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Victoria Sanchez and Mary Madigan share the story of how and why the Milwaukee Public Library have shifted the focus of their Summer Library Program to outside the library, positioning the library staff as literacy leaders in the community.



2. MARY MADIGAN & VICTORIA SANCHEZ LIBRARY EDUCATION SPECIALISTS 3. AGENDA: Overview of Milwaukee Public Library Philosophy of Youth Services Scope of Outreach Services Child care summer outreach School age summer outreach Questions/answers 4. READ LEARN CONNECT ~MILWAUKEE PUBLIC LIBRARY MISSION STATEMENT 5. CREATING A CITY OF READERSLOOKING AT READING THROUGH THE LENS OF A CHILDGoal: Create a culture of reading in the life of a child. 6. Institute for Research on Poverty 7. LOOKING AT READING THROUGH THE LENS OF A CHILD What does it look like: reading material adult models conversations and reading out loud library cards 8. HOME:Opportunities: Classes Lunch and Learn Introducing performers At sign-up Booklists Story Time/ Play & Learn Adult education 9. LOOKING AT READING THROUGH THE LENS OF A CHILD What does it look like? Regular user Feeling of belonging Know how to navigate Support of reading and the library 10. COMMUNITY: Opportunities: Partners promote library events Medical clinics Restaurants Church bulletins Partners provide programs at the library Artists Theater groups Unique groups Library spaces have a customer focus Inviting Easy to navigate 11. LOOKING AT READING THROUGH THE LENS OF A CHILD What does it look like? They have access to books and someone reads to them daily They see library staff visit Library posters are displayed They participate in library card drives 12. CHILD CARE, SCHOOL AND SUMMER CARE: Opportunities: Visits to child cares and schools Class visits to the library including story time Library card campaigns Booklists 13. READ LEARN CONNECT EDUCATION & OUTREACH SERVICES 14. BIRTH TO FIVE OUTREACH SERVICES Books2Go & Ready to ReadDeposit CollectionsMonthly delivery and pick up of booksReady to Read graduates.Special Books2Go library card for child care centers.Continuing education workshops for providers.Play and Learn for families.Early literacy experts model outreach story times at child care centers. 15. SCHOOL AGE OUTREACH SERVICES Deposit collections to youth serving agencies Outreach events/family literacy events After school reading clubs (new in 2012-2013) Library card drives 16. SERVICES FOR SENIORS Van service/remote library Deposit collections to nursing homes 17. SUMMER READING. 18. READ LEARN CONNECTSUMMER READING OUTREACH 19. SUMMER LEARNING LOSS Which is especially devastating for children from low income households. 20. CHILD CARE SRP OUTREACH GOALS Children: Love books, reading, and being read to Seek out books as an enjoyable activity. Excited about Library story times at their centers. 21. CHILD CARE SRP OUTREACH GOALS Child Care Providers: Read to class daily Reading with their class is a FUN event Model for providers how to conduct an enriching story time 22. CHILD CARE SUMMER READING OUTREACH Story time outreach to 80 child care classrooms/ about 1000 children ages 2-5 years. Enroll the other infant and toddler classrooms while we are there. Track time spent reading aloud and/or singing to children 0-5. Teachers earn books for their classroom libraries. 23. ACTIVITIES DURING VISIT 24. FOCUS:PRINT MOTIVATION 25. A GIFT FROM MPL 26. SURVEYSADMINISTERED AT LAST STORY TIME 27. THE RESULTS: Based on participant responses: 50% understand what Print Motivation is. 68% understand how to build Print Motivation in their students. 28. INTERPRETING RESULTS BEYOND THE NUMBERS We changed attitudes and behaviors! ~I will follow the steps that Ms. Anna took when she was getting ready to read to the children and while she was reading. The children were so happy to see her and from all of us at (child care name), we would like to say Thank you Ms. Anna.~The first thing Im going to do is make a reading area in my class. Its going to have chairs, a book shelf and puppets to go along with the books. Also Im going to make sure theyre kid friendly.When asked to list ways to develop Print Motivation, one provider wrote: Involve the children during story time Encourage the older children to read to this group Ask the children to tell me what they learned from the story Ask the children to tell me what the story was about 29. COMMITMENT TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Print Motivation still the key Child Care providers appreciate the outside connection! Story Time props and extension ideas-VERY useful to the providers Staff saw need to go WEEKLY 30. SCHOOL AGE SRP OUTREACH GOALS Children will have: Time to read and highly motivating, age-appropriate reading material. A desire to read. Knowledge about the library and SRP. Understanding of the importance of summer reading . 