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  • 1. 20.5 Funguslike Protists

2. Cellular Slime Mold
Slime mold whose individual cells remain separated during every phase of the molds life cycle.
3. Acellular Slime Mold
Slime mold that passes through a stage in which its cells fuse to form large cells with many nuclei.
4. Fruiting Body
Slender reproductive structure that produces spores and is found in some funguslike protists; reproductive structure of fungus that develops from a mycelium.
5. Plasmodium
Structure with many nuclei formed by acellular slime molds.
6. Hypha
Tiny filament that makes up a multicellular fungus or a water mold.
7. Zoosporangium
Spore case.
8. Antheridium
Male reproductive structure in some algae and plants.
9. Oogonium
Specialized structure formed by hyphae that produces female nuclei.
10. Key Concept
Like fungi, the funguslike protists are heterotrophs that absorb nutrients from dead or decaying organic matter. But unlike most true fungi, funguslike protists have centrioles. They also lack the chitin cell walls of true fungi.
11. Key Concept
Oomycetes thrive on dead or decaying organic matter in water and some are plant parasites on land.