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My presentation from the Spring Blogging Festival:


  • 1. Blogging In 140 Characters Or Less By Aviva Dunsiger @avivaloca [email protected]

2. Meeting Curriculum Expectations Grades 1 and 2 Example - #Butterflies2012 learning/ 3. Meeting Curriculum Expectations Grades 3 and 4 Health Learning work/ 4. Meeting Curriculum Expectations Grade 5 Example - #SBHeart After hearing about the Sunnybrook Hospital Surgery live tweeting event, I had this conversation with my principal and vice principal 5. 6. #SBHeart Example Continues Even followed up with a Skype call from the surgeon 07560&binId=1.815892&playlistPageNum=1 7. Engaging Reluctant Writers Can be shared with parents 8. More On Engagement Giving A Reason To Respond 9. Different Sharing Options Photographs Of Written Work 10. Different Sharing Options Take a Photograph. Write What Students Say. 11. Different Sharing Options Sharing From An App 12. Different Sharing Options Sharing A Video 13. Different Sharing Options Sharing A Podcast 14. Students Choosing What To Share Tweeting from a student account to share with others. 15. Can Easily Share Learning In All Subject Areas 16. Engaging Parents In Full Class Learning 17. Engaging Parents In Discussions With Their Own Child 18. Engaging Administrators: Showing Inside The Classroom Reading the tweets. Then coming up to see the learning in action. 19. Engaging Administrators: Communicating With Students LookingClosely/952 e2726-9540-415f- 83a4- 4682e08958b8/loo king-closely-from- afar-3/ 20. Storify: Putting It Altogether Providing the Context 21. Storify: Putting It Altogether Adding The Learning For Home 22. Storify: Putting It Altogether Adding It To The Class Blog For Those That Dont Use Twitter 23. Getting Started Get a device. Keep it with you! Take photographs of student work. Talk to students about the work. Let them write the tweets. Record podcasts of discussions with students. Take a photograph of students working. Ask them about what theyre doing. Write down what they say. Storify the tweets each day to hold onto them for assessment and documentation of learning.