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  • THE BOURBON HEWS Seventeenth Year Established 1881

    Enieied at the Post office at Paris Ky seco i ass mail matter


    SUBSCRIPTION PRICES Payable in Advance

    One year S2 00 Six mouths



    NEWS costs you cant kven oet a re¬port FUOM A GUN FREE OF CHARGE

    Make all Checks Money Orders Etc payable to the order of Champ MilIiKB

    Thursday and Friday Febru¬ ary 3d and 4th we will offer be- low


    original cost price our entire stock of ladies muslin underwear consisting of a large line of skirts night dresses drawers chemise and corset covers It is to your interest not to miss this sale

    FRANK 00 Wednesday will be ground hog day


    Armours sliced star bacon at McDer mott Spears

    Wm Willet is acting as day watch- man


    at the L N passenger depot

    Steven Willis of this city has been granted a pension of ten dollars per month


    John Bauer of Cynthiana has ac- cepted


    a clerkship at the Bluegrass grocery

    The stone crossing on Third and Main streetB has been replaced by a wooden crossing

    The next meeting of the Kentucky Midland Medical Society will be held in Georgetown in April

    Wanted T6 buy three or four turkey hens bronze variety preferred Apply at The News office 2t

    The Mormon elders in Harrison county have so far failed to get a room in which to hold their meetings

    Found A etore key Owuer can have same by calling at The News office and paying for this advertisement

    The Paris Electric Light Company has elected the following officers Pres- ident


    D Turney Vice President R P Dow Jr

    Bev A E Tadlock will preach in Second Presbyterian Church Sunday morning at 1030 oclock No evening services

    The pikes of Scott county have been divided among the magistrates who will assume charge -- of them and have them worked

    Thos Mitchell late of this city now of Cincinnati has accepted a posi- -

    tion as assistant book keeper for Stanage Co on Pearl and Walnut

    Kid LaFeber has accepted Tommy Kavanaughs offer to box for a 200 purse Jim Marshall the well known pugilidt wants a go with Heller Kavanaugh or Lafeber

    The hide of Owney the postal car dog that went around the world has heen stuffed and placed in the Postoffice Museum in Smithsonian Institute at Washington

    Thomas Goff of North Middletown and John Goff of Indian Old Fields

    Crk connty have just attained their seventy seventh birthday They are prably thcoldest twins in the country

    Prof Edwin Sparks of Chicago Uni-- versitv will lecture to night at the MethodiRt Church under the auspices of

    the Paris Literary lab Subject Samuel Adams Admission twenty

    five cents

    You be the doctor for a little while and make a critical examination of a bundle of our laundry work and see if jou cannot conscientiously recommend he

    Bourbon Steam Laundry

    Dr F L Lapsley of this city J P Ripley of Lawrenceburg a d Mayor

    Julian of Frankfort will be the4jndges at the Mid Winter declamatory contest a Winchester next Friday night

    he Danville Advocate says Mr and Mrs Vimont Lvle will make New York City their home Mr Lyle having

    ade a most desirable arrangement for the practice of law in that city

    Tie children who made application for membership in the National Society

    f the Children of the American Revolu-



    are requested to meet at the home f Mrs Robert C TaIdoU at two oclock

    to morrow - -

    Frank Ireland writes to Deputy Miinil Wallace Mitchell from Califor- nia


    that he has acquired an interest in a gold mine in Nevada county and hopes

    thave enough money to buy Paris wheji he returns to Kentucky

    TUe Clement Engagement

    Cjbese has already been quite a grati- - ing advance of tears for the Clay

    Cfanient engagement to morrow night

    artbe oper home andthe performance wil no doubt b quit society event Paris should giv the distinguished actor

    ind bis beaatifal plaj hearty welcome

    wpwm Tywvj

    Xaat Nights Boxing Contests


    A large crowu in which were scores of leading citizens of Paris and dele- gations


    from Lexington Georgetown and Millersburg saw two lively box ¬ ing contests decided at the opera house last night under the auspices of the Paris Athletic Club Tfae principal event was a ten round go between Kid LaEeber and Louis Heller of Cincinnati which referee Desha Lncas declared a draw Though Lafeber forced the fighting Heller had decidedly the best of the contest cleverly avoiding Lefebera swings and punishing Lefeber considerably The fighting was fast in the fifth sixth and eighth rounds Heller landing often on Lafebers libs and lace and several times on his stomach Lafeber weak- ened


    considerably in these rounds but made a game fight throughout

    The preliminary contest was a swift fifteen round contest between Eddie Parker and Warren Brooks two local boxers Brooks had the advantage in weight reach and quickness but Parker made an excellent fight Louis Lafeber the referee declared the fight a draw