31. SCHOOL AGE SUMMER READING OUTREACH Children ages 6-12Majority of cost to attend is subsidized through W-2Enrolled in 4-8 week summer enrichment programs run by: Community Learning Centers (CLC) in collaboration with Milwaukee Public Schools MPS Recreation camps Community-based programs such as Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCA Milwaukee Choice and/or private schools 32. HISTORY OF SCHOOL AGE SRP OUTREACH Started in 2002. Was a means to grow SRP participation. Reach children who would not otherwise have access to the library and/or reading material during the summer. 33. MPLS SCHOOL AGE SRP OUTREACH MODEL Visits: Time with studentsBuild relationships with sitesModel readingAccountabilityIncentives: Reflect the goal of supporting reading Help students build background needed for future learning 34. ACTIVITIES DURING VISITS Carry a message about reading Read alouds Connect to library Book talks Readers Theater Games with a book focusSpeed Book Dating 35. OTHER SRP OUTREACH SERVICES Deposit collectionsLibrary card drivesMPL checks out and delivers a collection of high interest paperback books based on a profile completed by the sites.MPL works with select sites to get library cards for the students. Applications are distributed by the sites and cards are presented at the site during the final visit. 36. SURVEYS/EVALUATION 37. 2013 SCHOOL AGE SUMMER READING OUTREACH FAST FACTS: 81 sites joined the library for the SRP School Age Outreach 5,708 school age children participated 83.3% of children read 4 or more books 44,937 books were ready by children at the outreach sitesRESOURCES FOR SITES: Books! 36 sites received a deposit collection (Tub of Books) 4,318 library books were delivered throughout the course of the summer 34 of 36 sites with deposit collections had completion rates of 80% or higher Professional assistance! All sites received a resource binder with in-depth descriptions of an ideal reading climate, useful literacy practices, graded booklists, and a quick-reference guide with tips to incorporate reading throughout the day. All sites received a Book Bundlea collection of 10 age-appropriate, high interest books including guides to encourage staff to read aloud to children. MPL trained 160 staff members from various sites in how to use the Book Bundles and shared strategies for reading aloud with children. NEW in 2012continued in 2013: All children received a free book at the end of the summer. 4,352 books were given to children to help them build their home library. 38. INTERPRETING RESULTS BEYOND THE NUMBERS "The Super Reader program motivated students to read every day. ~staff member at Camp FernwoodHow thrilled they were to get their books and popcorn. As soon as they selected their books, they automatically sat back down at the tables, munched popcorn and read! After 15 minutes, the teachers said it was time to stop and the kids moaned. ~2013 School Age SRP Outreach consultantWhat did you like most about being a Super Reader? The Library people. ~response to question on student survey 39. COMMITMENT TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Weekly visits Smaller groups are more educationally sound Scheduling will be easier Book bundles Make sure site staff has high quality read alouds to share with children Staff training MPL will continue to train the staff at the summer sites so that they: Understand why summer reading is so important Gain confidence in reading aloud to children Teach how to use Book Bundle books Know how match to books to childrens interests 2012 Reading Lounge Project Intensive outreach model piloted through LSTA Grant MPL staff at summer sites 4 days a week Created reading areas at sites Facilitated how to read to children and match books to childrens interests 40. SUMMER READING OUTREACH IS A YEAR ROUND EFFORT Work to maintain year-round contact with most sites Deposit collections Library card drives After School Reading Clubs Using the concept of the Reading Lounges 41. LESSONS WEVE LEARNED. Understand your community & build relationships in the community. Share your message with your stakeholders. Have a presence year after yearit makes a difference. Public libraries ARE literacy leaders in the community. 42. Annie E Casey Foundation- click on Kids Count Data CenterRESOURCES of Prevention: the First Five Years and You Change Everything videoSix Skills for Early Literacy video: Summer Learning Association: Learning Loss Video: Book:Igniting a Passion for Reading by Steven LayneMPL 2013 School Age SRP Outreach: animoto video 43. QUESTIONS 44. CONTACT INFORMATION Mary Madigan Early Literacy Education Specialist [email protected] 414.286.8420 Victoria Sanchez School Age Education Specialist [email protected] 414.286.3904

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