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Meet Danielle Cock who's fortunate to get help by The Speakmans' TV show series, about Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy; in an effort to create national #Trichotillomania awareness. Plus HelpMe2Stop is collecting donated ponytails.


  • Autumn 2014


    National TVMy treatment filmed live on



  • I was 17 years old when I discovered by passion ~ Hair Extensions. I quit Nursing School to follow my dreams. Growing up in a big city, New York, unbelievably, there were no salons who wanted to hire me so I had no choice but to start my own business. The birth of the Internet opened many opportunities for me after creating my website.

    Many customers wanted hair extensions but their hair was too weak and thin to support the weight of fashion hair. I had to take hair replacement classes. After advertising my new service, Ive consulted a Trichotillomania customer. The solution I offered was a success that changed her life. Today my longest pull-free client is over 9 years.

    In my industry, I saw how women with cancer received help from health insurance and after inquiring, I found out there was no hair reimbursement for Sufferers of Trich. It was then I decided to start, HelpMe2Stop, a charity that raises money for salon services, especially hair.

    This Summer, I turned 43. And I hope that before, I pass on from this short life and with Gods Blessings, HelpMe2Stop will raise hair money and help many Trichotillomania Sufferers receive their healing hair. Till next season... ~Charlene

    Why a Trichotillomania Charity was Founded by a Non-Trich HairStylistBy Charlene Blacer






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  • Im Danielle Cock, 32 from Cornwall, UK.I'vehad Trich since age 14, It started due to severe bullying at school. Irememberthe first day I pulledso clearly. Sat crying. I tugged my hair, noticed the root and bit it off, feeling angry at it for being the cause of yet another, bad day. I felt a sense of relief, a tiny moment of a high and in control. So i did it again and carried on too pull my hair out for the last 18 years.For a years i thought I was a 'freak', until I found out about Trichotillomania. I was NOT a freak or alone!However, fast forward to 2011,that'sthe yearmy trich became worse and by January this year, i was no longer able to hide it.

    In February, I saw an advert on TV that was going to change my life! It was a new show called "The Speakmans" A show where two well know therapists (Nik and Eva Speakman) were to try and help people with OCD's and phobias, i applied and was lucky enough to be chosen. I knew this was a huge step for me as i'd have to tell the world about my battle but i also wanted to do it to raise awareness for Trich.The Speakmans were loving and warm people. In therapy Nik and Eva made me realise that i hadnt been bullied about my hair since i left school but was STILL pulling it out. So i had in fact become both the bully and the victim! Suddenly the penny dropped and in that moment i didnt want to pull my hair out. Its like they almost reprogrammed my brain, just by talking to me. Then came the bigsurprise, a makeover! A specialistin Hair systems was going to give me one and i didnt have to hide away anymore, i cried! I had no idea what a hair system

    was. I met Dawn Johansen, of Hair Transform, Liverpool and she began the process of attaching it to my head. As the hours went by i watched my thin hair become a mass of stunning, thick curls. I felt "beautiful" and in that moment, the days events had changed me.


    mylife'sbetter than ever, I'm living it to the full, enjoying each day.I feel like me again for the first time in years, and owe that to Nik and Eva Speakman and Dawn

    Johansen!I've not pulled my hair out since seeing the Speakmans 4 months ago and I hope it continues. Trich is a

    battle for all of us, andthere'salways a chance we could relapse but i believe in HOPE now. Hope that we can become "pull free" or "Pull less",so much so I have started my own support group called "TRICHOTILLOMANIA HOPE" I want to raise UK awareness, help, support others and

    promote HOPE for

    Trich sufferers.







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    Danielle Cock with The Speakmans, her mum, dad and son Ethan

    without hairpiece 2014

    Photo: Journeaux (

  • Hair Transform is a family run business which was established fifteen years ago by Dawn Johansen and specialises in hair loss and extension systems.

    We were thrilled when ITV approached us to help with a surprise makeover for Danielle (Dannii) on the Speakmans show.

    This was an unusual but exciting way of helping someone, normally we would carry out a

    consultation and then make the bespoke 'volumising' hairpiece in 'situ' whilst the client is in the salon chair. However, on this occasion and it being a surprise on the day of filming we had to work in secret with ITV, so working from photographs of Dannii and the measurements of her head we were able to create a beautiful new head of hair.

    The hair systems are semi permanently attached allowing clients to lead a normal every day life. Maintenance is required approximately every six weeks and so Dannii and I have been taking it in turns to visit each other to maintain the system.

    Having a 'volumiser' has given Dannii so much

    re-newed confidence and self esteem and it has allowed

    her to start living a more fulfilled life and enjoy time on outings with her son Ethan.A 'volumiser' is an amazing system that is constructed using a mesh base and high quality human hair components to provide a bespoke piece that is suitable for clients with trichotillomania and other forms of hair loss conditions such as alopecia, genetic thinning or loss caused due to chemotherapy, injury or stress.

    Because systems are made individually they can be made to cover just specific areas of concern.

    At Hair Transform we strive to make every client feel welcome and at ease. Private rooms are available in the salon for comfort and privacy.

    I am so pleased to have been able

    to help Dannii and wish to congratulate her on her achievements. I feel privileged to be able to call her my new friend! Liverpool & West Midlands

    Dannii with son Ethan







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    Going to a salon is frightening for many sufferers. Many have never set foot in a salon. HelpMe2Stop encourages salons to put up a window decal year round, like Liverpool and West Midlands based Trich-Friendly Salon, Hair Transform, so onlookers will remember and share the information with their friends. It especially strongly

    recommended for salons located near college campuses and high schools. Decals and posters proudly representing the hashtag #StopPullingHairOutWaitingForACure are free and easy to print. Other salon tools are available on the HelpMe2Stop website. With newest photo sharing capabilities in social media, like Instagram and Pinterest,

    anyone who sees the hashtag will be curious. It will turn on their fighting instinct versus feeling sorry. Many will feel the urge to help. Because it is in our human nature to win together as with any sport teams.


    How To Attract Trichotillomania Clientsto come inside your salonBy Charlene Blacer








  • Creating A Cruelty-Free








    Many hair replacement salons are challenged with installing a hairpiece on Trichotillomania head. Because the hair is short in many areas, they decide to shave the entire head in hopes to start over. This will only upset the Sufferer more and cause more pulling.

    Shaving of the natural hair is common not just with Trichotillomania hair solutions

    but also amongst women with hairloss.

    I personally do not like to shave suffererss natural hair. In these photos, I utilize every single strand of hair, moving it back, forward, sideways and create an internal style-barrier. Once all the hair has been incorporated, I then apply the hairpiece.

  • Barrier Under Hairpiece

    This method will also create a double-barrier for the sufferer, using their internal hair and the addition of the hairpiece.

    HelpMe2Stop endeavors to teach salons the most cruelty-free methods for sufferers. Classes are taught online or in your salon for a donation. To schedule a class, email or text/call 570.HELP.020

  • How HelpMe2Stop StopsFor almost a decade, HelpMe2Stop salons have been helping Sufferers become pull-free. The longest pull-free client, reported, is

  • Trich!over 9 years. HelpMe2Stop provides training to any salon or sufferer interested. For details:

  • Hair loss is devastating, but imagine when it is self-inflicted? The most gratifying aspect of owning a hair salon is helping my clients with

    Trichotillomania. At first, Trich was hard to detect because my clients didn't take ownership of pulling out their hair. Today, through hard work in raising awareness and being featured on many television shows, I feel I have helped bring Trich to the forefront. More importantly, developing hair pieces that not only look natural, but raise my clients self esteem.

    Noelle Salon device a metho