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  • Martins Wood Primary School’s school newspaper written exclusively by the pupils Issue 10, July 2020

    By Isobel, Year 6

    A few weeks ago, Year 6 came back to school for the first time in

    around three months. No one really knew what to expect - not even the

    teachers. Saplings went back first, then Year 6 a week later. Then,

    both Year 1 and Reception came back. Only three weeks after Year Six

    came back, the Year Fives were back.

    School feels very different. For example, we have a desk to ourselves

    (loads more space!), we don’t have to change from outdoor to indoor

    shoes, our bags are on the chair next to you, we come in and leave at

    staggered times and we of course have to social distance. Meanwhile

    in the younger years, it is not quite as different because they can play

    with friends.

    If you are still not at school, don’t worry. Eventually, everything will go

    back to normal and you will be able to see all your friends and family

    without social distancing. Even if you are socially distancing, you still

    can have fun with your friends. For example, when Year 6 first came

    back, we found quite a few games we could play. These included:

    Splat, Guess Who’s Missing, Hide & Seek, Try Not To Laugh, Apple Pie

    and you can even play football making sure you social distance and

    don’t touch the ball with your hands. We’ve also played Heads Down

    Thumbs Up where the people at the front of the classroom select the

    people by drawing a line on people’s whiteboards rather than squeez-

    ing their thumbs.

    Also, as I don’t know that much about Reception and Year 1, I’m going

    to ask my sister (Reception) and my cousin (Year 1) about their

    thoughts about going back to school.

    First, I’m going to interview my sister about her views.

    What did it feel like to be back at school and see all of your friends?

    I felt a little nervous at first but after quickly getting used to it, it was

    so much fun and I was so excited to be back.

    What have been your favourite parts of school so far?

    Seeing my friends; eating ice cream and having a water fight.

    How many people were in your class?

    Six children and two teachers.

    What changes have taken place in your class?

    The bin has a lid, the carpet is gone and the class is smaller, which I

    liked because I made new friends and played with new people.

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    By Mathew, Year 4

    On Saturday 11th July, my dad, Simon Jackson, broke the World Rec-

    ord for the Indoor 140.6 miles Ironman Distance Triathlon! He had to

    row 3.86 km on a rowing machine, cycle 180.25 km on an indoor bike

    and the run 42.2 km on a running machine. The previous record was 8

    hours, 24 minutes and 47 seconds. We had to wake up at

    6.00am because we needed to set up for the event. My Dad

    was on 2 radio stations - SG1 Radio and BBC Cambridgeshire.

    During the event I played lots of football with friends, cheered

    and collected money for Garden House Hospice. My dad was

    amazing, excellent and perfect and he broke the GUINNESS

    WORLD RECORD by over 7 minutes with the time of 8 hours 17

    minutes and 12 seconds. He was amazing and me and my sis-

    ter, Rebecca, who is in Year 2, cheered him on the whole way.

  • Lockdown feelings By Sophie, Year 5

    Over the past few months, people across the world have been on

    lockdown because of Coronavirus, or as it is also known, Covid 19. These are strange times and for some kids it can feel scary or over

    whelming. It is never good keeping stuff inside and it always feels lots better after talking to someone about it so I’ve asked some of

    my friends about how they feel about lockdown and here is what

    they’ve said:

    “I’m liking the slower pace but definitely missing seeing my friends

    and family.”

    “I’m missing the routine of my normal life and those off-the-cuff days as now we can’t do so many things but I’m enjoying spending

    more time with my friends and family.”

    “I sometimes lay in bed thinking, when will things become normal

    again? And even when things get better I really just wish I could go

    back in time and wish this had never happened.”

    “I get scared that my family will catch the Coronavirus but I know

    that they will get better soon.”

    “I’m finding it a bit boring but Facetiming my friends and family

    makes it better.”

    Everyone is feeling a bit strange at this time, but we just have to

    remember: we can get through this!

