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Banish the trolls Five ways reporters can use online communities.

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Page 1: Banish the trolls

Banish the trollsFive ways reporters can use online communities.

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What is a community?

“Communities are bodies of people loosely joined together by a common interest that exchange information using web tools.”

– Jeremiah Owyang, web strategy guru

Online space/platform created to facilitate interaction of community members (in this case, our readers).

Common platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn Content is targeted to interests of the group. Conversation revolves around the common interest. Group often has a collaborative project or a goal. Key for newspapers: Members contribute most of the content.

Page 3: Banish the trolls is a community for entrepreneurs.

Page 4: Banish the trolls

What is Innovate Clark County?

A page on built in partnership with PubTalk, a bimonthly networking event.

An online gathering place for local entrepreneurs, between PubTalk events.

A local resource for those starting and building companies in Clark County.

A way for The Columbian to increase site participation from the business community.

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Five ways you can use online communities in journalism(It’s a reporting tool and a content platform!)

Page 6: Banish the trolls

1) Develop your beat

Create a resource where many of the people you need to talk to are already in one place. Like an online focus group or advisory panel.

Build trust and credibility by actively listening and responding with questions and comments.

The most engaged community members become valuable sources.

Page 7: Banish the trolls

2) Engage with your readers.

A crowdsourcing tool to ask community members: What should I write about next? What details am I missing? Who should I talk to?

Creates transparency in reporting.

Page 8: Banish the trolls

3) Create valuable content.Builds a repository of

local information for you and your community.

Readers can contribute their own content, bring in new ideas.

Adjust content based on reader interest.

Encourages reader loyalty.

Page 9: Banish the trolls

4) Banish the trolls.

Increase the quality of comments.Community members are encouraged to

use their real names.Contributions further the group’s goals.Members take ownership over content

and police unproductive comments.

Page 10: Banish the trolls

5)Get paid.-Communities create a captive audience for targeted advertising.

-InnovateCC is attractive to service providers such as attorneys and business consultants who want to reach startups and other small businesses.

-A host of metrics are available on site traffic, engagement, etc. as a basis for ad sales.

-May also provide a target for subscription-based services.