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AUSTRALIAN INDIGENOUS EDUCATION SUPPORT Our aim is to promote, sustain and improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged Australian children, particularly those of Indigenous heritage Pictures, hopefully featuring us with the computers, students who benefit, deliveries etc. 9th February 2014

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Australian Indigenous Education Support. 9th February 2014. Our aim is to promote , sustain and improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged Australian children, particularly those of Indigenous heritage . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Australian Indigenous Education SupportOur aim is to promote, sustain and improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged Australian children, particularly those of Indigenous heritage Pictures, hopefully featuring us with the computers, students who benefit, deliveries etc. 9th February 2014

1Australian Indigenous Education SupportSummary of the computer donation processEstablish demand for computersDonate computersReimage computersTransport computersInstall computersThe AIES liaises regularly with the Northern Territory Department of Education (NT Dep Ed) to establish their unmet computer requirementsRecipient schools are determined according to their indigenous student enrolmentThe AIES approaches university faculties that are replacing computersUniversity faculties complete the paperwork necessary to transfer ownership from the faculty to the AIESNT Dep Ed reimages computers for use in schoolsUniversity programmes and licenses are not used in schoolsThe AIESs logistics partner transports the computers from Melbourne to DarwinThe NT Department of Education collects the computers and transports them to the schools in needThe NT Department of Education has its own software licenses which are used to install educational software on the computersAll installation costs are borne by the Department of Education12345You can help by donating your used computers2Computer-based learning can significantly improve literacy in young children, and can help close the Indigenous education gapCommon Indigenous student learning strengths include imitation, trial and feedback and visual spatial learningComputer learning can effectively leverage these strengthsAustralian Indigenous Education SupportIndigenous student learning strengthsSuitability of computer learningComputer study resultsComputers use colourful graphics, readily forgive mistakes and require little writing, suiting the oral cultural background of many Indigenous studentsComputers are well suited to self-paced learning for remedial teachingIt has been shown that computer based learning significantly improves literacy in young childrenThe NT Department of Education has unmet demand for c.3,000 computers(1)Gap in computer provisionCurrently the National Secondary School Computer Fund does not provide for younger studentsA number of studies have found that interventions targeted at Indigenous students early in schooling can significantly reduce later gaps in literary attainmentEstablish demand for computers1(1)Per discussions with NT Dip Ed Information Technology department3Greater educational attainment can improve the lives of Indigenous Australians along a number of dimensionsAustralian Indigenous Education SupportIndigenous student educational underperformanceImproved educational outcomes can lead to better health, social and economic outcomesHealthIndigenous Australian life expectancy is c.20 years lower than non-Indigenous Australians

SocialThe jailing rate of Indigenous Australians is up to eight times higher than the jailing rate of black males in Apartheid South Africa

EconomicThe employment rate of Indigenous Australians is c.25% lower than non-Indigenous AustraliansThe learning gap equates to c.2 years of schoolingEducation completion ratesPISA test scoresSource: Australian Government statistics; Australian Council for Educational Research

Establish demand for computers14There are a number of procedural requirements that need to be fulfilled before donated computers can be transferred to the AIESAustralian Indigenous Education SupportDonate computers2AIES maintains on going dialogue with faculty IT heads, ensuring AIES is notified when computers are available NT Dep Ed contacts in need schools to determine individual school needsAIES communicates aggregate of individual school needs to IT department

Board meets periodically to discuss among other issues, the donation of computersPotential organisations are tabled and use for each organisation discussedComputers split up to maximise impactAIES signs a letter accepting computers and ancillary equipment3Computers are reformatted prior AIES receiving them Australian Indigenous Education SupportClear computer memories35The AIES transports computers to Darwin through its logistic partner, [Peter Gunns company]Australian Indigenous Education SupportTransport costs1Based on freighting 100 computers using Toll Linehaul and courier services2Centres located in Darwin, Alice Springs, Kathryn and Tenant Creek 12Transport arrangementJourneyBearer of transport costsMelbourne to Darwin (NT Department of Education)Private trucking companyNT Department of Education to schools2NT Department of Education)12The AIES has a relationship with [Peter Gunns company], which frequently transports goods from Melbourne to DarwinLimited funding is raised by the AIES fundraising team to cover additional minor transport costsDelivery mapTransport computers43The Department of Education covers all computer installation costsAustralian Indigenous Education SupportInstall computers5

Darwin Education department headquarters All computers arrive from Melbourne KatherineRegional education centreResponsible for [XXX areas]Hub for computer deliveryAlice SpringsRegional education centreResponsible for Southern Northern Territory Hub for computer deliveryInstallationDelivery mapDarwin IT centralised functions run out of Mitchell centre DarwinComputers reimagedFunctional education programs installedRegional hubs Katherine & Alice SpringsPrepares computers for plug & play at destination schools

Cost of installation & delivery from Darwin are minimal and are borne by NT7Australian Indigenous Education SupportCo-Founders and current charity board members Name and contact detailsBackground informationAndrew Kemp0403 184 205 [email protected] of Melbourne Student (BCom)Treasurer, FMAA 2011-12Intern, Credit SuisseCadet, Ernst & YoungKyle Sutcliffe0434 812 [email protected] of Melbourne Student (BCom)Secretary, FMAA 2011-13Intern, Goldman SachsCadet, Ernst & YoungAndrew Wheeler0410 140 [email protected] of Melbourne Alumnus (BCom Hons)Associate, L.E.K. ConsultingPresident, FMAA 2011-12

Australian Indigenous Education SupportA.B.N: 90 586 993 265