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This Presentation is how to make a quadcopter and how to setting it with autonomous pilot.then you can setting the coordinate in GPS then the quadcopter can fly in that coordinate.


Design and Analysis of Quadcopter Control System Automation Coordinate with Global Positioning System Tracker

Design and Analysis of Quadcopter Control System Automation Coordinate with Global Positioning System Tracker

Advisor IM. Sarwoko Ir. M.ScAdvisor IIAgung Nugroho Jati ST.MTByGHANI AKBAR HABIBIE111118031BackgroundAutomatic Location FinderObservation (with additional camera)Accuracy while Hovering2PurposesKnow the integration of each block of QuadcopterAnalize the accurate of waypoint system (height,coordinate)Comparing CMD coordinate and the real hovering waypoint of QuadcopterKnow the power consumption and flying timeProblemsHow the integration of each block of Quadcopter ?How the analize of accuracy ? (height,coordinate)How the comparing result CMD coordinate and the real hovering waypoint of Quadcopter ?How the relation of the power consumption and flying time ?LimitationParts of Quadcopter are module

Wind factor are same each measuringNo detail discussion about firmware and softwareMeasuring parameters: CEP,2DRMS, and data distributionThe influence of power consumption and flying timeTheoryMicrocontroller ATmega2560 (main CORE)

256 Kbytes flash memoryI2C86 I/O pin15 PWM channel16 ADC channelTheory (contd)Microcontroller ATmega32U2 (interface)32 Kbytes flash memoryUSB interface22 I/O pinUARTPPM EncoderTheory (contd)Brushless MotorStatorRotorHigh SpeedHigh responseHigh EfficiencyCharacteristic:Long life operationNoiselessTheory (contd)GyroRotary GyroscopesVibrating GyroscopeOptical GyroscopesTheory (contd)Accelerometer (Micro-machined Electro-Mechanical System)Capacitive (distance between 2 planar)Piozoelectric (crystal stress)Theory (contd)Global Positioning SystemCoordinate of location -> X,Y,ZAccuracy -> Absolut (30-100 m) , SA off (3-6 m), DGPS (1-2 m), RTK (1-5 cm)Theory (contd)StatisticAverageStandard DeviationCEP (Circular Error Probability)2DRMS (2 Dimension Root Mean Square)DesignBlock Diagram of System

Design (contd)Flow Chart SystemDesign (contd)Flow Chart SystemDesign (contd)Flow Chart SystemDesign (contd)Flow Chart SystemDesign (contd)Flow Chart SystemDesign (contd)HardwareFrame F450QBrushless Motor 950 KVElectronic Speed ControllerPropeller 1045Flight Controller (ATmega2560, ATmega32U2, Flash Card, GPS MT3329, Sensor)Battery Lipo 3000 mAHRemote ControlDesign (contd)SoftwareAPM PlannerFirmware Arducopter V2.8.1. QuadDesign (contd)ConfigRemote ControlCalibrating ESCCalibrating LevelCalibrating PWM ToneModebeep-1 short tonebeep-beep-2 short tonebeep-beep-beep-3 short toneBrakeOffOnBattery typeLipoNiMHCutoff modeSoft-CutCut-OffCutoff thresholdLowMediumHighStartup modeNormalSoftSuper softTimingLowMediumHighDesign (contd)ScenarioHigh Measurement (50 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm)Simulation of accuracy (25 m)Manual flying testFlying time testingAutonomus test LOITER accuracyAnalysisHigh (accuracy)50 cm -> 98,15 %100 cm -> 92,72 %150 cm -> 99,88 %200 cm -> 98,17 %Analysis (contd)Home(accuracy)

UTM EastingUTM NorthingAverage790652,452299270-9228595,299945440Standard Deviation1,776771291,575418767CEP (50%)1,9777921342DRMS (95%)4,7493Analysis (contd)Destination(accuracy)UTM EastingUTM NorthingAverage790627,5376160250-9228596,1783064500Standard Deviation1,9199273291,940173248CEP (50%)2,2774593412DRMS (95%)5,4591Analysis (contd)Flying time and power consumptionParameterValuePower consumption 4 motorP = 4 x 141,525 = 566,1 WattFC power consumptionP = 5 x 200 mA = 1 WattSupply ESC maxP = 4 x 11,1 x 20 = 888 WattBattery Li-PoP = 3000 mAHFlying time14 minute (from flight test)Analysis (contd)Zone 48 (accuracy)ParameterValueAutonomous coordinate-6,9801720 ; 107,5700480Default altitude (meter)7Waypoint radius (meter)4Loiter radius (meter)4Zone UTM48UTM Converter modeWGS84Condition of environmentfree area, no wind obstacleUTM EastingUTM NorthingAverage783978,58774-9227656,9978Standard Deviation3,9779705654,626523031CEP (50%)5,0766512222DRMS (95%)12,20310865Coordinate displacement value14,8263

Distance AUTO = 35 mHigh AUTO= 10 mTime AUTO= 8 sV= 4,375 m/sAnalysis (contd)Zone 49 (accuracy)ParameterValueAutonomous coordinate-7,7576256; 110,2932480Default altitude (meter)7Waypoint radius (meter)4Loiter radius (meter)4UTM zone49UTM converter modeWGS84Condition of environmentFree area with wind obstacleUTM EastingUTM NorthingAverage422063,996079611-9142433,957422800Standard Deviation2,7713512923,979366372CEP (50%)3,9829234222DRMS (95%)9,698607056Coordinate displacement value5,64288

Distance AUTO = 69,9 mHigh AUTO= 12 mTime AUTO= 16 sV= 4,36875 m/sConclusion & SuggestionConclusionBlock Quadcopter: Frame, FC, Motor, ESC, Sensor, GPS ModuleThe accuracy of coordinat depend with wind factorThe lowet displacemnent autonomous Quadcopter is 5,64 mPower consumption depend with motor using (weight quadcopter = 0,94 kg)SuggestionThe test should be in low environment factorHardware choosen must see the power consumption efficiencyThank YouMicrocontroller ATmega2560

Microcontroller ATmega32U2

GPS Mudule

Sensor gyro, altimeter, accelerator, compass

Motor 1


Flash Card

Transmitter RC

Motor 2

Motor 4

Motor 3