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    Beneficiary Programme 2017

    InspIre, MotIvate & engage

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    Content aBout us and the courses for good

    Programme ................................................ 1

    access to our accredited

    online courses ......................................... 4

    live training weBinars ......................... 5

    aBout sKill-uP ........................................... 6

    how to Join ................................................. 11

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    inspire, motivate & engage is a global learning provider. we help businesses reach their full potential via our nationally accredited professional skills courses and tutor-led webinars. learn more about us at

    supporting Charities - Courses for good programme 2017

    we believe we have a responsibility to give back for the benefit of the communities in which we live and work. as our business grows, we feel it’s important that our social impact does too.

    this year, we have committed to provide subsidised training to 200 charities and voluntary organisations, via our Courses for Good programme.

    Beneficiaries receive: • access to our range of accredited online courses for only 10% of the course price. instead of

    paying £450+, our charity beneficiaries only pay £45 per course.


    • access to our skill-up webinar training programme that provides weekly online live training seminars, that empower your staff with the tools to work smarter. our beneficiaries pay only 30% of the webinar subscription price.

    Your charity can use the learning opportunities to: 1. enhance your l&d offering

    2. for fundraising purposes

    3. Benefit volunteers or service users

    funds paid by our beneficiaries get reinvested back into the courses for good programme to sustain our efforts to support more social causes in the future.

    about Us

    read our customer reviews on trustpilot

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    ‘a quick note of thanks to let you know how important the training grant is to us. We’ve had a many people joining the webinars already and we now have staff engaged in the formal courses. the training really is excellent!’

    — CEO, Hostelling International

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    The Benefits Available to Your Charity 

    Benefit 1

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    as a beneficiary, your organisation will have full access to our range of accredited online courses. these courses help to increase employee performance, confidence, skills, and motivation at work.

    our courses are nationally accredited and participants receive a certificate with a recognised accreditation for their professional portfolio on completion of their learning.

    Benefit 1

    enHanCe YoUr L&D oFFerIng WItH natIonaLLY aCCreDIteD onLIne CoUrses

    you can use the course places to; up-skill your staff, volunteers, or for fundraising purposes, such as prizes in raffles.

    tHe sUBsIDIseD prICe For YoUr CHarItY

    the charity beneficiary rate is only £45 per course, per person. this is only 10% of the usual price (£450+ per course). to order courses at this rate, please go to P11.

    Management & Leadership (Accredited to Level 3/4)

    Career Coaching (Accredited to Level 4)

    Mini MBA in Peak Performance & Productivity

    You can read some course reviews on the trustpilot website here: IMe reviews.

    there are three courses available to you via the programme:

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    Inspired Solutions– Skill-Up Live Training Webinars

    Benefit 2

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    about skill-Up

    Skill-Up provides weekly online live training seminars that empower your staff to be agile and skilled enough to deal with the day-to-day challenges.

    The weekly sessions help to build a culture of continual professional development and create a sustainable leadership mentality whereby staff come in to do their best.

    Led by experts in the field, the interactive training sessions give your staff direct access to those in the know and provides tools and techniques that staff can put into practice immediately.

    Each session lasts only one hour and takes place online, so it requires no time out of the office, and staff can participate from their computer at home or work, making it great solution for remote workers and office-based staff.

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    Building High Performance Teams

    Non-Verbal Communications Skills

    Appraisals (for the Managers)

    Playing to Your Signature Strengths

    Leading Virtual Teams

    Appraisals (for the Appraisee)

    Listening, Noticing, Asking Great Questions

    Leading Effective Interviews

    Understanding Motivation

    Building High Trust Relationships

    Maximising Your Happiness Advantage

    The Johari Window

    Being More Creative at Work

    The Power of Communications Planning

    Beginners Guide to Conducting a SWOT Analysis

    Building Resilience for the Tough Times

    21st Century Time Management

    What is Selling?

    Dealing With Difficult People - Customers, Stakeholders and Colleagues

    Managing and Writing Email

    Sales Foundations

    Coaching Techniques

    A Beginners’ Guide to Excel

    The Power of Messages

    A Beginners’ Guide to Setting Effective Objectives

    Successful Excel Spreadsheets Why Stories are the Powerhouse of Your Sales Success

    Build Your Assertiveness for Powerful Presenting

    Increase Your Productivity With Outlook

    Please see the second attachment for more information about each webinar, including the learning objectives and outcomes. To watch a recording of one of our previous sessions, please click here

    explore the Live training available By subscribing, your staff will have access to all of the following 31 training sessions:

    5 Crucial Elements That Make up an Effective Pitch

    How to Build a Vibrant Audience to Sell to

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    Leading Virtual Volunteers

    Understanding Corporate Values and Synergy

    Stewarding Your Donors

    Prospecting for Corporate Partnerships

    Networking – Developing Networks

    Budgeting for a Fundraising Strategy

    Prospecting for Major Donors

    Fundraising Strategy

    Developing Diverse Income Streams

    How to Conduct a Fundraising Audit

    Monitoring Income

    We also offer a range of charity-specific webinars for your organisation. these include: 

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    always Fresh, always Interesting We rotate the subjects so there is something new each week, and we introduce new topics regularly so staff will always have access to the latest thinking and approaches.

    The programme is a great option if you wish to establish a culture of continuous learning across your staff force and provide learning opportunities to those who are too busy to take part in lengthier courses.

    94% of participants rated our webinars as very good to excellent

    97% said their performance improved as a result of the training

    Results taken from a survey of 1,651 participants from January 2016-17

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    You will receive access to a private online reports folder, which will show you:

    • Employee engagement levels • Staff feedback • Pre and post-skill audits for each learner participating in a


    These reports help you to track the impact of the training and see the level of skill improvement. We also provide guidance to help you establish the ROI of the training provided to help you demonstrate the value of the training to your executive team.

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    1. Buy a course place(s) at the subsidised beneficiary . Note: this is a one-off payment.

    2. To subscribe to the monthly webinar training programme, we have three subsidised monthly plans available for you to choose from. If you are unsure how many registrations to choose per month, simply refer to the organisation size guideline.

    next Steps

    Once payment has been received for either the course places or the webinar subscription, a member of the team will send you the access details within 24 hours and welcome you as a beneficiary.

    How to Join

    To benefit from our sub

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