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Barron's TOEFL ibt


r'I" ...J I I :1 , ..... I '-2006-2007 12TH EDITION YourBlueprint for TestSuccess Seven fuJHergthmodel tests for the Intemet-8ased Testof ErW;Iishasa fo- Areallof the TOER e IBT tilts the same? UnliketheComputer-BasedTOEFL(CBT),whichpresentedquesllonsbasedonyour responses to previous questions, the iBT Is a linear test. That means that on the same form, all of the test questions arethe same. >- Whyare some o. the Reading andListening 18etlall lal..,., Thetestdevelopersincludeexperimentalquestions'OfeithertheReadingor theListening section 00 most TOEFL forms.Youmust do your best 00 all the questions because you will not know whichquestions are experimental andwhichare testquestions thatwillbe scored.For example, youmay be takingthe iBT withsomeonewho has experimental questions inRead-ing,butyoumay have experimental questions inUstening.For this reason,your friend's test may have alongerReadingsection,andyour test may have a longer USleningsectioo. The experimental questions may be althe beginning, middle,Of endof the section. >- Ma, I choose the orderof the lIetlans anmyTOEFL? Youmaynot choosethe order.Reading,Ustening,Speaking,andWritingaretestedinthat order onthe TOEFL, with a ten-minute bl"eakbetween the listening and Speaking. >- Whatkinds at qlestlans are fa d antheIBT? Most 01 thequestions are multiple choice,butsome questions have specialdirections 00the screen.You will have examples 01the most frequently tested items In Chapter 5 in this book. >- Ma, I take notes? Youare permitted to take notesanduse them to answar the questions on the iBT.Youwillbe givenpaper forthat purpose whenyouenter thetestroom.Yournotes willbe collectedand shredded after the test . >- May I chang. ananswer? On the Usteningsection, youcan changeyour answer by clickingon a new answer. You can change your answer as many times as you wish until you click on the Confirm An. _button. OntheReading section, you can change your answer by clicking on the new answer. You can change your answer as many times as you wish,and you can go back to previous answars on FAOs- FREOUENTL Y ASKED OVESTIONS ABOVT THE TOEFL- IBT15 the same reading passage. When you begin a new reading passage, you may not return to the previous passage to changeanswers. On the Sp&aklng will 00cu&d with a beep to begin and end speakJng.Eyerything thatyou say during therecordingtimewill be submit ted.Youcannotchangeananswer.OntheWritingsection,youcanrelliseyouressaysas much as you wish until the clock indicates that no time is remaining. II you SlJbrnit your essays before time is up, you cannot return to them. The C[)"ROM thaf supplements this book will pr0-vide youwithpractice in choosing and changing answers on the computer screen. ,..H I am not sure of an answer, shouldI gless? IIyouare notsure should guess.Thenumber 01Incorrectanswersisnot subtracted from your score. First. eliminate ali the possibilities that youknow are NOT COfrect. Then, il youare almost SlJre01an anSWef, guess that one. IIyou haveno Idea of thecorrect answer for aQuestion,chooseoneletteranduseit lor your "guess answer" throughoutthe entire examination. The "guess answer" is especially uselullor finishinga section Quickly. ,..Whydosome of the TOEFL tests have addftlonal qll estlons? Some 01 the tests Include Questions that are being lleldtest&d lor use in future TOEFL admln istrations. These tests havemore QuestionS, but your anSWefS to lhe additional fleldlest Ques tions arenot calculated as part of your score. ,..What It I cannot hear the audio for the listening section? You .... iIIrtlC6ive your awn withamiclophone aHachttd.Before the Uslening sec-tion begins. you willhave an opportunity to adjust the volume yourself. Be C8refullo adjust the volume when youare prompted 10do so. II you wait until the lesl begins, youmay nolbe able to adjust It. If there Is aproblem .... ith your headset , raise your hand. and ask thetest SlJpervi SOt to provide youwithanother headset. ,..What can I do If thereis a problem during tbe test? If there is a problem with !heInlernet connection or the pow-er that supplies the computers. and if thetestmustbediscontinued.everyone whois takingthetestatthatsiteisenlitledtoa refund or a Iree test on another date. This does nothappen very olten. ,..What If I have a personal problem during the test? II youbecome IIIor youare being disturbed by the behavior 01another person in the room. tell your testsupervisor Immediately. If you think that your score may be affected by the problem, ask the supervisor toIile anIrregularities Report. ,..Arebreaks scbadlleclduring the TOEfl? Ato-minutebreak is scheduled between the Ustening and theSpeaking sections. beskttel matcrThey wore replaced by othor largor, stronger animalS. They disappeared because they were hunted into extinctioo. a.How was the domesticated horse Introduced in North America? They migrated to find better grasslands than they had inEurope andAsia. ..Retain theoriginalemphasis The emphasis should be thesame in both the original andthesummary. For example, apas-sage about the three different types. ollaaves may include all three types, but ~may dedicate hall of the passage 10 ooe type- palmate leaves.In this case, your summary shoold retain the same emphasis by dedicating hall of thesummary to palmate leaves. PucrICAl.. ST1U.TEGiY Whenyouread,thinkinterms01space.Howmuchspacedoestheauthor devotetoeach point ?Whenyoulisten, thinkinterms01time.HowmuchtimedoesIhespeaker devoteto each point? When you do this, you are determining the emphasis lor each point in the original , and you will know how much emphasis to give to these pointsin your summary. Didyou understand? Try to identify Ihe emphasis for each part01the original and assign per-centages. Then write a summary thaI retains the original emphasis. The answers and example summaries are printed inChapter 7 on pages 526-527. igt b$skyllel matenale SUMMARIZING131 1.1Iud"" The Federal Reserve System, commonly called