    A ludicrous contest was a free for all scrap between five colored middle weights who did much promiscuous pounding

    Heller and Lafeber were seconded by their brothers

    A Supposed Sharper In The Toils

    G T Fields registered at the Hotel Fordham January 10th He was ac- companied


    by his wife and arranged for a rednced rate saying he would re maiu several weeks No payment was made to Landlord James Connors till the 20th when a check of Robt Clark

    Co of Cincinnati for 15 was tendered 13 being credited on account and 2 in cash given to Fields No other payment was received though re- peated


    promises were made and Fields and wife left the Fordham on the 20th durine the temporary absence of Mr Connors Fields was subsequently ar- rested


    on a charge of fraudulently ob obtaining lodging the first case of the kind ever tried here A hung jury re ¬ sulted at Wednesdays trial but yes terday in Judge Webbs court a jury fined Fields 15

    Fields was then arrested on a charge of larceny on a warrant sworn out by Mr E M Dickson charging the theft of two valuable law books It is alleged Fields check from Robt Clark Co was in payment for the stolen books Mr Dickson having recovered one of them in Cincinnati The trial was set for Monday at ten a m

    An officer yesterday told The News that it was thought Fields is a slick confidence man Report alleges that law books have been stolen in Winches ter and other Central Kentucky towns by a party who gave the name of Fields to book buyers in Cincinnati

    Fields visited the Paris newspaper offices soon after his advent in the city and represented that his object here was to get up an elaborately illustrated write up or Paris He told The News that he had published twenty two such write ups

    Fields was in no way connected with any Pari6 paper

    Landlord Connors has generously ten- dered


    Mrs Fields a temporary home The lady is apparently destitute of money and friends

    A Klondike Party f

    Chas Kill of this city and Sidney Offutt of Georgetownwill leave Sunday afternoon for the Klondike gold fields in company with a party of ten men Irom Ohio and Kentucky The party Trill be under the leadership of Goige Shadbourne of Indiana who has made three trips to Alaska They will go by boat from Seattle to Dyea thence to Dawson City through the Chilkoot pass the shortest route They will take with them supplies for one year and expect to reach the gold fields about the 15th of May Many friends of Messrs Hill and Offut wish them unbounded success

    Nevr Departure In Distilling

    The G-- G-- White Distillery is putting in a patent drier bv which thpy will utilize the slop which was formeily run into Stoner creek or fed to cattle The new appliance will strain the water from the pulp and will dry the latter The dried slop stuff makes excellent feed for dairy cows Most of the dried slop will be shipped to Germany and other foreign conntries

    Court Culllngs

    In Tude Purriells court Wednesday Bad Irvi was sentenced thirty days in jail at hard labor for stealiug Harry Bedfordd overcoat

    Kitty Greevous a fifteen year oil colored girl who was arrested orsteal ing a peck of coal from an L N car was lectured for her Greevous error and was dismissed

    The 750 train to Cincinnati and the

    an hour a half Tuesday on account of a landslide near Butler

    Fleischmakns compressed yeast at McDermott Spears

    Ousters celery freBh cakes crackers new lignum molasses New York cream cheese

    tf Nkwton Mitchell




    Notes Hastily Jotted On The Streets At The Depots In The Hotel Iiohbies And Elsewhere

    Miss Tinnie Ewalt was in Cincin ¬ nati Tuesday

    Mrs L Grinnau is visiifng relatives in Lexington

    A T Forsyth is in Richmond on a business trip

    Hon E M Dickson was in Ciucin nati Wednesday

    Miss Nannie Clay was a visitor in Lexington yesterday- -

    Mrs C M Clay Jr was a visitor in LexingtonlTuesday - J3

    Mr Lee Price made a business trip to Mt Sterling yesterday

    Miss Pink Shropshire of Harrison is visiting Miss Hattie Brock

    Ex Sheriff Beeding made a businesi trip to Cincinnati Wednesday

    Mr I L Price was in Cincinnati Wednesday on a business trip

    Eld H S Saxby of Ruddles Mills left Wednesday for Kansas City

    Mrs J M Rodd