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This employer focused brochure aims to highlight all of the opportunities at Plymouth University for engaging our students and graduates. Working with the Careers and Employability Team we can help you identify and recruit the best individuals for your team.




  • Plymouth University Careers and Employability Service is committed to providing a first class service to the diverse range of employers that are interested in working with our academic staff, students and graduates. We are particularly keen to support the needs of our local employers, whatever their size.

    Work in partnership with us to:

    Explore ways to meet our students and graduates other than the traditional direct recruitment routes

    Raise your profile and increase awareness of your graduate and undergraduate opportunities and requirements that you have

    Identify talent at an early stage and maintain contact with them

    Advertise your vacancies and recruit quality graduates into the vacancies that you have

    Realise the benefits of the Plymouth University Santander Universities Internship Programme, providing high-quality, paid internships for students and recent graduates


    Why target Plymouth? Plymouth University is a truly innovative university, seeking to maximise opportunities through partnership with business, communities and research. We have a strong research capability, track record and recognition in excellence in teaching. Developing key graduate employability skills is embedded within curriculum and extra-curricular activities. The 12,000 placements a year our students engage with showcases the importance we put on gaining work related experience. Over 26,000 students study with Plymouth, making us the largest university in the South West, so get in touch with our dedicated and experienced team to find out what service best suits your need.

    Shirley Walker Head of Careers and Employability at Plymouth University


  • Targeted Presentations pg6

    Recruitment Fairs pg8

    HotSeat Competition pg11

    Employer Mentoring Programme pg12

    FLUX Competition pg10

    Employer Practice Interviews pg12

    Networking Evenings pg7

    Meet the Employer pg7

    Skills Sessions pg6

    Employers always tell us how they are looking for so much more than a student with just a degree! Our comprehensive and innovative events programme helps our students to boost their confidence and develop core employability skills, attributes and awareness.

    For employers, these events are a fantastic way to meet dynamic and enthusiastic students in a variety of settings. Visiting our campus is an effective way for companies from SMEs through to multi-national organisations to raise their profile on campus and diversify standard recruitment campaigns.

    Not sure where to target your campaign? Let us help you explore the various options and advise you on timing your interventions to maximise your investment.





    The most enthusiastic students will make the effort to meet employers throughout their university life, engaging with a variety of events. Make sure you think about targeting students early on, rather than just students in their final year!


    Use a variety of our events and services to promote your brand and raise awareness of your opportunities and requirements.


    We can offer a wide variety of ways to identify and meet our students at an early stage and help you to maintain contact with them.


    We can help you to recruit a graduate through our recruitment agency but why not consider taking a student on placement, into an internship, summer or part-time job so that you get ahead of the competition in identifying talent.


  • The graduate recruitment season can be intense and a really busy time of year, so it could be easy to get caught out! Here is our annual cycle of events at Plymouth University.

    Meet some of our most engaged students as an expert at a FLUX Competition

    Mentor a student to boost their confidence as part of our Employer Mentoring Programme

    Build your network amongst our students at a Networking Evening

    Help students to hone their interview skills at a HotSeat Competition

    Share your opportunities via Targeted Emails and Social Media

    Provide Practice Interviews & Assessment Centres to our students or rent our space to host your own

    Raise your profilewith a Meet theEmployer drop

    in stand

    Host a targeted Presentation or Skills Session

    Exhibit at the Placement & Graduate

    Recruitment Fairs

    Enable a student to gain industry

    experience by offering a

    Placement Year

    Advertise your part-time roles through Student Jobs


















    Prime time to engage

    Recruit our graduates by

    contacting our in-house Graduate Recruitment Team



  • SKILLS SESSIONSWe always welcome employers who would like to run a session and help develop our students skills in a particular topic. Previous sessions have included: Making Your Applications Stand Out, Assessment Centre Success and Commercial Awareness. This also helps students who may be interested in working for you to develop the skills you value and its a good way of building your audiences knowledge of your requirements. Please let us know of any sessions you would like to run and any suitable dates.