the Fed, is an indepeodent agency 01the United States govemment charged with overseeing the national banking system. Since1913, theFederal Reserve System has served as the central bank lor the Urited States. TheFed's primary functionisto control monetarypolicyby influencing thecost and availabi lity 01 money and credit through the purchase and saie 01 government securities. II the Federal Reserve pr0-vides too little money,interest rates tend tobe high, borrowing is expeosive, business activity slows down,unemploymentgoesup,andthe danger 01arecessionisaugmented.Onthe otherhand,ifthereistoomlJChmoney,interestratesdecline,andborrowingcanleadto excess demand, pushing up prices and luelinginflation.In addition to oontrollingthemoney supply, the Fad has S&Vef8i other responsibilities. In collaboration with theU.S. Department of the Treasury. theFedputsnewcoinsandpaper currency intocirculationbyissuing themto banks. It also supervises the activities 01member banks abroad and regulates certain aspects 01international finance. TheFederalReserveSystem consistsoftwefvedistrictreservebanksandtheirbranch officesalongwithseveralcommitteesandcouncils.Allnationalcommercialbanksare required by law to be members 01the Fed, and aNdeposit-taking institutions like credit unions are subject to regulation by the Fed regarding the amount of deposited funds that must be hek:l inresefVeandthat,bydefinition,therefore,arenotavailablelorloans.Themostpowerful body is the seven-membef board of governors In Washington, appointed by the President and confirmedbytheSenate.AlthoughitIstNethattheFederalReservedoesnotdependon Congress lor budget allocations, and !herefofe is freefrom!he partisan politics that inlluence mostof the other governmentalbodies,it is still responsible lor frequentreportsto theC0n-gress on the conduct of monetary policies. In many ways, theFederal Reserve is like a foorthbranch of the United States government because it Is composed of national policy makers. However, in practice, the Fed does not stray lrom the linancial policies established by the executive branch 01the government. MaJMPoints The I1Jnctionand responsibilities 01the Fed The composition 01the Fed A comparison of the Fed to a fourth branch 01government 2. 1M,., Uslen to part 01a lecture in a psychology Class.Thenassign a percentage to each 01 the foI lowingpoints fromthe lecture andwrite a summary using thepercentages to determinehow mucfl to write on each point. o ActJvlty 28, CD 2, Track 20 Major POints The level 01sophistication for human memory The memory trace Working memory 132ACADEMIC SKIUS ,..Maintain anobjective point 01,lew Anobjective point of view is a neutral positiOn, A summary is not an analysis or a commentary. A summary does notinvite an opinion. Inyour summary, youshould not agree or disagreewiththeauthor's or Ihe speaker's ideas. Don1 make judgmenlS.Don' acidinformation, When you report , youshouldnot include your opinions or comments. The conclusion should be the author 's or the speaker's conclusiOn, not yours. Did you understand? Try to find theopinions in the summary and delete them. Use the original readingto compare the conlent.Theanswers are printed In Chapter 7 on pages 526-529. 1.""'" Charles Ives,who is now acclaimed as the first greal AmerICan composer ollne twentietn century,had to wail many years lor thepublic recognitionhe deserved. 80m 10music as the son of a bandmaster, Ives played drums in his lather's community band and organat thelocal church. He entered Yale University al twenty \0 study musical oomposition with Horatio Pan 29.What is the discussion mainly about? CDGlobal mar1-- Writea strongconclusion InTOEFL essays, it is not appropriate to apologize for not having written enough, for not hav-ing enough time,or for not usinggood English skills. Anapology will cause you 10lose poinls. tn addition, a good conclusion does not add new information. It does not introduce a new idea. A strong conclusion is more like a summary 01 the Ideas in one last sentence. Summarize themain Idea Avoid apologiesand new topics MIchr,:1yklfrprtp,Hot waler 16.What canweassume abou1photographers in the1800s? CDMost 01them had originally beeo painter.! before they became interested in photography. (I>Portraitphotographerswereinthehighestdemandsincepeoplewantedimagesof their families. >There were only a few photographers who were willing 10 WOf1Get help OIlthe Learning Center Please tum off the audio. There Is a 1G-mlnute break between the Li stening section and the Speaking seclion. 354MORE MOOEL TESTS SPEAKING SECTION n Model Tu t4, Speaking Section, CD 7, Track 1 The Speaking section tests your ability to communicate inEngtish in an academic setting. Dur-ingthetest,youwillbepresentedwithsixspeakingquestions.Thequestionsaskfora response to a single question, a conversation, a talk, Of a lecture. Youmay take notes as you listen, but notes are not graded. Youmay use your notes to answer thequestions. Some 01thequestions ask lor a response toa reading passage and a talk or a lecture. The reading passages and the questions are written, but most of thedirections will be spoken. Yourspeaking willbe evaluated on both the fluency 01thelanguage andthe accuracy 01the content. You will have 15-20 seconds to prepare and 45-60 seconds to respond to each ques-tion.Typically,agoodresponsewillrequireall01theresponsetime,buttheanswerwillbe complete by the end 01the response time. The time for theSpeakingsectionIsabout 20minutes. A clock onthescreenwillshow you how much time yoohave toprepare your 8I1swer and how much time you have torecordIt. )pynghlOOmaierI MOOEL TEST 4ISPEAKING SECTION355 (') Llslen for 8 question aboul a familiar loplc. Question Which cityin the woOd woold you like to visit? Use specifIC reasons and delails to ekplain your choh:e. Preparation llme: 15 seThe laws of motion a>The ongin of water The spirit of the world 13.Why does the student mention evolutionary theory? a:>He is digressing fromthemain topIC. a>He Is trying toembarrass the professor.