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Don't know what to wear for your senior photos? We're here to help!


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NOTE FROM KRISTENFirst off, thank you so much for booking your session. It means a lot that you chose a small business rather than going to the big guys. But hey, quality images are quality images no matter where they come from.

Last summer, I got a ton of questions from my amazing clients about what to wear to their ses-sions—whether it was a high school senior or a mom and dad taking family photos. Figuring out what to wear can be stressful, but no fear—I’m here to ease the process for you!

Here’s the official Bousquet Photography Guide to basically everything you’ll need to know!

Thanks again! Sincerely,

Kristen Bousquet

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Your senior portraits are incredibly important. Aside from candids with friends and your yearbook photos, these are the pictures you’re going to look to remember your years in high school.

When you’re 30 and decide to take a peek at your high school portraits, instead of thinking “Oh my gosh! What was I thinking wearing that [insert ugly clothing item here]?!”, Bousquet Photography wants you to look back at your photos and still love what you’re wearing and be proud.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide of what to wear, how to wear your hair and what type of make-up to wear just for our awesome clients!


STAY AWAY FROM TRENDY ITEMS (EX: OVERALLS, PLATFORM SNEAKERS, CROP TOPS) Trust me, I’m all for awesome trends, but trends are called “trends” for a reason—they won’t always be in style. When you take your senior photos, you want to be pictured in something that is classic and timeless so you won’t look back at your senior photos and think “Why the heck did I wear overalls?!”


2.BE YOURSELF. Yes, it’s incredibly corny and you’re probably laughing at me for saying that, but it’s so true! These are your senior pictures! You want to remember you for who you really were in high school. Don’t wear mainstream brand clothing if you totally hate it. Wear a vintage dress you found in your grandmother’s closet and are obsessed with be-cause if that’s you, then show it off!

3.DRESS FOR THE SEASON. If you’re taking your photos in summer, please don’t wear a winter coat. It just doesn’t make sense! :)

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Dresses are perfect for girls who are taking their senior photos—especially in the summer. They’re light, airy and girly and you can totally have fun with them!

If you choose to wear a dress with a pattern on it, make sure the accessories that you pair with it are simple. We don’t want to distract to much from YOU since you’re the main focus of the photo shoot.

If your dress is strapless, grab something simple that you can throw on top like a plain, white denim vest or jacket. It’s best to have layers so you can take some photos wearing the dress with the jacket/vest and some without just incase you don’t like how one or the other photographs.

If you choose to wear a solid colored dress, this will give you more room to play with accessories. Remember those AMAZING embellished shoes you bought last summer? You can totally wear those with a simple, plain-colored dress. Grab a chunky necklace to match the sandals and a great nail polish to match and you’re ready to pose!

TIP: When matching accessories, try to stick to just gold or just silver instead of mixing and matching. It will present a more put-together and prepared look.

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Maxi dresses are just plain old awesome. They’re perfect if you’re a more bohemian, free spirit type of person. And they come in tons of different solid colors or patterns.

When wearing a patterned maxi dress, same rules apply: try to limit your accessories to plain colors so you don’t distract too much from yourself.

If you choose to wear a solid colored maxi dress, try to stick to 2-3 colors—the color of your maxi dress, the color of your accessories and the gold/silver/copper of your jewelry.

Maxi dresses look amazing with gladiator sandals and something with a small heel to make you look taller. But, these kind of dresses also have the power to make you loose the shape of your body. If you want to show off your waist and add some shape into your ward-robe, try pairing your maxidress with a belt around your waist.

It’s totally cool to keep things classic and simple for your senior por-trati session by wearing denim jeans. Sometimes jeans are just the comfortable thing to wear which is totally fine.

When choosing to wear denim jeans, keep in mind that now your top will most likely become the main attraction. The best thing to do so that the attention is focused on you would be to keep your top a simple color, but try a cool texture like lace or velvet.

You can pair your plain top and jeans with a cool pair of exciting shoes and a matching necklace to add a little spice!

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Since it’s summer, it’s great to wear bright colors. If you’re a bright person, you should definitely incorporate bright colors into your outfit for your senior portraits.

Bright colors are awesome, but make sure that you incorporate them in moderation so you don’t show over do it. Remember you want to wear something you’ll be proud of in 20 years.

When wearing bright pants, try pairing them with a top that incor-porates some of the same colors as your pants. Make sure that your shoes and accessories are a neutral color that coordinates with your top and pants.

I absolutely love when people wear bright skirts for senior photos. It’s the perfect amount of color to incor-porate into your outfit.