    When can I get involved? The prime time for presenting is: Monday12OctoberFriday11

    December 2015 Monday1FebruaryFriday18

    March 2016 Monday18AprilFriday13May2016

    Is there a cost? Its completely free as you are providing training for our students.

    How do I get involved? Using our simple online booking form:

    TARGETED PRESENTATIONSPresentations offer the chance to promote your organisation and opportunities to only the students you wish to target. Our team can arrange a suitable date to avoid clashing with student timetables, promote your visit to our students, liaise with academics to maximise student attendance, confirm a suitable venue with the use of audio/visual equipment and manage a student sign up system to monitor attendance.

    When can I get involved?The prime time for presenting is:

    Monday12OctoberFriday11 December 2015

    Monday1FebruaryFriday18March2016 Monday18AprilFriday13May2016

    Is there a cost? 75 +VAT

    How do I get involved? Using our simple online booking form:



  • NETWORKING EVENINGS Networking evenings are a great way for you

    to meet with our students in a semi-structured

    environment. You can connect to students,

    promote opportunities within your organisation

    and help our students to develop their


    need for employment.

    When can I get involved?


    of Science & Engineering and Health

    & Human Sciences Thursday 10 December 2015


    of Business and Arts & Humanities

    Thursday 11 February 2016

    Is there a cost?

    No! Its free to attend and we provide dinner

    and drinks!

    How do I get involved?

    Using our short online form to register

    your interest

    Your invite will be sent out closer to the event.

    MEET THE EMPLOYERA drop in stand works best for employers who are targeting students from any course, wishing to recruit for multiple roles. We have two options for stand location:

    AprimelocationisintheStudentsUnion. On average they will receive a footfall of 4000+ students per day and this is a great way to raise your profile on campus in a busy environment.

    TheCareersandEmployabilityHubiswhere students go for their employability appointments and drop in sessions. This space is quieter than the Students Union but we will promote your stand to all of the students you wish to target.

    When can I get involved? The prime time for a drop in stand is:

    Monday12OctoberFriday11 December 2015

    Monday1FebruaryFriday18 March 2016


    Is there a cost? YesfortheStudentsUnion100+VAT

    as they are a charity and separate organisation to the university.


    How do I get involved? For more information and to register your interest please email [email protected] or ring 01752 587729


  • Every year we run a series of Recruitment Fairs for students looking for the chance to:

    Find placement and graduate opportunities

    Meet a wide range of employers

    Explore a variety of career paths

    The Recruitment Fairs are the perfect opportunity for employers to identify talent at an early stage and to support your recruitment needs if you have:

    Placement, internship and graduate opportunities

    Multiple vacancies that recruit from a range of courses


    Over the past recruitment year Babcock International Group has been welcomed by the Careers and Employability Service to partake in many events including FLUX, careers fairs and practice interviews. Partnering in this way has helped us to promote many of our career opportunities to the students of Plymouth University and we have been able to offer nine students a place on our 2015 Graduate Scheme. We find the calibre of graduates from Plymouth to be of high standard and to be very well-rounded individuals. We would like to thank the team for their support and exemplar organisational skills! We would not hesitate to recommend them and Plymouth University to other employers in the area.

    Victoria Large Learning & Development Advisor at Babcock International Group



  • Our recruitment fairs are themed into three distinct areas and are open to all students across the university but are particularly marketed at the following courses:

    Exploring Your Future in Teaching BEd Primary / PGCEs / Cert Eds / Early Childhood Studies / Education Studies / Courses from across the university looking at using their BA / BSc to teach

    300+ students expected

    Exploring Your Future in Business Business Studies / Marketing / Accounting & Finance / Tourism & Hospitality / Shipping & Logistics / Economics / International Business / Events Management / Maritime Business

    500+ students expected

    Exploring Your Future in STEM Computing / Maths / Earth Sciences / Environmental Science / Civil Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Electrical & Electronic Engineering / Ocean Science / Biology / Chemistry / Biomedical Science / Robotics / Geography / Marine Biology

    750+ students expected

    When can I get involved? ExploringYourFutureinTeaching Wednesday28October2015,11001400

    ExploringYourFutureinBusiness Tuesday3November2015,11001400

    ExploringYourFuturein STEM Wednesday4November2015,11001400

    This cost includes: Astandspaceinabusy,centrallocationplus

    stand furniture, power and internet.

