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Times of Oman and Al Shabiba in a new International design done by Dr. Mario Garcia


  • 1. Hopes make dreams possible!
    • - William Gilbert discoveredELECTRICITY
  • - Alexander Graham BellinventedTELEPHONE
  • - Konrad Zuse built the first freely programmable COMPUTER
  • - Nicolas Joseph Cugnot built the first AUTOMOBILE a steam
  • powered tricycle

They gave us a new way of life!

  • 1550
  • 1875
  • 1936
  • 1770

2. Success is not an end. Its a new beginning! First phones Landline Early MobileHandsets New generation mobiles 3. Change in Technology gives us the best! First computer Old Desktops New Desktops Latest Desktops 4. Products Evolve to make our life easier! First car CarNew cars Latest Car Models 5. Excitement continues as new models get launched! Mobiles of newgenerationLatest Laptops Next generation cars IPADs Keeping up with trends even we are changing! 6. theBIGmakeover 7. Muscat Press and Publishing House

  • 2010is a landmark year for MPPH as well as Oman.
  • Times of Oman is35 years YoungandAl-Shabiba is on the verge of completing20 yearsin June 2010.
  • Yes expect the UNEXPECTED! April 4, 2010 was the day when our readers, advertisers and associates got to see the results of our Innovative thoughts.

8. the BIG makeover

  • Muscat Press and Publishing House has a reputation of an innovativeand a multi-platform media company. We are the only media company in Oman which has our newspaper edition available in print, online, WAP and I phone application.
  • Times of Oman and Al Shabiba on April 4, 2010 will be the first newspaper in entirely a new size. Ours will also be the first newspaper inOman with separate Sections for ease of navigation.
  • We continuously strive to make positive changes in our newspaper and as a part of product improvement we have reviewed our contents, design and lay-out in last 2 years.
  • As a market leader we have always thought of what our readers want. Several focus groups have recently told us consumers prefer a newspaper which is easier to handle and more portable.
  • Keeping our readers in mind we are launching Times of Oman and Al Shabiba with several new compelling enhancements along with conversion in size. Our newspaper in new size will be surely EASY to manage and convenient to read as well.
  • More pages & better content - will make our readers spend more time with our newspapers.

9. Customer Delight! Beyond Satisfaction

  • In todays economy everyone is looking for effective marketing solutions that drive results for your business and we can help you find them.
  • We understand your GOALS and NEEDS for creative marketing Solutions
  • CREATING & STRENTHENING BRANDS - We promise to offer a stronger, better and effective medium to HELP YOU meet your goals.
  • INNOVATIONS Yes we will support your new ideas and make your BRANDS UNIQUE.
  • CLUTTER We will make sure your advertisements get maximum response through neat lay-out and less cluttered pages.

CustomerSatisfaction Quality Value Service 10. New look with more pages

  • Times of Oman (44 pages)
  • A Section : International news and opinion (12 pgs)
  • B Section : Today in Oman (8 pgs)
  • C Section : Sports & Business, Extra (lifestyle) (16 pgs)
  • D Section : Connect (8 pgs)

Before New 11. also in a new form with more pages

  • Al Shabiba (44 pages)
  • A Section Oman news (16 pgs)
  • B Section Business(16 pgs)
  • C Section Sports(12 pgs)
  • D Section Extra (Lifestyle) (8 pgs)

12. Key points of theredesign

  • Typographicscheme:
  • Text: Sentinel Lead headlines on each page: Sentinel Secondary headlines: Vitesse Accents: Tungsten (All fonts from Hoefler & )
  • New page size:29 cm (w)x 53 cm (h)
  • Navigation:Each section front navigates readers to inside content, and always aThree not to missbox appears aswell.
  • Color on every page:With a new printing press, the Times of Oman, and Al Shabiba, can now print color capability on all pages. The printing machine isCity Line Express/ Made inIndia.

13. Innovations! Always Yes ! 14. Innovations! Always Yes ! 15. Creativity in the Classifieds Twister.A motorbike phenomenon within your reach. 16. Flexibility beyond limits At this time of the year, even the day by day kindnesses reminds us of Christmas. 17. Thank you!