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Business Planning Berks County Ag Innovation February 20, 2014

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Marilyn Anthony (Executive Director of Lundale Farm, Inc.)


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Business PlanningBerks County Ag InnovationFebruary 20, 2014

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What is a Business Plan?A description of how an organization: Creates value Delivers value Captures value1. Makes a product or service2. Reaches customers3. Makes a profit

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Who Needs a Business Plan?Entrepreneurs/BeginnersOwners ManagersLandlordsLenders Investors

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What Can a Business Plan Do for Start-ups?Define your workSave your resources Identify potential customersDetermine pricingAttract capitalCreate opportunity

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What Can a Business Plan Do for Existing Businesses Identify new products Identify new customers Improve efficiency/productivity Eliminate or reduce waste Open new possibilities Get ahead of your competition Boost profit

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Traditional Business Plan Components Executive Summary Company Description Market Analysis Organization & Management Structure Service/Product Marketing & Sales Funding Request Financial Projections (3-5 years)

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9 Key Questions for a Model

1 Who are my most important current and potential customers?

2 What value do I create and deliver?

3 How do I reach my customers?

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… Building a Better Model

4 What type of relationship does my

customer want with my business?

5 What values will customers pay for?

6 What are the essential resources my

business requires?

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… Building a Better Model

7 What are the important actions for my success?

8 What partners are necessary to my business?

9 What are the key costs of my business?

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Same Questions Different Answers

Roadside Stand Pastured Poultry

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Same Questions Different Answers

Vegetable CSA Grass-fed Beef

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Who Provides the Answers?

o Business operatoro Managerso Staffo Family memberso Existing customerso Potential customerso Competitor researcho Industry analysis

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Design Process





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Prep, Gather, Build

• What the process can look like

• Allow time• Set the scene• Call it what it is:

Planning Retreat

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“Old School” Print Resources

Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur

Fearless Farm Finances by MOSES (Midwest Organic & Sustainable Educations Services

The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook by Richard Wiswall

Raising Dough by Elizabeth U

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Online Sources for Assistance

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“Your business model is NOT your business. It’s a method of inquiry to help you understand what to do next.” Matthew Milan

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Today’s Free Take-aways

“If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.”

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”