    My experience of Coronavirus

    By Megan, Year 5

    During lockdown, the whole world changed. Children could not go to

    school, parents had to work from home and people became ex-

    tremely ill. It has been a worrying time for everybody. Even though it

    was a strange experience, there has been lots of special moments

    that I will remember. Some of these are playing games with my

    friends online, zoom calling my classmates and having my first

    takeaway after three months (it was yum!).

    I will also remember how brave my Dad was during the lockdown

    going out to work every day and my Mum trying hard to home-

    school me. When we went out to clap every Thursday to support the

    NHS with my neighbours, I felt proud to be part of it. Going out in

    the garden was great because the weather was so nice, allowing

    myself to do lots of things with my family like playing table tennis. I

    felt excited when my friend Grace from my class could finally come

    round in the garden, whilst social distancing, and we had a great

    time. I hope you have some happy memories too.

    By Sophie, Year 5

    Michelle Obama was born on the 17th January 1964 in Chicago.

    Michelle went to Whitney Young High School and graduated in

    1981. She was a good student and was determined to stay out

    of trouble. Then Michelle went to Princeton University where she

    studied law. She achieved a degree from Harvard Law School in

    1988. She met Barack Obama at Sidney Austin, which is a law

    firm, and on the 3rd October 1992 they got married. In 1998,

    they had their first daughter, Malia Ann and in 2001, they had

    their second daughter, Natasha. The family lived on Chicago’s

    South Side even when Barack went on his Presidential Cam-

    paign in 2008. Michelle said that she had made a commitment

    to be away over night only once a week and away on campaign

    two days a week and be back on the second night. Barack be-

    came President on the 20th of January 2008 and Michelle be-

    came the first Black First Lady of the USA. She was the First Lady

    for 8 years and finished serving the White house when Barack

    stopped being President in 2017. Michelle is known for her hard

    work combating racism, feeding hungry children, and being one

    of the best First Ladies ever.

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    What are you looking forward to in the future?

    I can’t wait to have a playdate with my BFF’s and see all my class to-

    gether again.

    Next, I’m going to interview my cousin about her views.

    What did it feel like to be back at school and seeing all of your friends?

    It was great to see my friends because I had missed them a lot. I was

    pleased to see my teachers again, although I miss Mrs Abdul.

    What have been your favourite parts of school so far?

    School is really good and my favourite thing has been watching the

    seeds grow.

    How many people were in your class?

    There are seven people in my class and I go on a Thursday and Friday.

    What changes have taken place in your class?

    The mat in the middle of the class has gone. I have my own desk. I have

    so much fun at school. Sometimes we eat our lunch in the classroom

    and sometimes we have a picnic in the playground.

    What are you looking forward to in the future?

    I’m looking forward to having everyone back at school and when the

    coronavirus has gone away I can hug my friends again.

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse (Movie, 2018, PG) By Daniel, Year 6

    Miles Morales was a regular school teenager until he got bitten by a

    radioactive spider, turning him in to… Spider-Man! The film contains

    several different versions of Spider-Man, each with different powers

    and qualities.

    The beginning of the movie was quite sad but made me want to keep

    watching. The rest of the film is full of top-class action scenes!

    Directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothom, the

    animation of the film was really effective, like when Miles jumps from

    a building and the screen flips to create the effect that he is jumping

    on to the upside down buildings!

    Overall I would give this movie a 10/10 because of the fight scenes

    and the animation.

    Slime (Book, 2020) By Viraj, Year 6

    Slime is a book by David Walliams. It is about a

    boy called Ned who lives in the Isle of Mulch where

    nasty grown-ups live and make children miserable-

    especially him because of his wheelchair. But now

    Ned has a secret weapon that will make all the

    young people stop feeling miserable. It can be a

    dog, or a cat and even a UFO! But can it save the

    day? Find out in this brilliantly mad, fun and hilari-

    ous story.

    BLACKPINK, K-Pop band By Annasia, Year 6

    As some of you may or may not know, K-POP girl group BLACKPINK, have begun

    their new comeback including a magnificent single “How You Like That”. The song

    was produced by YG Entertainment, Interscope Records and of course the queens

    themselves, BLACKPINK. This song premiered on YouTube on the girls’ main chan-

    nel on 26th June, 2020.

