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Avatars and Consort. Quick review. Brahman Abstract concept Neti neti (not this not that) = to Atman- soul of the universe Not same as human soul (jiva) Trimurti Brahma – the creator god- ancient/old, king Not same as Brahman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • QUICK REVIEW Brahman Abstract conceptNeti neti (not this not that)= to Atman- soul of the universeNot same as human soul (jiva)TrimurtiBrahma the creator god- ancient/old, kingNot same as BrahmanVishnu the sustainer god- sits on the coils of the snake god adisesha Shiva the destroyer god, Lord of the dance, LingamMonism- Trimurti= to Brahman

  • DEVIThe three gods of the Trimurti are portrayed as masculine But Hinduism recognizes the female aspects of divinity. The Great Mother aka Devi (meaning goddess) is portrayed in many forms and can be both loving and cruelShe is especially harsh to those who show themselves unworthy of her love.


    The important role of the Divine Feminine is also seen in the female consorts who accompany many male deitiesThe Divine Feminine are so much a part of the male god that the god cannot be active without his consortEach god has a wife aka ShaktiShakti means energies because they allow the male gods to be effective in the human world. However, a gods Shakti is symbolic of the gods creative force.The shakti of a god is literally his other half.Hindu gods are not complete without their shakti, and vice versa.

  • BRAHMA & SARASWATI Saraswati is the consort of BrahmaShe is far more popular than Brahma himself.She is the patron of music, the arts, and cultureShe is often portrayed with a musical instrument in her hand


  • VISHNU & LAKSHMIThe shakti of Vishnu is the goddess LakshmiShe is commonly dressed as a queen and sits on a lotusShe dispenses good luck and protection


  • SHIVA & PARVATIGoddess of love and devotion.Often pictured along side of ShivaParvati is maternal, loving, and voluptuous. Takes the forms of Durga and Kali.

  • Shiva and Parvati

  • THE AVATARS OF VISHNUThere are ten avatars (incarnations) of Vishnu- one is still to appear.They are worshipped as individual deities in their own right.The avatar will arrive in a time when a wrong must be righted.They vary from creature to person.Animal form: a fish, a boar, and a tortoise Siddhartha Gautama aka the BuddhaThe avatar yet to come will be a savior figure on horseback who will judge the human race. Two incarnations (avatars) are wildly popular: Rama and Krishna

  • Matsya - fish

    Kurma - turtle

    Varaha - boar

    Narasimha/ Narasingha Man-lion

    Vamana - dwarfParasurama Rama with an Ax

    Rama - King

    Krishna The all attractive one

    Buddha historical founder of Buddhism Kalki Apocalyptic figure

  • RAMARama and Vishnu are the same. Rama appears in the great epic the Ramayana- stories of RamaOn of the most commonly told stories concerns the abduction of Ramas wife- SitaSita was captured by Ravan (or Ravana) the demon king of Sri Lanka.Rama is a kingRama gains the help of Hanuman, leader of the monkeys to fight RavanHanuman helps Rama in killing Ravan and in locating and returning Sita.


  • HANUMAN MONKEY KINGThe perfect devoteeOften pictured on one knee with his chest opened to reveal Vishnu and Lakshmi. (Rama and Sita)

  • KRISHNA Another incarnation (Avatar) of Vishnu He steals butter and plays the fluteHis face and skin are often blue- the color of the sky and of heaven, indicating his true otherworldly nature.His companion is Radha- whom he is romantically linked in the Hindu mind.



  • DURGAThe Divine Feminine appears as several goddessesThe most populars are Durga and KaliDurga means awe-inspiring or distantThe goddess Durga is frequently represented with ten arms, full of implements used to destroy evil Durgas face is serene, surrounded by a haloShe wears a crownShe rides a tiger which helps her conquer all dangerous obstacles.


  • KALI Kali means darkKali is more fearsome stillShe is often shown wearing a necklace of human skulls, and her fanged teeth drip with bloodHer many arms are full of weapons- which are thought to be dangerous to enemies but protective of her children

  • KALI GODDESS OF DIVINE WRATHGoddess of Divine Wrath.She is the protector of women and girls.Often pictured riding on the body of a demon or her husband, Shiva.Wears a necklace of demon heads and a skirt of demon arms.

  • GANESHA REMOVER OF OBSTACLES AND GOOD FORTUNEEasy to spot because of his elephant head.One tusk.Fat belly.Students pray to this god to help them in their studies

  • GANESHGanesh or ganeshaHe represents harmony, energy and success in overcoming obstaclesHe is the son of Parvati and Shiva

  • Ganesha was created by Paravati to guard her privacy.Shiva came to see her wife, but the boy would not let him in. They fought and Shiva cut his head off.When Paravati found out, she was very upset threatening to destroy the heavens. Shiva saw how much Parvati loved the boy and ordered his men to find a head for the boy.The first creature they encountered was an elephant. They cut his head off to take it to Shiva. Shiva then put on the boys body and gave him life.

  • The word Ganesha is formed by two different words:Gana- meaning follower of Shiva Isha- meaning lordGanesha rides a mouse

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