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Championships Annual


  • 1The GraceKennedy/ISSA Boys & Girls Athletic Championships 2008Magazine is published by DG &A Publishing for the Inter-SecondarySchools Sports Association. No part of this magazine may bereproduced, stored in a retieval system or transmitted in any formwithout the permission of the publisher.

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    Editor -in- Chief:Georgette Hunt

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    Photographers:Patrick DonaldsonRomero Damiano

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  • By: Hubert Lawrence

    We stand here, eight months later, still basking in the glowof the awesome performance of our athletes in the BeijingOlympics. Even though they had won ten medals at the2007 World Championships, the Beijing successes went beyond ourwildest dreams. Jamaica went to the podium 11 times in Beijing,collecting 6 gold medals, 3 silver medals and two bronze medals.

    For fans of the local high school circuit and Champs in particular,the results were particularly satisfying. Individual gold medalwinners Usain Bolt, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Shelly-Ann Fraser and Melaine Walker are familiar faces because theyran at Champs in recent times, with Frazier winning gold forWolmers Girls as lately as 2004. Joint 100 metre Olympic silvermedal winners Kerron Stewart and Sherone Simpson raced neckand neck at Champs 2003, while Walkers stellar Champs careerended in 2002. V. C . did a Class I 100m/200m double in 2000 and2001, and in the latter year, a certain Asafa Powell reached theClass I boys 100m Final.

    Bolt brought the house down at Champs 2003, with hisspellbinding runs in his last season with William Knibb MemorialHigh School. For those of us lucky enough to have been there, hisworld record breaking performances in Beijing may have come as nosurprise.

    The message for young athletes and their coaches is best embodiedin the words of the late Jamaican musician Desmond Dekker You can do it if you really want. It is a message that has apparentlybeen taken to heart, as development Meets have been bursting at theseams. Inspired by the presence of many stars who have trained athome in the last decade, many more appear to be chasing the dreamof Track and Field greatness.

    The nation must thank William Knibb Memorial, Vere Technical,Wolmers, St Jago, Manchester High, ST.E.T.H.S., Charlemont,Ferncourt, Calabar and Holmwood for their role in bringing forth ourOlympic medal winners. These schools, their coaches, parents andteachers introduced them to high level track and field and preparedthem for the road ahead.

    In the midst of all this joy, there is cause for concern. Recentreports indicate that students of prominent Champs schools arehaving violent clashes in Kingston. This is intolerable. Unattended,this growing threat can kill Champs, the goose that lays the goldmedals. There have been security concerns before. Calabar andKingston College were banned from Boys Champs 1981 afterviolent on-the-field clashes,which led to their absence in 1982. Theyboth returned in 1983. A disturbance caused fans to rush onto the trackduring the Medley Relay Final for boys in 2000. Finally, in 2005,an act of violence led to a frightening stampede.

    CHAMPS PREVIEW implores all concerned to stop thefoolishness. Its not just because Beijing has securely focused theeyes of the world on us. Its simply because violence hurts. This isa time for self belief. The Beijing heroes have proven that you canget it if you really want. The same goes for 2009 HonoureesRaymond Stewart, Beverly McDonald, Fitz Coleman andCarol Cuffley. They have lived exemplary lives on and off the fieldof play. The example of our Beijing heroes and the 2009Honourees is worth copying. Their success is a victory of selfbelief over foolishness.

    Its definitely time to believe.









    1987 Dr. Arthur WintC.D., M.B.E., D. Lit.,(Loughsborough)

    1988 Hon. Herbert McKenley O.J.1989 Mr. Dennis Johnson1990 Dr. Lennox Miller O.D.1991 Mr. Lindberg Delapenha1992 Mr. George LaBeach1993 Mr. Pat McGlashan Snr.1994 Professor Leslie Robinson1995 Mr. Barclay Ewart1996 Mr. Donald Quarrie1997 Dr. Louis Knight1998 Mr. Mabrico Ventura1999 Dr. Cynthia Thompson

    and Mr. Neville Myton2000 Miss Vilma Charlton

    and Dr. Douglas Manley2001 Dr. Una Lorraine Morris-Chong

    and Mr. Rupert Hoilette2002 Miss Grace Jackson O.D.

