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  • 1. presents presents: prepared by: Jamey & Jeremy MadridThe information contained in this document is being furnished on a condential basis. By its acceptance each recipient agrees that the contentsof the document will not be reproduced, transmitted, or otherwise made available to any party without the written consent of The Boys & GirlsClubs of America or Jamey & Jeremy Madrid.
  • 2. ABOUT BeInspirational. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica is a 501(c)3 non-prot organization dedicated to providing youth a safe and productive place to go when they need it most; afterschool and non-school days Our mission is to enable and inspire all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as caring, responsible and productive citizens.
  • 3. ABOUT IATG A generation of women, and the men who support them, dedicated to redening our societys narrow denition of beauty and reminding women that we are, in fact, all on the same team. www.iamthatgirl.comIATG SUPPORTERS Beauty is... Conscious Contribution Beauty is... Leadership Beauty is... Intelligence Elizabeth Gore Kristen Bell Jason Mraz Jason Goldberg Beauty is... Pursuing your Passion Jessica Biel United Nations Foundation Katalyst Films Actress/Activist Musician, Activist Executive Director Actress/Activist Global Partnerships Beauty is... Collaboration TV/Film Producer Nothing But Nets, Girl Up Susie Castillo Nzinga Blake Blake Mycoskie Bryce Dallas Howard Jason, Laren, Bobby Ruth Riley Scott Harrison Jessica Jackley Jess Weiner KIVA Author, Host, Current TV TOMS Shoes Actress, Writer, Invisible Children WNBA Charity Water DOVE Self-Esteem Former Miss USA Wirter, Host, Activist Founder Producer Founders/Filmmakers Record Breaking Founder Founder International Player Ambassador Founder of Talk to Jess
  • 4. ABOUT IATGSPHILOSOPHY & VALUESEveryone associated with i am that girl believes in and models theprinciples and concepts we teach; we walk our talk. Protability is, ofcourse, vital if we are to grow, but our most important purpose isaltruistic.TRAININGAt the heart of IATG is a two-day workshop BELLISM...abeauty revolution conducted by trained facilitators. In arelaxed and entertaining setting, gen Y women learn to thinkand behave in ways that will expand the denition of beautyto include not just whats on the surface, but all the goodthings underneath.
  • 5. 7 FUNDAMENTALSSENSATIONALISMSensationalism is just what it sounds like: something that appeals mainly to our senses or emotions, often in an extreme or exaggeratedway. Sensationalism is everywhere these days. It is media-drivenin other words, it gets out there through television, movies, videos,magazines, etc.and the media are prot-driven.PURPOSE DRIVES PERFORMANCEGetting clear about your purposemaking sure that it energizes and excites youmeans getting clear about your values, too.ATTITUDE MATTERSEverything is changing. Whether you realize it or not, youre changing all the time, inside and out, and the world around you is changing,too. How well you handle change depends on the way you thinkon your attitudes, beliefs and expectations.BROAD COMFORT ZONE = ROOM TO MOVEWe all feel perfectly comfortable in some situations, being with certain people, or doing certain things. Thats good. Everyone likes to feelrelaxed, comfortable and at ease. What happens, though, if you nd yourself outside that comfort zone? Whats it like when you meetpeople who seem very different from you and your family/friends?
  • 6. 7 FUNDAMENTALSGOALS KEEP YOU GROWINGGoal-setting techniques are used by top athletes, artists, performers, business professionals and high achievers in all elds. They focuslong-term vision and boost short-term motivation.STAYING COOL MEANS CONTROLLING FOCUSWhy are certain people able to keep their cool while others are losing it, even when theyre in a tight spot? How have these peopledeveloped the ability to stay composed, optimistic and focusedno matter whats happening at the moment, no matter whats going onaround them?TEAMWORK WINSWhat is the purpose of a team? Why bother to have a team at all? What can a team accomplish that a single person cant? What does itmean to be a good team player?WHAT YOU SAY IS WHAT YOU GETIf your self-talk is negative or pessimistic, you can literally talk yourself out of success. If your self-talk is largely positive or optimistic, youhave an advantage. Optimists tend to achieve much more at work, school and on the playing eld.MAINTAINING MOMENTUMThe information in this workshop is only as valuable as you make it. In other words, you need to bring it to life in your life. If you dothis, especially if you do it on a daily basis, youll be amazed at what it can do for you.
  • 7. for gen Yers
  • 9. a b e a u t y r e v o l u t i o n 1 PILOT CLUBS 2 0 0 0 PA R T I C I PA N T S 2 LA County Las Vegas 3 South Puget Sound
  • 10. B R A N D I N T E G R AT I O N F O R EVENTS WEB PRINT Social Networks FlyersJournals Posters Partner websitesHandouts Brochures Email Campaigns City GuidesPower Point Magazine Adds Follow up AudiosVideo Segments School Programs Downloaded Media Community AfliatesPosters & Banners (DECOR) Partner Company Newsletters Partner Company NewslettersT I T L E S P O N S O R
  • 11. Preliminary Budget Fora beauty revolution two day workshop 2 0 0 0 PA R T I C I PA N T S TEAM/ADMIN $60,000 EDUTAINMENT $40,000 MATERIALS $25,000 MEASUREMENT $10,000 PRESENTATION $1,500 CURRICULUM $15,000 FOOD $30,000 TRAIN FACILITATORS $10,000 TOTAL $191,500
  • 12.