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  • 1. The Opening Ceremony was a pageant oftraditional Greek culture and historyhearkening back to its mythologicalbeginnings. The program began as a young Greek boysailed into the stadium on a paper-ship wavingthe host nations flag to music

2. The Olympic Stadium of Athens SpyrosLouis is in Greece (Athens) and has amaximum capacity of 65.000 spectators. The opening ceremony and closing ceremonyof the Olympic Games of Athens wereconducted in this stadium. 3. The swimmer MichaelPhelps won four goldmedals and two bronzemedals. 4. Leontien Zijlaard-vanMoorsel became in thefirst cyclist to won sixmedals (four goldmedals, one silvermedal, and a bronzemedal). She retired fromprofessional cycling afterthe 2004 Olympics. 5. Athen and Phvos are a brother and a sister,symbols of the Olympic values and the idea ofbrotherhood among all people andambassadors of participation, noblecompetition and equality.