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  • 1. Rening our design
  • 2. Attention to detail and renement Magazine Adverts Tour poster Film poster DVD Cover Trailer
  • 3. Types of lm posters
  • 4. Types of lm posters The Teaser poster -This poster contains basic information to whet your appetite. It often does not indicate much about the plot, but may have a picture of the protagonist/a key icon and the title of the text.
  • 5. Types of lm posters The main theatrical poster- This contains information about the production personnel, the stars, and the distributors.
  • 6. Types of lm posters DVD release poster - This one comes out when the lm is released on DVD and often has all of the above plus short, one line reviews from relevant publications.
  • 7. Types of lm posters Character Poster this one features the main character. Remember that the posters could be a combination of two types.
  • 8. Fonts Are you really thinking about your choice?
  • 9. Fonts Are you really thinking about your choice?
  • 10. Use of images.
  • 11. Too much studio? Not enough montage and on location shots?
  • 12. Montage.
  • 13. Magazine The ner details. Price. How much? Placement? Fonts 4-5 types A range of different sizes Articles. Make sure they link to the genre of the magazine but also to your research investigation ndings.
  • 14. Advertising.
  • 15. What is your angle? How are you selling your product? What qualities will your product give to the consumer in return for money? Youth/Beauty/Fun Sex, attraction Glamour, Beauty
  • 16. How do you plan to place the product in the piece? Have you thought about colour/lighting connotations? Does the body language, pose, clothing help project your strategy?