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Brainstorming Ideas By Sarah Divilly, Amy Bettell and Weronika

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  • 1. Brainstorming Ideas By Sarah Divilly, Amy Bettell and Weronika

2. Who are you working with? I am going to work with Amy and Weronkia. The reasons why I am going to do my media coursework with them because they are my friends, they are in my media class as well as they did GCSE media so they are experienced in filming and editing. We might have problems working together, because we could get distracted as well as lose focus on the main task. However we will overcome these problems, by giving equal tasks to each other as well as managing our time. 3. Ideas of our opening sequence Horror Through our research we discovered a great slides show ( From this we learnt about the conventions of a horror film would be a dark, isolated, gloomy settings which would have an impact on the audience. Our ideas Characters Plot Settings Sound Techniques Urban environments Dark, gloomy, lonely settings Locations:- graveyard, train station, abandoned house and church. High and low angles- To connote fear POV (Point Of View) shot this allows you to look through the eyes of the character Behind shoulder shot Little girl dies because she drowns, mum blames herself of the accident- grieves eventually drives the mum insane and she kills herself. A 13 year old girl called Hope. Brown Hair, hazel eyes Floral white dress, no shoes Diegetic and non- diegetic sound Dramatic, tension building sound. 4. Production Names Founded in 1913 by William Fox, the studio had begun producing the famous Movietone Newsreels (the precursor of today's network newscasts) even before they moved to their current location. Fox had opened their studios in Century City in 1928, on land which used to be the personal ranch of Western movie star Tom Mix. Seven years later, Fox merged with Twentieth Century Pictures (which had been founded in 1933 by Daryll Zanuck, after he left Warner Brothers), and the company became 20th Century Fox in 1935. On this day, May 8th, in 1912, Paramount Pictures was founded as the Famous Players Film Company. The Famous Players Film Company initially focused on creating full-length films with the leading theatrical names of the time in hopes of gaining middle class appeal. Famous Players Films were first released through the Paramount Pictures Corporation start-up company. Famous Films eventually took on the Paramount name in 1914 and became the first successful nation-wide film distribution company. 5. Production Names Productio n Names Ideas In Time Productions This project is done over a long period of time and IN TIME will be completed. Secondly, the mothers grieving will past IN TIME. Worldwide As grieve happens to every once in their lives Our moving opening, can affect people WorldWide and have a long lasting impact on them.ASW productions We would call it SAW productions as this is our initials (Sarah, Amy and Weronika) Relating this to our opening , the Mother SAW her daughter drown 6. SlogansFrom the website I accessed, taglines/ slogans from all different films genres of films and are marked by this criteria: Suitability: How well does the tagline capture the central theme, appeal, or essence of the film? Creativity: Is the tagline clever, playful, humorous, ironic, etc. expressing its message in a fun and creative way? Originality: Is the tagline surprising, disarming, or uncommon revealing a unique or unusual attitude or point of view? Memorability: Does the tagline demonstrate an ability to influence popular culture and language? No mercy. No shame. No sequel- Scary Movie (2000) The tagline reads "No mercy. No shame. No sequel.", the last reference being an ironic nod towards the tendency of popular horror movies becoming cash cow franchises. The film was originally titled "Last Summer I Screamed Because Halloween Fell on Friday the 13th". Scary Movie 7. Slogans Success didnt go to his head, it went to his neighbour. Envy (2004) Whats eating you? Jeepers Creepers (2001) 8. Slogan Ideas The last breathe you took, was my last memory When will your last breathe be? Loneliness thrives off insanit What would you do?Yet again, we decided to use another rhetorical question, to directly ask the audience as well as make them think what they However, this slogan relates to the film because the mother losing her little girl, in such a tragic death in her own home; the mothers life becomes so unbearable to not wake up everyday to her daughter drives her insane which eventually she This slogan suggests that when the daughter died that was the last memory that the mother had of her daughter as the mother forgot everything but her daughter's death which she feels responsible for and grieve controls her life. We like the use for this rhetorical question, as we want the audience to feel as if we are asking them, when they know they are doing to die- they dont. This slogan, relates to the film as the Mother did not know that was going to be her daughters last breathe. 9. Film Titles Film Titles Anticipation High Hopes The desire of Hope Hopes Anticipation The Lost and Forgotten Lost Final Dismissal Child The Nightmare Through group discussion, we created this brain storm. As a group we decided that our film, should be called High Hopes as it links back to the story as well as that the parents have high Hopes, to find who murdered their 13 year old daughter. 10. Actors My actors are going to my friends from A- level Drama, as they can adapted to the role easily as well as play their role to the best of their ability, therefore portray the characters how we want them to be represented by the audience. Although, they are my friends therefore we might get distracted, while filming. However, as they are professional A-level students they will focus on their character, so they will not become distracted because, they will take their role seriously. 11. Stereotypical Characters- Female VictimPortrayed as vulnerable, need of protection, stupid as well as annoying. The representation of women portrayed in this light is from the sexiest era. When this character is killed, it is usually gruesome or graphic. This character helps builds suspension in the audience sometimes will be killed Her behaviour often puts the audience on edge and jumps, whenever she does. 12. Stereotypical Characters- Non- Believer Portrayed as cocky as well as arrogant, convincing the other characters that they are overacting over nothing. Lead them to being killed first, they are often triggers other characters death. To begin the audience will listen to this voice as a reason and reassured therefore be slightly calm. Shortly killed after, the audience panic and all sense of security is lost and the audience dont feel safe anymore. 13. Stereotypical Characters- Hero Majority of the time its a male, strong, masculine build He tends to be the brave character and goes after the murderer, often never returns Majority of these characters show little emotion throughout the film stay strong and supportive of the other characters. In modern horror films, they have decided to challenge the stereotypical representation of the Hero. As in some horror films, which challenges the older, more traditional conventions and makes the story less predictable. 14. Stereotypical Character- Hysterical Character Usually female character Usually known for not wanting to leave the building. From witnessing a murder of their friend, as a result she usually breaks down as well as becomes upset. 15. Permission Forms 16. Permission Forms 17. Permission Forms 18. Stereotypical Characters- Non- Believer 19. Stereotypical Characters- Non- Believer 20. Character Profile- Hope Gate 21. Character Profile- Michelle Gate Michelle Gate, is a 35 year old year house wife and a secret alcoholic. She has been married to Parker Gate, for 5 years however Parker had a secret 2 year affaire, with his ex work colleague, which has just only been exposed recently- that is why Michelle abuses drink. Michelle, is the youngest in her family she had an older brother who unfortunately died in a plane accident on New Years. Michelle is from London, she has lived there her whole life. She is from a middle class background , she went to a public school. She was a nurse for many years, working in Kings College, but decided to quit for a unknown reason. 22. Character Profile- Parker Gate