    Refreshmentsthroughouttheday;breakfastpastries upon arrival, three lunches per stand plus unlimited tea, coffee, hot chocolate and water.

    OurdedicatedStudentAmbassadorsandtheCareers and Employability Service will be on hand all day to help set up and take down your stands as well as facilitating conversations with students.

    Campuswideandcoursespecificpublicityincluding;asocialmediacampaign,portalannouncements, targeted emails, academic endorsement, an online and printed event brochure, leaflet and poster campaigns, a strong presence on the events calendar

    and endorsement by our student Employability Ambassadors.

    Anadvertintheeventbrochuretohighlightthe courses you would like to meet as well as where students can find out more about your opportunities.

    Post-eventevaluationtoprovideyouwithfeedback from students.

    How do I get involved? For more information and to request our booking form please email [email protected] or ring 01752 587729.

    Is there a cost? 1 Fair 2 Fairs(15% discount for attending 2 fairs)

    3 Fairs(25% discount for attending 3 fairs)

    Charity / Not-for-Profit Private Sector / Union / Association / Professional Body

    75 +VAT 127.50 +VAT 168.75 +VAT

    Local Government 100 +VAT 170 +VAT 225 +VAT

    Private Sector & Other (recruitment agencies, central government departments, executive agencies & non-departmental public bodies)

    300 +VAT 510 +VAT 675 +VAT


  • FLUX is a business competition judged by employer experts. This fast paced simulation game takes place over a full day and enables students to develop their employability skills and commercial awareness using a business scenario.

    Employers get involved as the Experts who meet the student teams in the morning during scheduled business meetings, helping the teams to develop their business plans. In the afternoon students pitch the final business plan to the experts to show how they have incorporated expert feedback and fulfilled the brief.Expertsarerequiredfrom10301800andafullbriefing is given on the morning of the event. This is a great way to meet dynamic and motivated students and assess them in a variety of work related situations.


    When can I get involved? There are four faculty level competitions and faculty finalists go on to compete in the Plymouth University FLUX final to become the Plymouth University FLUX Champions. This team is then entered into the National Competition, which Plymouth has won five times in the past eight years and are the current National Champions! The dates for 2015/2016 are:

    FacultyofScience&EngineeringFLUX Wednesday 21 October 2015

    FacultyofBusinessFLUX Wednesday 25 November 2015

    FacultyofHealth&HumanSciencesFLUX Wednesday 9 December 2015

    FacultyofArts&HumanitiesFLUX Wednesday 27 January 2016

    PlymouthUniversityFLUXFinal Wednesday 24 February 2016

    Is there a cost? There is no charge to be an employer expert.

    If you would like to sponsor one of the FLUX competitions to raise your profile on campus in a targeted and innovative way then we would love to talk to you! As a sponsor you would benefit from anenhancedprofileoncampusthrough;

    Inclusion in all of our press and marketing materials and on the day literature

    Attendingthebriefingthenightbeforetheeventto meet the students and brief them on the scenario you have provided

    Studentsengaginginyourbusinessbydeveloping solutions to your particular business challenge


    Deliveringafiveminutepresentationduring the event final


    Thescenarioforthestudentstobuildabusinessplan around (this should be linked to your organisation and a current area for development)


    Sponsorshipoftheexpertlunchandnetworkingevent which takes place after the final

    Thecashprizeforthefirstandsecondplaceteamsand best presenters. Please ring to discuss the cost oftheprizemoneyforaFacultyFLUXorFLUXFinal

    How do I get involved? For more information and to register your interest please email [email protected] or ring 01752 587729.



