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r- -

IE BODBBON HEWSSe cateenih Year Established 1881

Emei at the Post office at Paris Ky asseco iss mail matter


SUBSCRIPTION PH1CE8Payable in Advance

One year 2 00 Six mouths 00news costs you cant EVEN GET A Kh- -


Make all CJiecks Money Orders Eldpayable to the order of Champ Miilkr



--A knife Call at The News

Monday will be George Washingtonsbirthday a legal holiday

-- -Chas James sacured the table cover

raffled by Mrs W H Cox-- -

At the county infirmary to the wifeof Cecil Eldrigea daughter third born

Conductor Ramp of the L Nwill build a cottage on Convent Heights

A daughter was born to Cecil Eldridge and wife this week at theCounty Infirmary Third born

In another column appears the ad ofthe Paris Ice Manufacturing CompanyRead it it is of interest to ice consum-ers

-- -The general merchandise stock of

Blacker by Sndduth at Center villewill be sold at auction beginning atten oclock Feb 25th

Miss Bettie Ingels moved yesterdayinto thb brick residence on corner ofEighth and Main street lately vacatedby W L Collins and family

The L N has been doing a bigfreight business lately at this pointLarge shipments of hemp tobacco bluegrass seed and merchandise are beingsent out every day

Grand piano opening February 28th1897 full orchestra each evening Freeto all R M Sutherlin Mgr

97 East Main Street2t Lexington Ky

Attention is directed to the an-nouncement

on fourth page of Mr BenjF Bedford Jr as a candidate forre election as Surveyor of Bourboncounty subject to the action of theDemocratic party

-A large number of walnut logs are

now being shipped from this city overthe L N and Kentucky Midland toNorfolk to be exported to GermanyThe average price of the logs is abouttwelv6 dollars John Bedford of nearMillersburg sold some the other day at

21 each-- -

The M H Current farm near Hooktown was sold yesterday by the assigneeto Jas Arthur and Dr Chas Mathersfor 45 per acre The M H Currenthome place was sold to Wm Payne for

1500 the house and lot adjoining col-lege

was bought by C Arnsparger astrustee for the Edwards heirs price


Messrs G B Alexander and F RArmstrong of this city attended afarewell banquet given Wednesdaynight to Mr D wight Kinney of Cincin nati at the Queen City Club in thatcity Mr Kinney leaves in few daysfor Philadelphia to take charge of abranch of the Matthew Addy Co ironconcern There were about forty gen-tleman

present at the banquet

Secretary Gratz Hanly of theQueen City Jockey Club said Wednes-day

that the new stalls being built atNewport by J M Thomas Son ofthis city would increase the stablingcapacity of the track to about 600 stallsStill there was not enough room to ac-commodate

horsemen who desire tobring their horses to the track Thereare over 1000 applications on file forstable room now

Mrs Thos Henry Clay and MissEmma Scott will leave to morrow for

rWnRhirjfrrnn D C to represent thewJ Jemima Johnson Chapter D A R ofH r this city in the Continental Congress

which convenes Monday in WashingtonThey will be accompanied by Mr TH Clay Jr and will remain untilafter the inauguration and will visit

t MissNannine Clay at National Parkj

- Seminary near Washington before returning to Paris

Mr Owens Bill Passed

By unanimous consent Congress Wed-nesday

passed Representative W COwens bill removing the political dis-abilities

from the war record of ColonelW E Simms of this city Col Simmswas a member of the Confederate Congress

A Kimball Procession

A unique advertising feature seen inLexington last week was the streetparade of the W W Kimball CompanyThree car loads of pianos were unload-ed

and transferred to the warerooms at97 East Main street in a procession ofwagons headed by Saxtons band Aspecial sale of Kimball pianos will be

gin at once at that place by Mr R MSutherlin manager 2t






Telephone vWires CatXagfc IMght

At 1010 last night a telegrairt to TheNews states that the wires of the-- EastTennessee Telephone Co and the Paris

Cynthiana Telephone Co were eachcut near Lair and it was rumored thattoll gate raiders were at work in Harrison

