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For the gals at Branson MOPS PM group. The monthly newsletter for April 2011.


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    I have a love-hate relationship with menu-planning. I love the fact that when I plan out our meals for a week I dont have to think about whats for dinner every night. I love that I have all the ingredients I need since our grocery shopping is struc-tured around the chosen menus. I love that we save money when I plan ahead since we only buy what is needed for that weeks meals. But, I hate the time it takes. Dragging out the cookbooks, thinking about what the kids will eat, thinking about what I want to eat, thinking about what my husbands preferences are, won-dering how many nights of Mexi-can food we can tolerate in a single week, etc. Not to mention, after narrowing it down to seven recipes, there is a shopping list to be made. That involves check-ing what we already have in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer, noting what ingredients we still need and (I admit this is the good part) emailing the list to my husband who shops on his way home from work once a week. (I know, Im really lucky about that one.) Frankly, it just seems like a lot of effort. However, when I think about the outcome of this effort, I immediately realize that its all worthwhile. Planning ahead ensures that my children have home-cooked, nutritious

    meals. It makes me feel good to know that their little bod-ies are well-fed. Every mom wants her children to grow up strong and healthy. And good nutrition is an essential part of that growing process. However, I realize that it is not just my childrens bodies that require daily nourish-ment. Their spirits must also be fed and nurtured on a daily basis in order for them to grow into the strong, com-passionate, caring, and sensi-tive men I hope they will someday become. While I may not actually write out a weekly menu for spiritual meals, I am going to try to be more intentional about feeding their spirits each day. Some ideas for a spiritual menu-plan include: 1. Finding time each day to help children see the wonder of Gods creation. Whether it is the toad living in our ga-rage, the autumn leaf streaked with a rainbow of colors or the shiny icicle hanging from the eaves, Gods beauty is everywhere. Helping children see and dis-cover it strengthens their connection to God. 2. Practicing the attitude of gratitude. A simple prayer at mealtime and/or bedtime thanking God for all the

    blessings he has given can strengthen the spiritual bond between children and God. 3. Slowing down and spend-ing time together. Spirits are nourished when people connect with one another in positive ways. Though moms are never without household tasks and to-do lists, taking five or ten minutes to join children in their play, read a story or just talk can have a big spiritual impact. 4. Discovering the joy of giving to others. Focusing on the needs of those around you can be a won-derful way to create spiri-tual joy. Writing a post-card to a far-away rela-tive, taking homemade cookies to a shut-in neighbor or picking up trash at the local park are all easy ways for children to experience the joy that comes from helping.

    Whats on your spiritual menu-plan? Maybe we can swap recipes.

    Spiritual Menu Planning

    April 2011

    Inside this Issue:

    Spiritual Menu ~ 1

    Penny Saving Tips~ 2

    Steering Team~ 3

    MOPS PM Sponsors~ 3

    Coordinator Corner~ 4

    Mentor Minute~ 5

    Small Group Leaders~ 5

    Tea & Testimony~ 5

    Easter Pics~ 6

    Parenting Workshop~ 6

    Classifieds~ 7

    Service Dates ~ 7

    Upcoming Events~ 9

    Celebrations~ 9

    What to Expect~10

    Next Next Next Next Meeting Meeting Meeting Meeting

    April 12th @ April 12th @ April 12th @ April 12th @ 6:00 pm6:00 pm6:00 pm6:00 pm

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    Penny Saving Tips for Cleaning

    Save on Laundry Detergent

    Depending on your family situation, this tip can easily save between 25 - 75% on your laundry detergent costs. Your laundry detergent box comes with a convenient scoop, and on the side of the box, recommends the amount you should use per load. Well, the recommended amounts are generally far more than you actually need to get your clothes clean. In reality, you need 50% or less than the recommended amount. Think about it. If you work a 'desk job', how dirty do you think your clothes will be at the end of the day? Likely not very dirty at all. Unless you have kids who tend to get grass stains or roll around in the mud, you should be able to get your clothes clean with about half of what the soap manufacturer rec-ommends. Next time you do a load, put in half of the recommended amount of laundry detergent. You will likely find that your clothes are every bit as clean as if you used the regular amount. If you find that your clothes were still perfectly clean, reduce by a bit more. If you found that they weren't cleaned to your expectations, use a bit more. Experiment to find just the right amount. Personally, I work a desk job and don't get dirty at all. I generally use about 25% of the recommended amount.

