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Badges to Acknowledge Open Practices Andrew Sallans Center for Open Science IASSIST June 2014

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Presented at IASSIST 2014 meeting, Toronto, Canada.


  • Badges to Acknowledge Open Practices Andrew Sallans Center for Open Science IASSIST June 2014
  • Openness is a core value of scientific practice
  • Challenges: Perceived norms Norms Communality Open Sharing Universalism Evaluate research on own merit Disinterestedness Motivated by knowledge and discovery Organized skepticism Consider all new evidence, even against ones prior work Quality Counternorms Secrecy Closed Particularlism Evaluate research by reputation Self-interestedness Treat science as a competition Organized dogmatism Invest career promoting ones own theories, findings Quantity
  • Anderson, Martinson & DeVries, 2007
  • Challenges Perceived norms (Anderson, Martinson & DeVries, 2007) Motivated reasoning (Kunda, 1990) Minimal accountability (Lerner & Tetlock, 1999) I am busy (Everyone)
  • How might this change?
  • Top-down Committees Journal Editors Federal Agencies University administrators Bottom-up Exposing users to good practices Training sessions Workshops Spreading the message through active publishing Going to where the user is now Consultants serving as Shock troops Focus on simple interventions that researchers can actually adopt.
  • How to get a badge... 1. Disclosure --- author provides public statement that theyve met badge criteria 1. Peer Reviewed --- independent review of authors public statement and meeting of criteria
  • What are the criteria? Persistent path to the data, materials, pre registration, etc. Sufficient information for an independent person to reproduce the results Other more specialized items...
  • Who endorses these badges?
  • Which journals are adopting?
  • Going furtherbaking badges
  • What comes next? Improve the badge issuing workflow Refine integration into peer review process Gain adoption of more journals/organizations Measure effect
  • Lastly, this is a community effort... Ben B. Blohowiak | Johanna Cohoon | Lee de-Wit | Eric Eich | Frank J. Farach | Roger Giner-Sorolla | Fred Hasselman | Alex O. Holcombe | Macartan Humphreys | Melissa Lewis | Brian A. Nosek | Jonathan Peirce | Andrew Sallans | Jeffrey R. Spies | Chris Seto | Sara Bowman Note: bold are non-COS
  • Thanks! Find out more and get involved here: Email me: [email protected] Twitter: @asallans