Telephone messages from Lair Rud dles Mills and Cynthiana to The Newsat a late hour said thatthe wires were cut by twodark complexioned white men Theraiders were mounted on good horsesand each had a big pistol buckled at hiswaist and appeared to be otherwiseheavily armed They inquired-- par-ticularly

of persons in the neighborhoodas to the various telephone connectionsThe raiders climbed tall trees in orderto reach the wires at each of the placeswhere they were cut and did their workof destruction about dusk and the dam-aged

lines were not repaired for severalhours

Nothing more definite had been learn-ed

at the hour of going to press furtherthan is stated above The wire cuttingmay have been the work of horse thievesor some other brand of criminals al-though

it was most likely the work oft jll gate raiders

Turnpike News

The Fiscal Court in Nicholas countyat its called meeting last Saturday foundthemselves confronted with so manydifficulties in the way of declaring thepikes to be free of toll that thev adjourned until April The Mercury saysthat the matter of free turnpikes isbound to come slow but it is comingsurely We are satisfied that by AprilCourt several roads will be ready toturn over to the county and that asthere is no provision now to keep theroads in repair it is necessary to collecttoll tor several months to come at least

The President and principal owner ofone of the turnpikes in Franklin countysays that if the county can not protectthe property of the company then everybridge aloDg the road will be takendown and the road made impassable

Turnpike raiders have been at work inOwen county destroying two culyertsand throwing trees across the road be-sides

compelling the removal of a tollgate

The Fiscal Court of Woodford countyhas decided to condemn all turnpikesnot surrendered to the county by March1st

An Indignation Turnpike Meeting InProspect

Squire Jett of the Ruddles Millsprecinct has been notified that an indignation meeting will be held at RuddlesMills this afternoon at two oclock toprotest against paying toll between thatplace aud the city of Paris and to protestagainst paying taxes to maintain andoperate free pikes in other parts of thecounty from which they derived nobenefit Squire Jett was informed thatsome of the most substantial men ofthat precinct would participate in themeeting

-- -

Bourbon Land Sales

At public sale Tuesday Auctioneer AT Forsyth sold for Perry Jeffersonassignee of A C Ball two hundredacres lying near Millersburg to MrsFrances E Ball at forty nine dollars peracre Also one hundred and one halfacres to same pui chaser at 36 75 peracres

Also sold yesterday for Master ComMissioner Dickson to Mrs Susie LCurrent 22 acres at 6250 per acre and14 acres at 40 per acre The propertybelonged to Mrs Current and othersand was sold for a division

Mason Forsyth auctioneer reports agood crowd yesterday at J E Garnettssale near North Middletown Workhorses brought from 75 to 80 calve3

1350 each milch cows 25 to 45 farmimplements sold at good prices

Frank Co are receivingdaily the very latest styles inSpring Dress Goods

Judge Cantrills Narrow Escape

Tuesday night Circuit Judge J ECantrill narrowly escaped being runover by a Q C train at GeorgetownHe was assisting his wife on the Bluegrass vestibule when the engine startedthrowing him under the cars Just asthe wheels were about to pass over himthe Judge was pulled from the track byJames Pnllen the transfer man andBob Hawkins a colored driver whowere standing near Judge Cantrillwas not injured

Held Over To Circuit Court

Speck Helvey and John Carterthe negro men charged with holding upa young farmer and robbing him ofeighty cents several nights age in Claysville had their examining trial Tuesdayin Judge Webbs court They were heldover in 200 bail for trial by the CircuitCourt They were unable to give bondand were taken to jail

Was The Boy Shot

Harry Gunn a five-year-o- ld boy wholives with his grandmother on Vinestreet is nursing a disabled hand Theboy says he was shot by a playmate butit is thought that Harry either mashedhis finger or was injured while pound-ing

on a cartridge with a rock

-- -5



Notes Hastily Jotted On The Streets AtThe Depots In The Hotel Hobbies AndElsewhere

Mrs G B Alexander was in Lexington yesterday

Miss Nannie Clav is vtsiting relatives in Covington

Miss Lake Kern is at home fromNew York on a visit

Mr Ira Taylor of Cincinnati wasin the city yesterday

Miss Mary Holleran is visiting MrsCora Kelley in Lexington i

Mrs Grafton Thrasher of Coving-ton

is visiting relatives in the cityMiss Mabel Russell is viBiting

friends in Covington and CincinnatiMr Louie Wolford of Cynthiana

was a visitor in the city WednesdayMrs John D Harris of Madison is

visiting her daughter Mrs C M ClayMrs Maggie Waller has returned

from a visit to Mrs Edw Gross in Lex-ington

Mr L Frank of this city is regis- -j tered at the Broadway Central HotelNew

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