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BFI Research By George Daly

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BFI Research

BFI ResearchBy George Daly

Opening Sequence Analysis of Bullet Boy (2004)

This 180 degree shot shows the man in prison having a conservation with the prison wards. This shot gives the audience an understanding that the film is a crime thriller through the setting as it is a prison.

This shot presents the close relationship between the two brothers through the use of body language. The use of body language helps the audience understand the love and the intensity of their relationship together

This mid-shot also helps give another indication to the audience on what the film through the clothing of the characters. For example, the characters are wearing youthful clothing i.e.: tracksuit, school uniform, chains etc, this shows that the film is about a younger generation.

Opening Sequence Analysis of Peeping Tom

In the beginning of this opening sequence, there is a extreme shot of an eye, which builds tension and suspense for the audience. The use of this shot also engages the audience encouraging them to watch the rest of the film due to the mystery and anonymity caused by the shot.

This shot provides the audience with an understanding of the character via her choice of clothing. The wearing of a fur coat and gold earrings suggest glamour and beauty which gives the audience a sense and idea about her personality and how she is presented in the film.

Opening sequence analysis of The 39 Steps (1935)

The use of Black White adds suspense and mystery within the atmosphere. The use of dark colours and imagery to present the opening sequence make it seem gloomy and tense.

The choice of costume being a tuxedo, give the audience the impression that the character has status or power as tuxedo are often related to that type of idea.

The mid-shot of the characters feet suggest suspense and tension due to there being an undisclosed impression by the audience in terms of knowing who the character is.

Opening Sequence Analysis of The Arbor (2010)In the beginning of this opening sequence, typography is used across the screen. This technique suggests mystery as well as something unpredictable might happen.The use of editing creates the impression that the film is set in a particular decade/time period in this case the 1960s and 1970s. This editing technique is effective as it makes the opening sequence and film as a whole, more surreal and realistic for the audience.

Evaluation Analysing these opening sequences, has meant I can educate and understand different techniques used myself, and therefore in the future I can use them in my own opening sequence

From watching and analysing these opening sequences, I have learnt that it is important to use a range of camera angles as it is very affective for the audience and for the opening sequence itself