b2b social media strategy - from silos to scale

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Dell builds social media B2B strategy that drives measurable ROI. For many business owners and decision makers, social media is an enigma. We know now that it's important for our business to be engaged in social, that our customers are embracing social and that social media is forever changing the landscape of how we market to them. However, marketers still struggle to understand the value of the dollars invested in social media. Learn how Dell has integrated social media into our commercial B2B marketing strategy to achieve measurable business results and view best practices on how your organization can do the same. See six lessons learned, as well as two case studies of engaging where customers are and of providing the right content at the right time - with Tech Page One as an example, at http://dell.to/1qFRORn.


  • 1 NA CommercialConfidential Dell - Internal Use - Confidential B2B Social Media Strategy From Silos to Scale Ana Villegas Marketing Director at Dell @anavillegas
  • US MB Marketing Agenda Dell and Social Media Social Media out of the Silo The Question of ROI The Role of Agencies Case Studies Lessons learned Confidential2
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  • North America Commercial MarketingConfidential4 7/15/2014 Social Media out of the Silo Social is just ONE piece of the puzzle, need to plan holistically
  • 5 NA CommercialConfidential Dell - Internal Use - Confidential - Demonstrate value : Measure, measure, measure The ROI question * Collaboration and Social Media @ Work Insights from The Corporate Executive Boards 2011 Summit for IT Leaders Investments in social media is on the rise by ITDMs and CIOs - Reverse engineering the customer journey - Critical to measure: cycle to purchase, leads, pipeline, revenue, margin
  • North America Commercial MarketingConfidential6 7/15/2014 The Role of Agencies Provide real time knowledge , critical to staying innovative for an enterprise company. BUT agencies will never know your business as well as you do
  • North America Commercial MarketingConfidential7 7/15/2014 Case Study| IDG/LinkedIn Program 45% higher vs market average, number of discussions started per member 2X Lead quality vs Dell average 6X Vs market average membership growth 8.25X Vs market average engagements per discussion Develop engaging Dell presence where customers are KPIs Membership, engagement Leads, pipeline, revenue, margin
  • North America Commercial MarketingConfidential8 7/15/2014 Case Study| Tech page one Strong CTV, Reads, engagement Well above industry average Media coverage Social, Content Syndication, News aggregator Tech Page One Strong thought leadership content Pipeline growth +167% exp. Provide right content at the right time Increase visits to dell.com Beyond TPO Connect Thought leadership content to the right audience
  • Global MarketingConfidential9 11/4/2012 Lessons Learned
  • Global Marketing Go where the customer is, dont try creating additional forums/blogs/micro sites/social sites* Confidential10 11/4/2012 * The future of social commerce probably isnt on dell.com
  • Global Marketing Listen to the customer when developing your marketing, forget about your internal organization structure. Confidential11 11/4/2012
  • Global Marketing Demonstrable ROI is the new norm. Confidential12 11/4/2012
  • Global Marketing You need internal Subject Matter Expert Champions (sales, product) sell, sell , sell inside your organization. Confidential13 11/4/2012
  • Global Marketing You need to keep experimenting in order to find the best fit for the customers. Confidential14 11/4/2012
  • Global Marketing Marcom investment needs to include paid digital to amplify and generate reach (this is your new Print/OOH/TV) Confidential15 11/4/2012
  • North America Commercial MarketingConfidential16 7/15/2014 The Future of Social Media for Marketing
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