blade runner: context

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Blade Runner: Context Compiled by Tanya Appleby ( AIS Conference Notes Stapleton & Kruse (2008), Sydney University

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Compiled by Tanya Appleby ( AIS Conference Notes Stapleton & Kruse (2008), Sydney University. Blade Runner: Context. Origins & Context. Based on Philip K Dick’s (1968) Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Vietnam War: brutalisation & desensitization of humanity 3 Raising questions: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Blade Runner: Context

Blade Runner: Context

Compiled by Tanya Appleby ( AIS Conference Notes Stapleton & Kruse (2008), Sydney UniversityOrigins & ContextBased on Philip K Dicks (1968) Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Vietnam War: brutalisation & desensitization of humanity 3 Raising questions:What is it to be human?What is it that separates humans from machines?Does love and compassion make us human & humane

Dick, P.K. (1968)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?The text presents the following themes:ParanoiaAlienationMans emotional sterility & inhumanityMisuse of earths resources & ecological issuesIn Summary: Rep. Earth as hellish with manifestations of St Elmos fire andPost-holocaust dystopiaSt. Elmos FireWHAT IS IT?St Elmos Fire is a bright blue or violet glow that appears from masts, spires or sharp pointed structures. It often has a distinct glow and a buzzing or hissing soundWhat does it look like?

Some ideas in Blade RunnerMoral philosophical & sociological concerns in the context of a fictional futuristic environmentThe isolation and alienation of the environment of 2019 ( although it transcends any time period)Cautionary tale of the post-modern worldHuman Vs machine intelligence

Contextual References to DescartesRene Descartes (1596-1650) Father of Modern PhilosophyHis principle: Thought exists. Thought can not be separated from me, therefore, I exist.cogito ergo sum: I think therefore I amLead to the possibility of machine intelligence

Influences: Film NoirFrench: Black FilmHas origins in 1940/50s when Americans were disillusioned with the world and the societyRepresents a general feeling of despair

Blade Runner & Film NoirScenes are dark, murky and reflect corruption & disillusionmentDark lighting that can obscure the action & deglamourise the heroStrong use of shadow and other dim lighting; overuse of oblique and vertical lines as opposed to horizontal lines to create claustrophobiaUnnatural shadows to illuminate interiorsUse of high angle/low angle shots to disorientate the viewer and create a feeling of isolation and alienation/detachment Action takes place at night or in the rain, blinds are pulled down. Indoor lighting subduedFilm Noir contCharacterisation:Often presented as corrupt or immerses in a seedy world or harsh criminal worldThe hero is often disillusioned with life. May be rep. as a loner, world weary hero, cast in shadows and fatalistic Often a femme fatale who threatens the heroes mission as he becomes involved with her- This often puts him on moral damger or in a dilemma ( Rachael)

StructureThe structure:The hero is usually given a mission but it is not straight forward. There is a strong element of danger and he is forces to deal with grotesque charactersThe hero is rep. as the protector of society often with a rough moral edge ( often driven to extreme behaviours) Pessimistic tone Film NoirConnection to Detective FictionAssociated with Hollywood dramaMoral ambiguityClassic 40s/50s B&W filmsOrigins in German ExpressionismThe rise of hardboiled school of crime fiction

The Structure of the Detective GenreElementsThe seemingly perfect crimeThe wrongly accused suspect at whom all circumstantial evidence pointsBungling of the dim-witted policeThe greater powers of observation & superior intellect of the detectiveThe unsuspecting denouement in which the detective reveals how the culprits identity was ascertained

Our question is?

In what ways does Blade Runner subvert the traditional detective Genre structure? Visual Images 20/3/09 20/3/09 20/3/09 20/3/09 20/3/09