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  • Beyond the Webinar: Virtual Career Workshops

  • Hello!I am

    Nicolle Merrill

    I am here because I love international students and giving


    You can find me at:


  • A Quick Overview

    Mini-case on building virtual workshops Post-it parking lot discussion DIY Virtual Workshops Framework


  • Talking about innovation is kind of annoying.


  • Hello, Post-It Notes

  • Post-it Parking LotWhat is your favorite job-related idea from this past year?

    If you could teach international students one thing before they arrived what would it be?

  • A Challenge

    All good career office stories start this way.

  • One-year program 63 students 25-40 years old 2-15 years work

    experience Post-MBA and

    concurrent MBA students

    30+ countries

    Master of Advanced Management

  • MAM Timeline

    Mid-AugustArrival and Orientation

    September Applications





  • MAM students arrived on campus unprepared

    resulting in frustration and distrust.

  • I didnt know. Nobody told us that.

  • Reflect

    What isnt working?

  • AskStudents for feedback

    ExamineStudent communication tools

    UnderstandStudent experience


  • Millennials expect interactive virtual experiences

    Two-way Visual cues Chat enabled Seamless

  • Innovate

    Also known as change, hope, guess, experiment, play

  • Reevaluate


    Learning objectives

    Communication style and tools

  • All the ideas in one giant plan


    Employer expectations

    OCR vs. Self-directed search

    American-style Networking

    Fall timeline Cultural

    challenges Visa limitations

    Learning Objectives Use LinkedIn to

    research companies in two target countries and build a 50-company strong target list

    Understand the visa process and limitations

    Build a Yale SOM resume before arrival

    Communication Style and Tools Flipped classroom Experiential

    learning MOOCs

  • Zoom Video Conferencing

    Mobile friendly Seamless sign on Chat enabled Two way video

  • A 2 month virtual career workshop series using

    updated technology, with a focus on active learning with purposeful interactivity.

  • Deliver

    Nothing ever goes as planned.

  • Many moving parts

  • Setting the tone and logistics

  • Discussing company research assignment

  • Dealing with surprises

  • Results

    Students wanted more. We learned a lot.

  • 4 SessionsAcross June and July

    1,000%*Increase in email volume

    40%Overall participation rate

    *dramatization but it felt like it.

  • UnexpectedResults

    Student engagement before sessions

    Continuous Q&A 300+ company

    interest list Community building:

    Everyones favorite music video

    63 new relationships

  • The MAM job search session prepared us for the self-directed search, which I think is a key approach to recruiting.

  • Actually knowing every aspect of what to do or what not to do when approaching an employer gave me a glimpse on how to communicate with employers and what aspects they take into account.

  • Everything around how to get a visa in the US was very helpful.

  • I believe in at least 3 one-on-one sessions prior to us going here, to ramp up our efforts with the pace of the 2nd year MBA's. The context-specific consultation sessions really helped a lot in correcting my resume and aligning my professional goals.

  • Provide more job information in advance and let them know how important it is.

  • Give some articles related to the main topic of the session. So as to ask more questions

  • Learnings

    Virtual presenting is a skill. Content shifts depending on student interest and

    questions. Assignments work but students dont read

    everything. Nothing goes as planned but keep going anyway. Time zones are tricky. Dont make sessions

    mandatory. Theres value in just answering questions.

  • Key Takeaways


    Dont be afraid to ask your team what isnt working? Then ask why.


    Virtual presentations take energy, enthusiasm and practice.


    Dont go at this alone. Create a team of enthusiastic, motivated people.


    Take what isnt working and change it. Use feedback to improve. Experiment again.

  • Your thoughts?

  • Your Turn

    What would you like to teach students before they arrive on your campus?

    What are you doing to engage students before they arrive? What is working? What isnt working?

  • Build Your Own Virtual Workshops

    Identify the need

    Design the structure

    Select the technology


  • Identify the need

    Review and reflect on past activities: What worked and why? Host a team reflection session: What isnt working? Ask current international students: What do you need? What would

    help you? Identify and create dedicated team of motivated workshop produce

    Design the structure

    Set learning objectives Outline your content Identify materials to support learning objectives (videos, infographics,

    tutorials) Get feedback

    Select technology


    Evaluate options based on audience size, cost (Google Hangouts,, Zoom)

    Show your face and embrace chat Accept that technological mishaps may happen Get outside your comfort zone

    Deliver content in person to team first Practice and record a virtual mini-session using platform with team

    members Practice using chat and advancing slides while staying engaged Revise energy level, tone, and delivery accordingly after recording


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    k 8

    Build Your Own Virtual Career Workshops

  • Thanks!ANY


    You can find me at:@pdxnicolle

    [email protected]