beyond instagram and pinterest - ten visual networks that should be on your radar

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Post on 10-Aug-2014



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We've all now heard of Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. What is the next wave of visual social networks that should be on your radar?


  • The next wave - ten visual social networks that should be on your radar
  • I like stats I like iphoneography (my blog - (though I dont claim to be good at it)About me - @dirktherabbit
  • Why image-led socialnetworks matter Digital camera sales are down 29% over the past five years (Mintel) Camcorder sales are down 21% Smartphones are increasingly the camera of choice - smartphone users are also increasingly online with making calls only the seventh most popular activity (02) At 56 million users, Instagram is the worlds largest international mobile social network 31 billion photos are taken a month, six billion end up on Facebook (Nokia) Kicki Holmen
  • Pinterest - only Google Tumblr - The worlds Instagram - grew fromorganic searches, Facebook most popular blogging 10 to 50+ million in a drive more referral traffic platform yearWe all know about
  • catturner.jux.comSo whats the next tier?
  • The next tier of visual social networks -broadly grouped intoPhoto-sharing sitesVideo sharing sitesStory telling sites and platforms
  • Jux Tadaa EyeEm 500px Cowbird Storywheel Picle Socialcam / Viddy Cinemagram SnapguideTen to look out forThis is a subjective list of ten that caught our eye at Rabbit - but they arerepresentative of the different types of visual social networks
  • Check out this user: - A highly visual alternative to TumblrWe like: It looks fantastic, easy to use, built in social sharing
  • Check out this user: - High-end mobile (iOS) photo-sharing networkWe like: High quality content, excellent in-app editing features
  • Check out this user: - Mobile photo sharing networkWe like: Interesting features, nice to use app. Extends to Windows, Android, iOS
  • Check out this user: - A high end FlickrWe like: The amazing images, recent investments such as bringing in arecommendation engine
  • Check out this story:!/32692Cowbird - An invite only story-telling appWe like: The way it combines the written word, visuals, audio. Therange of stories on site
  • Picle - Add 10 secs of sound to your imagesWe like: A simple idea that adds a story-telling layer on top of yourphotos
  • Storywheel - Narrated photo slide showsWe like: Like the modern equivalent of a 70s or 80s old schoolslide show
  • and Viddy - The Instagrams of mobile videoWe like: A concept that has already gained critical mass, a natural extension of onlinevideo and an alternative to always defaulting campaigns to YouTube
  • Cinemagram - Animated photosWe like: The way its been turned into an art form, how users are interpreting quite a simple idea -the animated gif
  • Snapguide - Photo how to guidesWe like: Guides range from the quirky to genuinely useful under topics ranging from food to DIY
  • Or find me at: http://greenwicholympicdiary.jux.comThank you - Tweet me @dirktherabbit