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Badass Buddhas BY darshan elena campos Flickr/Triratna_Photos @ darshancampos

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Page 1: Badass Buddhas

Badass BuddhasBY darshan elena campos

Flickr/Triratna_Photos@ darshancampos

Page 2: Badass Buddhas

Buddha was badass.& it wasn’t because he sat on his ass beneath a bodhi tree.

It was because he saw the pain, fear, & rage of his world

& responded with love, peace, & justice.

Flickr/Sonam Banerjee@ darshancampos

Page 3: Badass Buddhas

Buddha número uno was born to this world more than 2600 years ago in what is now Nepal. Buddha número you can be born anywhere.

Flickr/harminder dhesi@ darshancampos

Page 4: Badass Buddhas

Iran, Iraq, Oman, Laos, Cuba, Colombia.China, Chile, Kenya, Tibet, India.

Spain, Sudan, Syria.

Flickr/Phalinn Ooi@ darshancampos

Page 5: Badass Buddhas

France, Algeria, Britain, Norway, Namibia.Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Afghanistan. Mexico, Malawi, Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, the former Yugoslavia.

Flickr/Wonderlane@ darshancampos

Page 6: Badass Buddhas

There be buddhas everywhere.Buddhas on the streets.Buddhas in the sheets.Buddhas behind bars.

Flickr/Leon Yee@ darshancampos

Page 7: Badass Buddhas

Whether we’re Buddhist, Mormon, Hindu, or Jew.Be we Druze, Muslim, Christian, Kanaka Maoli, Lakota, Baha’i, Atheist,

or simply mysterious, we can all be badass buddhas.

Flickr/Benjamin Balázs@ darshancampos

Page 8: Badass Buddhas

What makes a buddha?Seeing the world with our eyes open, peace in our hearts,

& curiosity in our brains. That’s what makes buddhas brilliant & beautiful & hella badass.

Flickr/Alexander Mueller@ darshancampos

Page 9: Badass Buddhas

On our mother planet called Earth, we need to have courage & compassion in the face of violence – & act together to end it.

Flickr/Beverley & Pack@ darshancampos

Page 10: Badass Buddhas

Love is where it’s at. It being peace. Peace being you. Love, peace, & justice being our birthright. Flickr/Hartwig HKD

@ darshancampos

Page 11: Badass Buddhas

Peace crosses borders.In fact, it doesn’t see them.It freely passes through them.

Flickr/Teymur Madjderey@ darshancampos

Page 12: Badass Buddhas

Peace builds bridges.It heals our hearts.It frees our minds.It binds our world.

It makes us all purr.

Flickr/Katie Tegmeyer@ darshancampos

Page 13: Badass Buddhas

Won’t you be a badass buddha too? Our world needs buddha número

YOU! Flickr/m kasahara@ darshancampos

Page 14: Badass Buddhas

a public internet announcement : by :

darshan elena campos, ph.d.

Flickr/Charles Rodstrom@ darshancampos

Page 15: Badass Buddhas

big to all contributors to the creative commons movement ! Flickr/Shutternuts

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