    The song uses both Korean and English. On its release day, the song recorded a

    smashing 86.3M views! It also broke 3 world records on its release day. The song

    became the most viewed YouTube video in 24hrs (since BTS’s 2018 single, “Idol”).

    BLACKPINK only release one song a year, so fans (The BLINKS) have been waiting

    a long time for this! For some, it did not meet their expectations. But for most

    BLINKS, they appreciated the work and effort that had gone in to creating the song.

    The music video, outfits, choreography, vocals, rap and overall appearance was just

    fantastic in my opinion!

    Jisoo looked like a WHOLE QUEEN. Her vocals, riffs and notes in the song are per-

    fect! Lisa’s rap brings great diversity to the song too as most of the song is in Eng-


    That’s it for now!

    Become a BLINK!


    LEAGUE IS BACK By Sophie, Year 5

    Yes footie fans, you heard correctly: the biggest football league in Eng-

    land is back! After the outbreak of Coronavirus, most of the football

    leagues across the world came to a stop when lockdown was introduced.

    Some of the minor leagues have stopped completely but after the suc-

    cess of the German league, Bundesliga, the FA (Football Association)

    have allowed the Premier League to continue too. Sadly, the women’s

    Super League has come to an end completely. They started back up

    again on the 17th and 18th of June but they will play in front of no fans.

    There will be Premier League football almost everyday as the FA want

    them to catch up so they would have played as many games as they

    would have if the games hadn’t stopped. So be sure to turn on your TV’s

    and support your favourite team while they battle it out once more.

    The Parent Trap (Movie, 1998, PG) By Honey, Year 6

    The parent trap is a comedy film. Its about two twins who don’t know they’re twins

    and they meet at summer camp and start pulling pranks on each other! When the

    pranks go too far the two children get sent to a cabin with just themselves and

    realise that they are twins. When they go home, they switch places so that one of

    them could see their Mum and one could see their Dad.

    When Mum and Dad try to switch them back, the twins hatch plan to try and get

    their Mum and Dad back together! The twin’s names are Annie James and Hallie

    Parker and both twins were played by Lindsay Lohan and they had to film each

    scene twice to film each twin!

    Night at the Museum: Se-

    cret of the Tomb (Movie,

    2014, PG) By Ellie, Year 6

    Larry Daley, played by Ben Stiller, works as the special effects man

    at the American Museum of Natural History . On the re-opening of

    the Hayden planetarium, which is inside the museum, the exhibits,

    which come alive at night, start acting abnormally due to a magic

    Egyptian tablet. Larry explains to Dr. Mc Phee, who is played by

    Ricky Gervais , says that the magic tablet weakens the exhibits,

    and will eventually make them lifeless. Larry persuades Dr Mcphee

    to let him go to the English Natural History Museum to save the

    exhibits from turning into complete wax.

    I would say this film fits into four genres; comedy because there

    were many hilarious scenes, adventure because they have to com-

    plete a quest to save everyone, family because you could definitely

    watch this with younger children and adults alike, because there

    are no violent or underage scenes in this film and lastly, fantasy

    because the exhibits are not actually alive and are just wax figures.

    I would definitely watch the first two films in the series before

    watching this so that you have a better understanding of the plot.

    This film is one of my favourites and I would thoroughly recom-

    mend it.

    Altogether I would rate this movie 4 stars, out of 5 and I would

    recommend this to ages 6 and up because there aren't any fright-

    ening scenes.

    Throughout the whole film, my eyes were stuck to the screen! The

    movie is fantastic, you should definitely watch it!

    Toy Story 4 (Movie, 2019, U) By Lenny, Year 6

    The saga continues and this could be the last adventure for Woody and the gang!

    I loved the plot and the drama was outstanding. Woody and his friends set off for

    the carnival, in search for their friend, Bo Peep. Along the way, we meet new

    characters who are amazing! I would give this film 4.5 stars out of 5 and I think it

    is the best one yet!

    The film was directed by Josh Cooley and stars the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen

    and Keanu Reeves. The film’s running time is 1hour and 40 minutes.

    The film was very funny. Bravo Pixar, bravo!