    and Mr. Trevor CampbellMrs. Joyce Taylor

    2003 Hon. Herbert McKenley O.J.Mr. Garth Case,Ms. Juliet CuthbertMr. Fred Green

    2004 Ms. Jacqueline PuseyMr. Ernle HaisleyMr. Leo JonesMr. Paul McNeil

    2005 Mr. Glen MillsMr. Headley Forbes, O.D., JPMs. Ethlyn TateMr. Lynsworth Headley

    2006 Rosie AllwoodHugh ManhertzConstantine HaughtonDonovan DavisJulette Parkes

    2007 Leleith HodgesLeroy KeaneRev. Canon Gervais A.M. ClarkeOD, Phd.K.C. GrahamMichael Clarke

    2008 Michael DykeAudrey ReidMarva Griffith-GreenKent Vincent Richards

    2009 Carol CruffleyBev McDonaldRaymond StewartFitz-Albert Coleman 3


  • The GGrraacceeKKeennnneeddyy//IISSSSAA BBooyyss aanndd GGiirrllssAAtthhlleettiicc CChhaammppiioonnsshhiippss 22000099 is beingpresented with the Beijing Olympicsstill ringing in our ears. The question ofhow is it that this little country can doso well and the intrigue of many tryingto find the answer both in Trelawny andat CChhaammppss, will be to our benefit.Indeed this has set the stage foranother unbelievable year of intensivecompetition and excitement.

    The planning committee which hasbeen meeting since September 2008armed with the blue print from 2007has done its job well. The over onehundred Boys and Girls schools willprovide the Meet with over twothousand five hundred well prepared,

    gifted young Jamaicans willing to givetheir all. Just ask MMrr.. MMccKKeennzziiee ofCalabar, MMrr.. MMuurrpphhyy of Bridgeport, MMss..RRuusssseellll of the Queens School or MMss..GGoouullee of Manchester High and all willconfirm this.

    Persons have been pre-occupied withsecurity and this is not surprising in theJamaica of 2009. But please bereminded that there were no incidentsat the National Stadium in CChhaammppss22000088, particularly on the most popularday Saturday. The Police HighCommand is again coordinating theirefforts along with the private securitycompanies, ATLAS, SECURIPRO andHAWKEYYE, the extractive team. Thebudget is in place to ensure effective

    delivery of quality service.That the Meet will cost

    approximately Twenty Four MillionDollars provides some concern and it isin this regard that I wish to thank ourtitle sponsors GraceKenndy who arealso the Official Drink associatesponsor. I also wish to acknowledgethe support of other associate sponsorsLIME and PUMA along with our mediapartner CVM Communications Ltd. Thesuccess of CChhaammppss is a combined effortof support from event sponsors, ourhardworking officials and the schools.

    As we approach CChhaammppss, the themeremains that we all Hol a Vibe. Thisyear I also wish to implore you to cheerwell, support well and RESPECT as well.

    This is an especially exciting year for theGGrraacceeKKeennnneeddyy//IISSSSAA BBooyyss && GGiirrllssAAtthhlleettiiccss CChhaammppiioonnsshhiippss, coming as itdoes, on the heels of Jamaicas mostsuccessful Olympic showing to date. Atthat time several persons outsideJamaica expressed amazement at whatseemed like a sudden rise in Jamaicasathletics fortunes. However, we knowthat the results in Beijing were only thelatest manifestation of a longstanding

    commitment by generations of highschool coaches to identifying andnurturing young athletic talent. CChhaammppsshas always been an integral part of thatprocess, exposing our high schoolathletes to a high standard ofcompetition in track and field events.

    Like you, I look forward to attendingeach year to see who the fresh newtalent will be, and also to observe theprogress of the CChhaammppss stars. This

    event carries a vibe all of its own asJamaicans of all ages come together tocheer on their teams, and also torecognize excellence wherever itmanifests itself.

    On behalf of the companies of theGraceKennedy Group, I thank you for yoursupport of this event. We look forward toyour enthusiastic, but disciplinedparticipation in what promises to beanother very successful year.










    The most anticipated event this side of thehemisphere, the IISSSSAA//GGrraacceeKKeennnneeddyy BBooyyssaanndd GGiirrllss AAtthhlleettiicc CChhaammppiioonnsshhiippss, is hereonce again. It is apparent that after ourperformance in Beijing at the 2008Summer Olympics, the anticipation is muchheightened. This is very evident in thebuzz and enthusiasm that pervades thedevelopmental Meets and one can sensethe excitement in the air. The expectat