augmented reality and augmented reality applications

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  • Augmented Reality

    A world of REAL imagination Created By

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  • What is Augmented Reality?Want to know? Then Press

  • What is AR?

    www.cdnmobilesolutions.comAugmented Reality is the visualization of digital content.

  • Why Should I Use Augmented Reality? To Become a Smart-Human from an ordinary human

  • Where Augmented Reality Can Be Applicable?

  • Augmented Reality in Archaeology Create possibilities for archaeologists to rebuild ruin buildings or landscape as they formerly

  • Augmented Reality in Architecture Enhance the visualization of a constructed building and create local view of the property before the physical building is

  • Augmented Reality in E-Commerce Improves the shopping experience of users. Even allows a customer to view what's inside the product's packaging without opening

  • Augmented Reality in Education Improve the learning capabilities of your child by superimposing text, graphics, audio, and video into a real time

  • Augmented Reality in Emergency Management According to Gerald Baron, famous tech blog writer: Augmented Reality is the emerging technology for Emergency

  • Augmented Reality in Gaming AR permits game lovers to experience digital game play in a real world

  • Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry AR helps product designers experience a product's design and operation before

  • Augmented Reality in Medical AR can be used to let a doctor look inside a patient by combining one source of images such as an X-Ray with

  • Augmented Reality in Beauty With the help of AR you can check the effect of beauty products on your face

  • Augmented Reality in Military With the help of AR helps to show a 3D view of the battlefield and it helps to make battle strategy

  • Future of Augmented Reality?Till 2016: US$ 600 Billions revenue will be generated. Will be 200 Million mobile AR users. Lead generation will increase upto 124% Investment will reach upto US$ 2000. 2.5 Billion apps will be downloaded. 103 million automobiles will adopt AR technology. Will be King of

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