    When can I get involved? There are four faculty level competitions and the finalists from these go on to compete in the Plymouth University HotSeat Final to become Plymouth Universitys HotSeat Champion. The dates for 2015/2016 are:

    FacultyofArts&HumanitiesHotSeat Wednesday 11 November 2015

    FacultyofScience&EngineeringHotSeat Wednesday 3 February 2016

    FacultyofHealth&HumanSciencesHotSeat Wednesday 10 February 2016

    FacultyofBusinessHotSeat Wednesday 2 March 2016

    PlymouthUniversityHotSeatFinal Wednesday 16 March 2016

    Is there a cost? There is no charge to be an interviewer for this competition.Interviewersarerequiredfrom09001800.

    If you would like to sponsor one of the HotSeat competitions then we would love to talk to you!

    As a sponsor you would benefit from an enhanced profileoncampusthrough;

    Inclusioninallofourpressandmarketingmaterials and on the day literature


    Deliveringafiveminutepresentationduring the event final

    To sponsor the event you need to provide:

    Afictitiousjobdescriptionforthecandidates to apply to


    Thecashprizesforthefirst,secondandthirdplace candidates. Please ring us to discuss the costoftheprizemoneyforaFacultyHotSeat or HotSeat Final


    How do I get involved? For more information and to register your interest please email [email protected] or ring 01752 587729.

    HotSeat is our interview competition where students submit a covering letter and CV for a fictitious graduate position before being shortlisted and invited to interview. On the day students rotate between interview rooms, sitting short competency based interviews with different employers. The interviews are scored and everyone gathers for the final to share their experience of the competition and for the winner to be announced.

    This is a great chance for students to practice their interview technique, experience different styles of interview, make mistakes in a safe environment and receive valuable feedback from a range of employers. Its a great way for your staff to get recruitment experience and to identify talent at an early stage.


  • Practice interviews and assessment centres provide students with the opportunity to practise, review and develop their interview and assessment centre skills with industry professionals.

    This is a great way for you to meet our students on a 1-to-1 basis and for students to develop confidence in different interview styles and techniques. Your sessions can be broad competency based interviews open to students from across the university or can be industry specific and targeted to certain courses. Employers find this a rewarding experience, with one organisation in 2014 spotting four students who were all offered graduate roles!

    When can I get involved? The prime time for hosting a practice interview or assessment centre session is:

    Monday12OctoberFriday11December2015 Monday1FebruaryFriday18March2016 Monday18AprilFriday13May2016

    Is there a cost? There is no cost as you are providing training for our students.

    How do I get involved? For more information and to register your interest in hosting one of these sessions please email [email protected] or ring 01752 587729.


    EMPLOYER MENTORING PROGRAMMEWhen can I get involved? TheprogrammerunsfromOctoberMarchandwe suggest a one hour meeting per month. This is a very flexible programme, designed to fit around busy mentor and student schedules.

    Is there a cost? There is no cost as you are providing a valuable developmental opportunity for our students.

    How do I get involved? We are always looking for enthusiastic mentors who would like to take part in this mutually beneficial programme. We accept applicants from any job position in any industry and previous mentoring experience is not necessary. Full training is given prior to meeting your student mentee and support is available from University staff along the way.

    If this opportunity would be of interest to you or one of your colleagues, please contact the Mentoring Team by emailing [email protected] or ring 01752 582004.

    The Employer Mentoring Programme works with students who are typically under-represented in higher education to promote diversity in the workplace and to raise aspirations and achievement. We link Plymouth University undergraduates with industry professionals, who will mentor them over a six month period.

    How will I benefit from the Employer Mentoring Programme?Mentoring undergraduate students is a rewarding experience and could be a good CPD activity for your junior/prospective managers. In addition to working with someone who is hoping to gain an insight into your career area, you will have the opportunity to:



    Developundergraduatesinterestinyoursector and your business



    Gainahugeamountofsatisfactionby giving something back


  • I would like to thank you for the service you have provided in helping me find the right person for our vacancy. The applicants were of a high standard and it was difficult to choose between them. Also thanks for providing the interview room, that worked very well with the introductions by your staff.

