enquires to Inormation Desk

    35 West meets EastThis orientation gallery introduces

    the key themes and story-trails to

    ollow throughout this oor.

    36 Japan rom 185037 Japan 1600185038 China rom AD 80039 Music and Tapestry40 European Ceramics

    41 England 400160042 Early Italian Art43 Italian Renaissance44 European Art45 Dutch Art


    Li to -1, G, 2and 3M only


  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan


    Special Exhibitions Galleries

    5761 A changing programmeo major international exhibitions,and displays rom the Museumsown reserve collections.

    Access only via:

    62 Modern Art

    Access only via:




    Li to all floors

    except 3MLi to all floors

    except 4Stairs to all floorsexcept 4

    Stairs to all floorsexcept 3M

    3MEuropean Art 1800present day

    63 Sickert and his Contemporaries64 Glass65 Pissarro66 19th-century Art67 Pre-Raphaelites

    Access only via:

  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan



    Li to -1, G, 2and 3M only


    The Ashmolean Dining Room

    provides the spectacular setting

    o Oxords rst rooop restaurant.

    Be inspired by a menu o authentic

    European dishes, accompanied

    by an extensive list o wines

    rom around the world. In the

    aernoon enjoy a traditionalaernoon tea.

    T 01865 553 823

    Open: Tues, Wed, Sun 10am6pm

    ThursSat 10am10pm

    Entry rom St Giles aer 6pm

    Access only via:

  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan


    Drawings, Prints andStudy Collections

    The Ashmoleans extensive collections

    o European prints and drawings are open to

    the public in the Print Room.

    Open: TuesSat, 10am1pm & 25pm

    The Jameel Centre: Eastern Art Study Room

    is open to the public or the closer viewing o

    paintings, prints and objects rom the Asian

    and Islamic study collections.Open: TuesFri, 10am1pm & 25pm &

    1st Saturday o each month, 10am1pm

    & 25pm*

    Please visit the Inormation Desk or urther

    details about access, group visits and booking.*Opening times subject to change please ask at

    Inormation Desk


    There is disabled access throughout the

    Museum, with ramps into the building, lis

    to all oors and wheelchairs are available.

    We can arrange ree touch tours and

    description tours or visitors with visual

    impairments and those who need anaccompanied visit. There are also events

    scheduled regularly or visually impaired

    and hearing impaired visitors pick up a

    copy o Whats On or details.

    I you need assistance or i your mobility

    is impaired, please ask our Visitor Service

    Assistants or help. They are stationed

    throughout the Museum.

    T 01865 288 078

    Education Activities

    For more inormation about our education

    programmes or schools, young people

    and adult groups visit

    T 01865 278 015

    E [email protected]

    Guided Tours and Talks

    Lunchtime Gallery Talks: Every Tues,

    Wed, Thur & Fri 1.152.00pm. Cost: Free but

    donations welcome. No booking needed butnumbers limited to 15. Places are allocated on

    the day by tokens which are available rom the

    Inormation Desk rom 1pm. Talks are led by

    education volunteers. Meet in Gallery 21.

    Saturday Highlight Tours: Every Saturday,

    11am12pm. Cost: Free but donations

    welcome. No booking needed but numbers

    limited. Places are allocated on the day bytokens which will be available at the Inormation

    Desk rom 10am. Meet in Gallery 21.

    Audio Guides

    The Ashmolean audio guide, eaturing

    highlights o the collections, is available rom

    the Inormation Desk, helping you to gainmore rom your visit. A dedicated audio guide

    or the Ancient Egypt and Nubia galleries is

    available in Gallery 22 (Ground Floor).


    Keep up to date with all our activities,

    events and exhibitions by subscribing

    to our monthly e-news.


  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan


    Venue Hire

    The Ashmolean Museum ofers a sumptuous

    setting or special occasions. Guests begin their

    experience by passing through the grandeur o

    the Neo-classical aade. Once inside, they will

    nd beautiul spaces which provide impressivebackdrops to make any event memorable.