If you choose to wear a bright skirt, definitely stick with a plain colored top. Black or white works the best. You can always throw on an embellished necklace with colors the same as your skirt to make things exciting. Again, make sure that your accessories all match and are neutral colored.

TIP: Wearing a skirt is something you should totally con-sider when choosing your outfit, but make sure it’s long enough because you will be doing some photos sitting down as well as standing.

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If you know me personally, you know that I’m all for a leather jacket. In fact, it’s probably the most worn item in my wardrobe. If you’re the same type of person, I definitely suggest incorporating a leather jacket into the outfit you take your senior photos in.

Jackets are great because you have the ability to take them off and put them on. This leaves us with a ton more opportunity to use the jacket as a prop in your photos.

When choosing to wear a leather jacket, I’d sug-gest pairing it with a more girly outfit. Maybe throw your jacket on over a dress or with a pastel top and white jeans.

The first thing I think of when I think summer clothing is denim shorts. Whether they’re white, denim, black or a mix of all, jean shorts are great for senior photos.

With denim shorts, you can really wear anything on top. I really like when people keep the top simple and decorate with accessories, but it can really go so many different directions.

TIP: Make sure they’re not too short. Sometimes when shorts are too short or tight, they won’t photograph well. Try your shorts on and have someone take a photo of you with them on to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the way they photograph.

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Patterned shorts are truly all over every store right now. While it’s not the best idea to wear something that’s too trendy, these actually make for great photos.

Similar to what you’d wear with a patterned skirt or pants, try and keep the top simple. You can always wear a more decorative shoe or necklace to add a little spice to your outfit, but make sure that you don’t overdo it by wearing a patterned top with your patterned shorts.

It’s also a really good idea to make sure that your nails are done and not chipped or cracked. Remember, you only get to take your senior photos once! (Perfect excuse to get a manicure)

If we’re being honest, guys, you have it pretty easy when it comes to choosing what to wear to your senior photo appointment.

Cargo shorts seem to be the most popular option for my male clients for summer senior photos.

I definitely suggest pairing your cargo shorts with a plain colored top or something with a small pattern.

You can pair your outfit with matching accessories like a watch or a cool pair of sneakers.

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If you’re going for more of a preppy look, khaki pants are your new best friend. They’re perfect to help you look put to-gether, professional, but still comfortable at the same time.

You can pair your khaki pants with a nice button up shirt to complete your preppy look. Blue looks really nice in photos with khaki pants, so I definitely suggest that. Try not to wear a shirt that’s too busy though.

White sneakers are great, but PLEASE make sure they’re clean. There’s nothing worse then a really nice, clean outfit and a pair of dirty sneakers.

For a more casual look, wear your favorite patterned tee to your senior photos. Just because it’s a photo shoot doesn’t mean you have to get super dressed up—especially if that’s the total opposite of who you are. We really want to showcase YOU not a front you put on for photos.

Tee shirts are awesome for a more comfortable, relaxed look. Try choosing a shirt that doesn’t have too many colors on it since we don’t want to distract too much from you.

You can pair your shirt with a plain pair of black or denim jeans and a matching pair of shoes. A black watch will also look really awesome with this type of outfit.

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HAIR INSPIRATIONLike stated before, your senior portraits should be focused on you, not your outfit. But we totally want to show off your personality so if you’re a band guy, wear a band tee!

If you choose to dress down and wear a band tee, make sure a) it’s a band you truly love and have loved for a whole because you don’t want to look back on your photos and think “Ew I hate that band. Why did I wear that shirt?” and b) the shirt’s design isn’t too, too busy.

Pair your band tee with a casual pair of sneakers and denim jeans for an awesome casual and comfortable look.

It can be just as hard to figure out how you want to style your hair as it is trying to figure out what to wear to your senior photos.

My advice? Think about how you normally wear your hair. Do you get up every morning and straighten it? Do you wear it natural? Toss some curls into it? Well, whatever you do the most, wear it that way. You’re the most comfortable with that hair style and it represents you the best!

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MAKEUP INSPIRATIONAgain, think about the way you normally wear your makeup. Are you the type of girl that puts on a bright lipstick each day? Do you wear a smoky eye each day? Or do you totally skip makeup because you’re more comfortable without it? Whichever way you wear it the most, wear it this way for your senior photos.

This is not the time to test out that bright red lipstick you just got or to pencil your eye brows in just because Cara Delevingne does it. Make sure your comfortable no matter which way you wear your makeup because today, it’s all about showcasing you and we can’t do that unless you’re comfortable!