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BEEF CARCASSEvery month, 20,000 tons of Beef and class E Bull % % Males, average weight of 300-350 to 400 average fat content of 18 %of the beef Carcass and Boneless and Bone-in Pieces. Country Of Origin Argentina Brazil Uruguay

On the Topside of Fresh water Brisket I.E Blade Shin Shank Cube Roll Tenderloin Strip loin Chunk Tender Flank Rump Chuck and Blade Cube Roll Rib Eye T - Bone Steak Tender lion Strip lion Tender lion Chunks / Slides Brimming 70/30 Brimming 80/20 Round Cuts Knuckle Mince Bobby Veal Veal Leg various researchers have devoted themselves satay Beef Veal Knucle 95 V.L Veal Carcasses Full Fore Quarters Cheek Meat, Heart, Kidney, and Liver Lung Neck Band / Paddy Wack Natural Green Tripe Cooked Beef Tripe Omasun Beef Tripe Honeycomb without the Tail of the Tongue ( shortcut ) Trading securities Commission processing import and export

FROZEN BEEF AND PARTS DESCRIPTION Frozen beef carcass, whole, > 24 months, in plastic bags wrapped in stockinet, HALAL. SPECIFICATIONS PALLETIZATION Species: Beef Pallet: unpalletized Origin: Nr. of cartons: -- Weight range: 350 - 400 kg Weight per crt: -- Packaging: Stockinet Pallet weight: -- Shelf life: 24 months Storage cond.: -18C

ENCLOSED DOCUMENTS HALAL certificate, health certificate, packing list, invoice






Eye round

Short Ribs

Silver sideTrimming

Chuck tender


Company InformationLive Animals Meat, Skin, Bowel Food and oil products, inc.Tax No: 60060064435Trade Register: 110640005966Address: Puskine 31 / A Kazakhstan / AlmatyCompany Information, Gaziantep, Turkey BranchLive Animals Meat, Skin, Bowel Food and oil products, inc.Address: Gatem 7 Wheat futures. No 4 Martyr Kamil / Gaziantep / Turkey BlocksTax No: 4630496808Commercial Register: 11/37960/37422Phone +77272734973 +903422303799 Fax +903422206252 Internet +908502218290 GSM +77012666846 GSM+905327716295 GSM +905339589265 GSM +905350743799E-posta Skype: hilalcasing1968


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