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Digital Photography and Media Products

Digital Photography and Media ProductsMaddie HoughtonApertureThe aperture is the opening that lets light in and closes light out.DOP- Depth of Field is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image.

Shutter SpeedThe shutter speed is what controls whats involved in the picture and can allow movement, here is a picture show the shutter speed at a slow setting.Shutter Speed is the measurement of time the shutter is open for. It varies from f2 f5.6 - f16 and higher.


FocussingA real image is formed by light moving through a convex lens. The nature of the real image varies depending on how the light travels through the lens. There is two major factors of this: The angle of the light beams entry into the lens and the structure of the lens. The entry of light changes depending of how close or faraway from the object you are.ISOISO is a setting on the camera that is about the sensitivity to light and how its measured, and helps understand when you should increase the ISO setting.

File FormatsJPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is the right format for those photo images which must be very small files, for example, websites or email. JPEG is usually used for digital camera memory cards.RAW A camera raw image file contains minimally processed data from the image senor of either a digital camera, image scanner, or motion picture film scanner.Camera Modes(p) Program(tv) or (s) shutter speed(av) or (a) aperture priority(m) manual

Camera ComponentsThe components of a camera are the lens, shutter, aperture, sensor and the flash.The sensor transforms light from the lens to digital information which is then stored on a memory card. The most popular measure for the Sensor Chip is Pixels Per Inch and range from 1.3-22 Mega pixels. The more pixels the larger the digital image can be enlarged and stay clear and sharp. Most digital cameras come with a built in flash. These are useful for close-ups in terms of providing lighting up to around 4 metres. These can also be used to fill shadows in sunlight. One of the main problems with using a flash is red eye. This is when pupils appear red in an image. This is caused by light reflecting off the retinas in our eyes. Most digital cameras allow you to change the settings of the flash e.g. red-eye reductionWhether you use a mobile phone, compact digital camera or a digital SLR you will probably be familiar with digital cameras and how to take pictures. Below is a brief overview of the component parts of a digital camera.

All digital cameras have a lens. The lens is usually made of several pieces of glass and other elements. The lens focuses the image onto the digital sensor, where it is captured for storage. The shutter on a digital camera is a component that opens and closes to control the length of exposure. The exposure is the length of time light falls on to the sensor. The shutter opening time affects the image exposure and how motion is shown. Every camera has an aperture. Sometimes fixed but usually adjustable, the aperture is a hole that varies in size to control the amount of light falling on the sensor. Aperture is measured in f-stops: a higher number represents a smaller amount of light. With a high aperture the shutter can stay open longer (as less light gets to the sensor).

To advertise Demis new cd DEMI it was advertised on music channels, and normal TV channels so anyone who likes her and her music could see she has a new album out and when to buy it and where from.

This product is aimed at fans of Demi Lovato. The photos and video footage they used to advertise this product are useful because they draw you in, they are informative and make you want the CD.

Fifty Shades Of Grey is already a world-wide phenomenon and the film isnt even out yet. It has had a lot of advertising through, print publishing, adverts on Youtube, and the main advertisement is the book itself.

The photo used on the cover on the book is both sensible to be on the shelf because its not explicit but it also describes the character Christian Grey very well because the colour of the photo is dark and different shades of grey. It is also an image of a tie showing he is well presented in himself and serious at the same time. By seeing just this image its leaning to want to know more about him and the story.