    For more inormation about corporate events or

    private parties, civil ceremonies and wedding

    celebrations, contact:

    E [email protected]

    T 01865 610 406


    Visitors to the Ashmolean are welcome

    to use stills cameras in the Museum. To

    protect delicate objects, we ask visitors to

    rerain rom using ash photography, and to

    be aware that photographs are or privatenoncommercial use. In ront o certain displays

    the no photography sign will indicate where

    permission to take photographs is restricted.

    The use o video cameras, monopods and

    tripods is not permitted. Please ask any

    member o staf or at the Inormation Desk i

    you have any questions about photography,

    or call the Museum. T 01865 278 000

    Proessional quality inkjet prints and digital

    images o objects in the Ashmoleans

    collection are also available through the

    Picture Library

    T 01865 278 105/040

    E [email protected]

    Ashmolean Shop

    In its new home on the lower-ground oor, the

    Ashmolean Shop has a great range o products

    and a new-look design. Inspired by special

    exhibitions and the Museums permanent

    collections, this is a unique place to nd gis,books, stationery and accessories.

    T 01865 288 185

    Mail order purchases T 01865 278 010

    Shop online at

    Open: TuesdaySunday 10am6pm

    Friends of the Ashmolean

    The Friends actively support the work o the

    Museum. Being a Friend entitles you to take

    part in a lively, year-round programme o

    activities including talks, lectures, recitals

    and social events. Become a member today

    and enjoy:

    Free entry to paying exhibitions

    Free copies o the Magazine and Whats On

    10% discount in the Ca, Restaurant & Shop

    T 01865 278 016

    E [email protected]

    The Ashmolean foor plan is ree, but

    a suggested donation o 3 per visitor

    provides vital support or the Museum.

  • 8/22/2019 Ashmolean Museum FloorPlan


    The Ashmolean foor plan is ree, but

    a suggested donation o 3 per visitor

    provides vital support or the Museum.Cert no. SGS-COC-003377

    18th-century Art 52 219th-century Art 66 3Aegean World 20 GAncient Cyprus 18 G

    Ancient Egypt and Nubia 2227 GAncient Near East 19 GAncient World 9 GArk to Ashmolean 8 -1Arts o the Renaissance 56 2Asian Crossroads 28 1Baroque Art 46 2Britain and Italy 49 2Cast Gallery 14 G

    China rom AD 800 38 2China to AD 800 10 GChinese Paintings 11 GConservation 34 -1Delware 54 2Dutch Art 45 2Early Italian Art 42 2Eastern Art Paintings 29 1Eastern Art Paintingsand Prints Study Room * 1England 4001600 41 2European Art 44 2European Ceramics 40 2European Prehistory 17 GEuropean Prints and Drawings * 2Exploring the Past 1 -1German and Flemish Art 47 2

    Glass 64 3

    Greece 16 GGreek and RomanSculpture 21 GHuman Image 2 -1

    India rom AD 600 32 1India to AD 600 12 GIslamic Middle East 31 1Italian Renaissance 43 2Italy beore Rome 15 GJapan 16001900 37 2Japan rom 1850 36 2Medieval Cyprus 34 1Mediterranean World 30 1

    Modern Art 62 3Money 7 -1Mughal India 33 1Music and Tapestry 39 2Oil Sketches 5051 2Pissarro 65 3Pre-Raphaelites 67 3Reading and Writing 6 -1Rome 13 GRussian Art 53 2Sickert and hisContemporaries 63 3Silver 55 2Special Exhibitions 5761 3Still-lie Paintings 48 2Textiles 5 -1West meets East 35 2

    Gallery name No. Floor Gallery name No. Floor

    Ashmolean Museum

    o Art and ArchaeologyBeaumont Street

    Oxord OX1 2PH

    T 01865 278 000

    *Please enquire at the Inormation Desk