    Martin Gill Property Search Group

    As well as taking part in events to meet our students face to face, we offer free to use recruitment services for part-time, placement and graduate positions. These are an effective way to promote your vacancies directly to the students you wish to meet and complement the on-campus opportunities such as hiring interview space.


    Graduate Roles pg18

    Work Placements


    Part-Time Jobs with

    Student Jobs pg15

    Rent our Interview

    Space pg19

    Targeted Emails and

    Social Media Advertising



  • If you would like to raise awareness of a particular role or opportunity within your organisation then you can send us your promotional text, images or documents and we can share this with our students:

    Targeted Emails

    If your roles or opportunities are for specific courses then we can reach the students by passing your email to the course academics for distribution amongst their students. You will need to send us your email, ready to send and written for the student audience. We suggest itincludes;informationontherole/opportunity, some interesting information about your organisation, how to apply, the deadline for applications and who to contact for more information. You can include images with this as well.

    Social MediaA great way of reaching students across the university is by posting on our social media pages. We have Twitter and Facebook pages for the Careers and Employability Service with over 2000 followers plus individual profiles for Student Jobs, placements and

    graduate roles. If you would like to promote a job vacancy or another type of opportunity you will need to provide content written for the student audience and ready for posting on the two sites. Images always make a post stand out so please ensure that any images sent to us are compatible with Facebook and Twitter.


    When can I get involved? You can send your request for a social media post or targeted email at any time throughout the year.

    Is there a cost? Graduate vacanciespleasecontacttheGraduateRecruitment Team who can advise on a tailored package for your promotion and recruitment requirements. See page 18 for more information.

    Placement vacanciespleasecontactourPlacements Advisors with details of your vacancy and the team can promote your role(s) free of charge, please see page 16 for more information.

    Part-time / temporary vacanciesTheStudentJobsteam will promote your vacancies free of charge, please see page 15 for further information.

    Other opportunitiesifyouwouldliketopromoteuseful information such as an open day, an article or a competition for example we will happily post these opportunities on our central social media for free.

    How do I get involved? For a job opportunity please contact the relevant team with your information and images ready to post:

    Graduate [email protected]

    Placement [email protected]

    Part-time / temporary vacancies [email protected]

    To post useful information on our central Facebook and Twitter pages please email [email protected] with the content ready to post. If you have a preferred timeframe please include this too.


  • Student Jobs offers a free comprehensive range of recruitment solutions to meet your part-time staffing needs. We have many high calibre students who are looking for temporary, part-time and seasonal work to fit around their studies. Students can be a key flexible resource for employers and although our students study in Plymouth, many are based around Devon and Cornwall and are willing to work closer to home.

    Our service provides: Marketingofyourvacanciesthrough

    a variety of mediums including: our online vacancy system, vacancy boards on campus and through academic partnerships

    Targetedmarketingtorelevantcourses and students for job specific vacancies

    Ashortlistingandscreeningofcandidates on your behalf (useful for smaller recruitment teams or when time is tight)

    Co-ordinationofon-campusinterviews, if required


    We also hold a part-time jobs fair every year in October and this is a great opportunity to promote your part-time or seasonal opportunities. This year the fair will take place on Wednesday 7 October 2015.

    When can I get involved? You can market your opportunities with us throughout the year. To sign up for the fair please get in contact as soon as possible as stands are limited.

    Is there a cost? There is no cost for attendance at the part-time jobs fair or to advertise your part-time, seasonal or temporary vacancies.

    How do I get involved? For more information contact us on [email protected] or 01752 587722 or visit

    Examples of vacancies we have had this year:

    Call Centre Operative


    Promotional Staff

    Retail and Customer Service

    Administrative Work


    Seasonal Staff

    Telephone Survey



    Leisure Centre Workers

    Hospitality and Catering

    Laboratory Assistants

    Events Assistants

    Data Processors

    Health Care Assistants


    Care Workers


    Research Assistants




    SO WHAT IS A PLACEMENT? Simplyputitswhenastudentspendsthethird

    year of their course working for an organisation which has relevance to their degree programme. Depending on the students course the minimum placementlengthvariesbetween2448weeks and this can be easily checked with our Placements Team.

