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"Alexa's Spring Beauty Guide 2014"


  • Alexas Spring Beauty

    Guide 2014

  • Table of Contents

    Page 3 All About Me!

    Page 4 Spring 2014 Color Trends

    Page 5 Nature Inspired Outfits

    Page 6 Fresh Make-Up and Polish Ideas


  • 3My BIOWho Am I ?

    Hello, Im Alexa and I grew up here in Columbus, Ohio. I live in a suburban neighborhood with

    my mom, dad, dog, cat, fish, and turtle. I go to Hilliard Darby high

    school and I am a junior. I am mostly quiet in school, but any

    of my friends would tell you that I am actually very loud and out-going. I love to hangout with my friends and walk to the comic book store or play at the park. I like to make silly videos of us having fun. My siblings are all

    older than me and dont live with me, so my friends are everything

    to me.

    What Does Art Mean To Me ?Art means the world to me, and

    whenever I get free time, Im always using it to do something

    creative. My favorite thing to do is draw, but I also enjoy sculpt-ing, painting, and animating. I someone was to ask me what I wanted to do when I grow up I wouldnt be able to tell him or her. I like way too many things,

    I could in vision my self as a cartoonist, illustrator, fashion

    designer, graphic designer, you name it, if it has something to do

    with art Id do it in a heartbeat. I plan on going to CCAD for

    college. Ive been taking SMAC classes here since the first grade and I LOVE it. It was

    when I started taking art class-es here at CCAD that I knew that I wanted turn my favorite hobby, art into my future ca-


    Extra Things I have HORRIBLE eye-

    sight. I never ever take off my glasses because I might as well

    be blind without them..I want to be a YouTube star.

  • 4Spring 201


    Color Tren


  • 5Inspired By Nature


    el: M

    aliha A

    hmed Sweaters- Macys $18.00

    Printed Dresses- Kohls $34.99Converse XX-HI Shoes- Nordstrom $95.00

    Spring 201


    Color Tren


    odel: Alexa Bolton

  • Make Up


    Cute Puppy E

    yes Edgy Cat Eyes

    Girly Polka

    DotsSleek Stripes



    Nail art

    This is a great day time look! It can be paired with all different color


    This style can easily be transformed into a night

    time look simply by drawing a longer wing.

    Both of these look super cute and will be sure to grab attention. Don't be afraid to mix these pattens together

    to make your own!

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