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With Judi Bonilla Brain Fit Now!

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Brain Fit Now! A community based brain health program designed for adults age 50+. This Boot Camp is part of a four part series that educates and identifies students on accessible community programs to adapt a brain healthy lifestyle.


  • 1. With Judi Bonilla Brain Fit Now!
  • 2. 20 20 20 Every 20 Minutes Take A 20 Second Break Look At Something 20 Ft. Away Housekeeping
  • 3. Boot Camp Outline Agenda Introduction & Pre-Class Survey Close & Action Plan Brain Games Cranium Crunches Brain Game/Training Hybrid Life Change Index Scale AARP Brain Game Training Brain Training 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 4. Multi Faceted 1 Dimensional Understanding Brain Training Improving Your Brain Health Brain Health Brain Games Brain Training Novel Variety Challenging
  • 5. Does Brain Training Work? The Published Evidence Is Complex and Divided
  • 6. Scotsman 1800s Woman Babushka
  • 7. Brain Games Are for enjoyment.
  • 8. Brain Training Learning a new skill or technique. Requires multitasking. Increases in difficulty.
  • 9. Dr. Paul Nussbaum Author of Save Your Brain Clinical Neuropsychologist Adjunct Professor, Neurological Surgery
  • 10. Take Away
  • 11. AARP Brain GamesBrain Fit Now!
  • 12. AARP Tutorial
  • 13. AARP Tutorial 2
  • 14. Cranium Crunches Brain Fit Now!
  • 15. Brain Game/Training Hybrid
  • 16. Cranium Crunches
  • 17. Eucalyptus Oil The scent increases brain wave activity and counters physical and mental fatigue. Carry eucalyptus with you on long car trips, or smell it to help you study.
  • 18. Brain Games
  • 19. Attention Focus on target and filter out distractions. Executive function To plan actions, and ability to change strategy as needed. Reaction time and processing speed How quickly someone can react to stimuli and process information. The Science
  • 20. Fit Brains Brain Fit Now!
  • 21. Brain Training
  • 22. Online Brain Games & Training Right Click Double Click Drag And Drop Skill Development
  • 23. Computer Skills Brain Games Brain Training Developing An Online Brain Habit
  • 24. THANK YOU!
  • 25. More Information Facebook: Judi Bonilla, Aging Expert Pinterest: Brain Fit Now! Sign Up: Laptop Workshops