    Use Less Dish Soap

    Many people leave their bottles of dish soap next to the kitchen sink. And why not? It's very convenient when you need a quick shot of soap to wash a pan after dinner or wash your hands before eating. The problem is that this leads to massive amounts of soap waste. Typically, when you tilt the bottle and squeeze, it's hard to use less than about teaspoon of soap, but generally that is 10 times more than is required for the cleaning job at-hand. A better way is to get a spray bottle or pump, and fill it with 10 parts water and 1 part dish soap. Swish it around to make sure they mix well. Put the dish soap bottle away in the cupboard, and leave the spray bottle / pump next to your sink for the quick clean-ups. You'll find that one or two shots from the spray bottle / pump is more than enough to do the small cleaning jobs, and when you plan to do a full sink full of dishes, THEN bring out the squeeze bottle. Once I started doing this, I found that I was using about 1/5 the dish soap that I used to go through. At around $2.50 per bottle of soap, that's a significant saving over time.

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    Steering Team


    Mary Blackwood 417.332.7917

    Tennille Michel 417.527.1063


    DeAnna Sheets 417.880.9936


    Melody Alms 417.294.4264

    Prayer & Care

    April Mulnik 417.527.0091


    Amy Wilhoit 417.336.9822

    Kami Biedenstein 417.348.0695

    Craft Coordinator:

    Hollie Holderfield 417.263.0484


    Jenine Conway 417.239.0632

    Kelly Skoglund 404.819.6527


    Teresa Boyd 417.634.0381

    Mentor Moms:

    Carolyn 417-294-1051

    Peg 417.335.2525

    Kathy 417.339.4108

    Susie 703.220.3012

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    Well, here we are. Nearing the end of our MOPS 2010-2011 year and I feel we are just getting started. We spent the first few months getting to know our small groups, the new gals on the Steering Team and what their job is, and catching up with old friends. Before we knew, Christ-mas was here, snowed out in January, MOPS & POPS in February, Mentors in March, and now April is here. I can say for certain, we are in for some amazing things to end our year. I would love to share with you some highlights of things to come.

    First off, Tea and Testimony started the month off right. Peg, one of our marvelous mentors, opened her house to us so that we had a safe, oh so comfortable environment to share and be vulnerable. All three of our speakers opened their hearts and shared how God has moved or is moving in their lives. Each testimony was uniquely different, but God was there in all of them. We got to see Gods amazing timing, Jesus in the flesh, and His healing power restore lives.

    We are privileged to have Angie Daniels coming to speak to our group at our next meeting. If you have ever heard Angie before, you know she is one amazing mom, has an incredible love for Jesus, and is pouring her faith into her family. She inspires me to not be a better mom, but to be real, to invest into my children, and to lead my children by example. I cant wait to hear what she has for us this year.

    Now, I want to give some insight to our May meeting. I think you could ask any MOPS mom what is MOPS and you would get a different answer every time. I tried to answer this ques-tion, but I thought it was easier to point to different people in our group to show you what MOPS means to me. MOPS is praying for a mom that has a sick child. MOPS is bringing a warm meal to a family welcoming a new baby, or providing food and taking care of a mom during a re-cent loss of a loved one. MOPS is thanking a fellow mom for taking your kids for the afternoon so you can take a nap/go to the store/go on a date with your husband. I hope MOPS is an op-portunity to build community, friendships, and learn how to be a better mom. We are sur-rounded by incredible women who reach out to those who need a little encouragement, who need to know that mothering is messy; its painful, full of worry. Its also joyful, rewarding, ful-filling, funny, exciting, and fun. Thank you to every mom who has invested in someones life this year.

    A lot of things happen behind the scenes that never get shared, but impact someones life sig-nificantly. This May meeting we hope to share some of these amazing stories of how moms have rea