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J.S. Bach Harpsichord Transcriptions Harpsichord Transcriptions

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  • Harpsichord TranscriptionsJ.S. Bach

  • Why Concerto transcriptions?He was attracted to the rational tonal design and ritornello organization of the concerto that enabled the creation of unified, continuous instrumental movements on a hitherto unprecedented scale, avoiding, on the one hand, the tonal monotony and short-breathed sectionalism of, say, the variation set or the passacaglia, and on the other, the tendency, observable at times in the early toccatas and even the early fugues- toward excessive variety and contrast at the cost of any sense of a compelling underlying unity.-Robert L. Marshall, Eighteenth Century Keyboard Music

  • Bach in WeimarOrganist1708-1717

  • Access to ConcertosJohann Ernst: Prince of Weimar

    Concerto XVI, Arrangement of Prince Johann Ernsts Concerto Op.1 No.4

  • The transcriptionsEmbellishmentIdiomaticVerbatimElaborateviolinharpsichord

  • Summary

    Bach worked as the court organist under Duke of Weimar between 1708-1717Harpsichord concertos dated from 1708 to 1714