    WHY OFFER A WORK PLACEMENT? Studentscanbringfreshandinnovativeideas

    to your business

    Studentscanprovideyouwithessentialadditionalskills, helping you tackle key business projects

    Astudentcanbringenthusiasmanda new dynamic to your team

    Futuretalentstreamhowaboutbringingthem back on a graduate programme?


  • WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO THE STUDENT? Theworkplacementprovidesthestudentwitha

    great opportunity to gain real-life work experience and invaluable employability skills

    Generallyspeakingithelpsmakethembecomemore employable at the graduate level and while students are putting their learning into practice, youll be benefitting from their talent

    WHAT SUPPORT DOES THE STUDENT REQUIRE? Thestudentwillrequirealinemanagerforthe

    duration of the placement

    Allstudentsareallocatedaplacementtutor from their faculty

    TheUniversityPlacementsTeamisavailableto answer any queries

    When can I get involved? A full placement year is 48 weeks but some degree programmes offer shorter placements. You can advertise your roles with us throughout the year but thekeytimeforrecruitmentisNovemberMarch.The start date for shorter work placements is flexible and for full year placements students need to begin work before September 2016.

    Is there a cost? Apart from the salary you agree with the student, there is no charge for using the University Placement Service.

    How do I get involved? The best way to find out more information is to speak with one of our experienced Placement & Employer Liaison Advisers who can talk you through the process:

    Faculty of Science & Engineering 01752 586007 or [email protected]

    Faculty of Health & Human Sciences

    Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry

    Plymouth Business School 01752 585651 or [email protected]

    School of Tourism & Hospitality 01752 585647 or [email protected]

    Faculty of Arts & Humanities 01752 585647 or [email protected]


  • When can I get involved? You can send us your vacancies at any time of the year.

    Is there a cost? Yespleasecontactustodiscussyourrequirements and we can advise on a tailored package. For information on hiring interview space please refer to page 19.

    How do I get involved?For more information on advertising vacancies or the Santander funding contact us on [email protected] or 01752 587773.

    RECRUITING OUR GRADUATESWe offer a professional recruitment service to employers looking to hire our graduates.

    We can:

    Advertiseyouropportunitiesonouronline jobs board

    Helpandadviseonyourrecruitmentplansincluding the best times to recruit our students



    Identifythosewiththeskillsthatyourequireand organise interviews


    Funding available through Santander Universities:Through our partnership with Santander Universities we may be able to support your business with up to 1500 to part-fund the salary of a graduate intern. Our programme aims to provide SMEs with an injection of fresh new talent not always accessible by firms with limited resources.


  • When can I get involved? We can accommodate your preferred interview date to fit around your recruitment schedule but it is worth remembering that most students will not beinuniversitybetweenJuneSeptember.

    Is there a cost? We advise it is best for the employers to directly contact the students, collate CVs/application forms and schedule the interviews as this gives our students a more realistic employer recruitment experience. If you do this and simply require us to book your interview space and parking then there is no charge.

    If you wish for us to collate the CVs and pass them to you for shortlisting, correspond with the successful candidates and schedule their interviews as well as book your interview space and parking then we can provide this service at a charge of 300 + VAT.

    How do I get involved? For more information please email [email protected] or ring 01752 587729.

    If you would like to interview our students for a placement, internship or graduate role then you can hire our professional interview space and meet all of your candidates from Plymouth University, in one day.




    This publication went to print August 2015. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. However, as our courses and services are regularly reviewed and updated, some details may change.

    The University is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity. If you require this publication in an alternative format, please contact us on +44 (0)1752 58 58 58.

    CONTACT US For general queries regarding engaging students:[email protected] 587729

    For graduate recruitment:[email protected] 587773

    For placement recruitment:[email protected] 586007

    For part-time recruitment:[email protected] 587722

    < f PlymUniEmpt @plymuniemp